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Publication numberUS919875 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1909
Filing dateMay 19, 1908
Priority dateMay 19, 1908
Publication numberUS 919875 A, US 919875A, US-A-919875, US919875 A, US919875A
InventorsGustavus C Johnson
Original AssigneeGustavus C Johnson
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US 919875 A
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Patented Apr. 27, 1909.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patentedmpril 27, 1909.

Application filed Kay 19, 1908. Serial No. 488,687.

-To all whom it may concern:

Be it known'that I, GUSTAVUS O. JOHNSO a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Dillon, in the county of Marion and State of South Carolina, have invented a new and Improved Suspensory, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

' ing drawings forming a part of this specification, in Wl110l1 similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both views.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the appliance; and Fig. '2- 1s a transverse sectlonal view, substantially (in the line 2-2 in Fig. 1.

In the.drawings,. 5 indicates a scrotum pouch or bag formed referably of reticuated materia the bag )eing furnished with a hanger attachment 5 from which it depends. A waistband or strap 6 is provided,

sory with the person of the wearer.

aving a buckle a or other securing means thereon, said band being designed for the detachable connection of the'improvcd sus enon the waistband 6, the scrotum bag is attaclibd, by buttons b on said waistband that en age within button holes I) in the hanger ban 5, and from the scrotum bag 5, straps 7, 7, are extended that at their free ends are buttoned as at b upon the waistband 6 at each side of the hanger band 5, said stra s affording further support for the scrotum hag 5;

A receptacle 8 of novel construction is a detail of the invention, and consists of a wate roof tubular pouch having an opening in its so end'normally closed with a removable cap piece 0. The opposite side of said pouch 1s artially closed by a diaphragm wall d of e astic material, said wall extending marginally in the form of a radial flange d, as shown in Fig. 2.

An opening of roper size is formed in the a front wall of the ag 5, and is reinforced on the outer side by means of circular stri s e of pliable materia. The diaphragm wa d is .introducin located upon the inner surface of the scrotum bag 5 and the lower portion of the hanger band 5, by the insertion of the pouch 8, through the opening formed in the front wall of the bag 5, and hanger portion 5 thereof. A reinforcing stri e is placed upon the exterior surface of tne scrotum bag 5, around the adjacent portion of the pouch 8, and the contacting piles of pliable material 11, 5, 5 and e, are secured to ether in a waterproof manner by any suitab e means.

As shown in Fig. 2, a central circular 0 ening g is formed in the diaphragm wail d, through which the male organ is inserted when the appliance in complete form is put into service. An opening it is formed in the 'u per side of the pouch 8, near the diaplragm wall d, the ed e of said opening h eing thickened to enab e the formation of a thread therein, which receives a closing plug h.

In placing the ap liance upon the person, the scrotum and male organ are respectively introduced within the bag5 and pouch 8, then the waistband 6, and stra s 7 are adjusted for holding those receptac es properly supported from the waist of thewearer; and it will be noted that there will be no leakage at the dia hragm wall d. It will be seen, that any suitable liquid detergent, antiseptic, or

healin preparation may be introduced throng the o ening normally closed with the plug 1.) an if a wash is thus poured into the pouch, the closing cap piece 0 may be removed, and a flow of the cleansing liquid may thus be passed through the pouch, and

have contactwith the diseased member 1ncasod within the pouch. U on closure of the opening at the outerend o the pouch 8, by

replacement by the cap piece 0 a medicinal preparation of a suitable nature may be introduced through the opening-near the bag 5, and by a closure 9f said opening w th the plug it, a continuous soaking application of the medicament may be maintained as long as this is advantageous.

It will be seen that the improvement affords means for the support of the scrotum, and cooperating therewith provides an 1ncasement for the male organ, and means for any liquid ap lication that it is essential s 1011lCl be placed in intimate contact therewith.

It may occur that an invalid, when bedfast, may have occasion to void urine, and

if the suspensory is worn the pouch 8 will then become available as a receptacle. for the goided urinethat may be'subsequently re v Patent:

moved therefrom and the pouch cleansed.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters 1. The combination with a waistband, of a scrotum supporting bag, means for detach ably securin said bag on the waistband, the

scrotum bag eing provided with a reinforced opening in its front wall, and a pouch extending'outward from the scrotum bag, the

' said pouch having an elastic diaphragm wall a'meter than the opening in t .at its innerend provided with an opemng, the said diaphragm wall beingof greater d1- e scrotumbag and having its margin secured to the inner surfaces of the front wall of said scrotum bag around the opening in the latter.

2. The combination with a scrotum supportingbag and a waistband from which said bag is hung, .of a pouch that is water proof and extends outward from the scrotum bag, said pouch having -twov controlled openings thereln, respectively ada ted for receiving and discharging a liqui preparation, one of said opemngs being in the upper side of the pouch adjacent to the scrotum bag and the other'opening-beingat the free end of the pouch.

3. The combination with a waistband, of a scrotum incasing bag, a hanger band on the upper portion of said bag, means for being out-- phragm wall being provided with a central I V a.

4. T e combination with a scrotum bag, and means to detachably'secure said ba removably, upon a person, of a waterproo pouch, having an elastic diaphragm wall at one end thereof,'said wall having a central opening therein, and securable on the scrotum bag at an open' .therein through which the pouch. is passe ,the pouch having an opening near the diaphragm wall, means for sealing said opening, the free end of the pouchhaving an opening therein, and means for closing said opening.

5. The combination with a scrotum bag, andmeans for securing said bag upon a person, of'a waterproof tubular pouch having an elastic diaphragm wall at one end provided with a central opening, thesa'id wall being secured on theinner surface of'the front wall of the scrotum bag at an o ening therein, the pouch having a controlle opening its upper side near the diaphragm wall, and acontrolled opening in its free end.

6. The combination with a bag having an opening in its wall, of a waterproof tubular pouch extending from the bag and open at its outer end, removable means for normally closing said end, the said pouch being provided with an elastic wall at its inner end having an openin therein, the said wall secured to the iag at the opening in the latter, the pouc being further provided with an openin in ts upper side adjacent to its inner end, and removable means for closing said opening.

In testimony whereof I have signed my two subscribing witnesses.




name to this specification in the presence of

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