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Publication numberUS920225 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1909
Filing dateMar 12, 1907
Priority dateMar 12, 1907
Publication numberUS 920225 A, US 920225A, US-A-920225, US920225 A, US920225A
InventorsSamuel V Van Denburgh, John Henry Glismann
Original AssigneeSamuel V Van Denburgh, John Henry Glismann
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US 920225 A
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920,225, Patented May 4, 1909.




3 of New York, have invented-new and useful Improvements in Douche-Cabinets, of which the following, taken in connection wit the accom anying drawings, is a full, clear, and exact escription.

This-inventionrel'ates to certain improvements in douche cabinets ada ted to be placed in the toilet room or other locality convenient to the source of water supply for inclosing and concealing the several instruments used in connection with apparatus of this character.

The essential object of this invention is to provide a comparatively inexpensive portable cabinet containing the several attachments including a liquid reservoir for douche treatments which may be concealed from view when not in use and to provide said cabinet with means for attachment to the side wall of the room in which the apparatus is to be used.

One of the specific objects is to permanently attach a non-corrodible and practically indestructible liquid reservoir within the cabinet and to provide said cabinet with an inlet communicating with a suitable opening in the reservoir through which the reservoir may be filled with the desired liquid, as, for instance, Warm water.

A further object is to provide the reservoir" with a constricted outlet in its bottom and to provide said outlet with a flexible extension as a rubber tube adapted to receive the several instruments commonly employed in douches of this character.

A still further object is to provide the cabinet with means upon which the flexible conduit leading from the outlet may be coiled and also to provide suitable retainers for the variousinstruments or attachments used in connection ,with the tube. v

Other objects and uses will be' brought out in the following description.

In the drawingsFi'gure 1 is a perspective view of an improved douche cabinet embodying the various features of our invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical sectional view through the closed cabinet seen in Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional View through said cabinet as seen in Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view through a portion of Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 12, 1907.

Patented May 4, 1909.

Serial N0. 361,963.

the cabinet showing the means for retaining the various attachments for the flexible tube.

This cabinet comprises essentially av port-' able case 1 having a door or hinge section 2 for inclosing a liquid reservoir 3 and suitable attachments, as, a flexible conduit 4 and various instruments as 5 adapted to be attached to the free end of the flexible conduit 4.

The case 1 preferably consists of a rectangular box of wood or other suitable material of sulliciently large interior dimensions to receive and retain the reservoir 3, conduit 4. and attachments 5, the lid or closure 2 being also made in the fornr of a box of the same material and hinged at one of itsvertical edges to the corresponding vertical edge of the case -1, said closure being of substantially the same size and form as the front or open side of the box to which it is attached so as to completely close the opening and conceal the contents of the case, the door being held in its closed position by hooks 6 which are pivoted to one side of the box opposite to that to which the door is hinged and are adapted to engage suitable shoulders -7 on the corresponding edge or side of the lid or closure -2.

The reservoir 3 is preferably made of aluminum or other rigid non-flexible and non-corrodible material and is usually made in the form of an inverted bottle having its base secured to the under side of the top as 8 of the case 1 by screws 9- or other fastening means with an interposed packing 10- to prevent leakage or the accumulation of moisture at the junction of the bottle with the top -8-, the u per end of said bottle and the top -8, of t 1e case and also the packing 10 being provided with vertical alined apertures 1 through which the liquid may be supplied from any suitable source to the interior of the reservoir 3 after which the opening 11 may be closed by a laterally swinging cap -12 which is hinged to the top of the case at one side of the opening and is adapted to be moved laterally into and out of registration with said opening. The reservoir 3 terminates at its lower end in a reduced neck 13 which is preferably threaded interiorly for receiving a threaded hollow bushing 14 havim a central lengthwise passage 15 therethrough and is provided'with an annular flan e 16- between which and the adjacent ower end of the neck l3- is interposed a rubber gasket or another packin 17' to prevent leakage. A flexible ru ber tube is attached at one end to the lower reduced end of the bushing 14- and isusually of considerable length and when not in use the greater portion thereof is adapted to be coiled around the ends of intersecting plates 20 which are secured together and are mounted centrally upon the front of the case -1 in front of the reservoir -3, said plates having grooves in their ends to receive and retain the portions of the tube 4- which are coiled thereon.-

One of the plates is dis osed in a horizontal position and is secure at its ends to side piece 21 on the side of the case l while the other plate 20 is disposed in a vertical position at substantially right angles to the first named plate and is supported by the latter as best seen in Fig. 1. lhe reservoir 3- is of substantially the same transverse depth as the depth of the case 1 and the interior transverse depth. of the lid or closure 2 is slightly greater than the corresponding depth of the plates 20 so that t e lid 2 ma be readily closed without interference wit the lates 20- or tube supported thereon. T e vertical length of the reservoir -3 is less than the vertical height of the case 1 leaving a considerable space below the reservoir in which is -plaeeda block 23 of wood or other suitable material having a series of slots 24 arranged one above the other for receiving and retaining one or more of the attachments 5, said attachments being further re- IHOVZL tained in place by a swinging arm 26 which is hinged at its lower end at 27 to the block 23 below the lowest slot 2 4- and is movable to and from a position across the 0 en ends of said slots to permit the rel of the attachments 5 when desired, said block 23 bein in; this instance, secured to'the back of the case -1 by gluing or other suitable means not necessar to herein illustrate or describe.

he entire device is adapted to be carried from lace to place and for this purpose is provi ed with asuitable handle 30. and is also rovided With perforated attaching ears or hangers 31 by which it may be aside from the fastening means it is additionally held in place by the 't'ransvers'e flanges or ribs -21, Figs. 1 and 3 whichprevent lateral. movement of the, reservoir and thereby relieves the strain upon the attaching elements as the screws 9'.'

When it is desired to cleanse or sterilize the reservoir it may be readily detached by removing the screws 9 and disconnectlng the tube -4 and bushing 14-' whereupon hot water or other cleansing fluid may be passed therethrough from end to end and the whole interior cleansed and thoroughly sterilized. 4

When it is desired to use this apparatus the lid or closure 2 is opened as shown in Fig. 1 and after filling the reservoir 3 with the liquid which it is desired to use for the douche, the tube '4- may be uncoiled or removed from the supporting plates 20- and the proper instruments or attachments 5 secured thereto and employed in the usual manner.

lVhat we claim is:

A douche cabinet comprising an upright box having an opening in its top and-an opening in its front, separate closures for said openings, a liquid receptacle wholly within the box and provided with an outlet opening in its bottom, said rece tacle having SAMUEL V. VAN DENBURGH.


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