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Publication numberUS919896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1909
Filing dateAug 1, 1908
Priority dateAug 1, 1908
Publication numberUS 919896 A, US 919896A, US-A-919896, US919896 A, US919896A
InventorsLouis A Lemke
Original AssigneeLouis A Lemke
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US 919896 A
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` Patented Apr. 27, 1909.

/Z hmmm K 660W/ 94am?? y M 61m n y Louis A. LEMKE, or FULTON, ILLINOIS.


T o alt 'whom it vmay concern; l

Be 1t known that I, LoUis- A. LEMKE, a citizen of the United-States, residing at Fulton, in'

. the county of Whiteside and State of Illinois,

have invented certain new and useful Improvements vin 4Kitchen -Racksg and I do declare the Vfollowing` vto be, a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilledfin the art to which it appertains tomake and use thesame, ref` erence beinghad to the accompanyingl drawings, and' to the figures 'of reference marked thereon, which forni 'apart of this' specification;

My invention has reference to kitchen racks, and isspecially designedfto be' used .for the support ofkettle covers andyother @kitchen utensils, .when not in use.

It is simple in construction and 'can be' formed of one piece of material, whereby the r cost of production can be. greatl-yreduced.

In .the drawings: Figure 1 isa perspective,l showing my invention in position, when iiil use. Fig. 2 is a vertical s ectionin the broken line of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 shows a blankfrom which the device may be formed', with the parts thereof indicated in broken lines: Similar .numbers refer to similar. parts I lthrouggfhout -the several vgnres.

. The'V device is preferablyformed of sheet.

.'metal, and consists of a plate 1, having"an in- --wardly-turned edge2, and-provided with tr1- flanges 4,` provided. with perforations 5 for .35

-angular end plates 3 integral with which are screws or similar fastening'mea'ns. The shape of the end-.plates '3-is such as to incline the vided with` holes 7, by means of whic the de.

plate 1 outwardly andiipwardly, forming a' pocket for the reception of kettle covers, lids, .and similar culinary articles. Extending downwardly from the plate 1 is a stri 6', pro

vic'e can'be still further 'secured in place. A narrow plate Sis supportedfrorn the strip 6, b y means of a ange 9, and a similar flange 10 1s turned inwardly from theloweriedge of the late 8. If desired thefiange 10 can be reinorced by a strip 1 1, turned backwardly there-- Specification of Letters Patent A'ppiitatim; ined A ugust 1; isos. seriai'No. iiaavi.

on. Supported on'the plate 8 is a plurality Patented A111112?, 190e.

of small hooks 12, preferably formed by be- I' ing struck -outwardly 4from 'such plate,.as

shown in the drawings, and upon suoli hooks may 'be suspended kitchen utensils of the lsmaller class, such as bread knives, spoons,

and similar articles. y

Fig. 3 illustrates the. method of producing the device from one sheet of metal, the blank beingiirst formed of suitable size and shape,

land provided witli'the perforations 5 and 7 The various parts lare then formed by bending at the proper points, along the lines indicated. It will be seen that there is a considerable space between the plateS and the rear line of the rack, by reason of which articles suspended upon the hooks 12 will be supported at some ldistance from the wall, and

The inwardly turned will'ii'ot mar the same. Strip 2 at the upper edge of the plate 1 is for the purpose of strengthening such edge, and' preventingthe same frombecoming bent. by the articles supported tl1ereby,but the use of .suc'h -strip is not essential.

- I do notwisli to be understood as limiting myself to the eXac-t forni or use ofthe device as. herein shown and described, as changes can be made in the construction thereof, and the'saine can be adapted'for use-in other places besides the one referred to "herein,

without departingfrom the spirit thereof.

What I` claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United In a device ofthe class named, a plate 1,

provided with ends 3., means for holding said plate in place, and the plate'S, supported from the plate 1, and provided with a plurality of .hooks 12, substantially as shown and setforth. l v

In testimony'whereof, I 'affix my signature, 'in Apresence of two witnesse Louis A, LEMKE. Witnesses:


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