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Publication numberUS920462 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1909
Filing dateJun 16, 1908
Priority dateJun 16, 1908
Publication numberUS 920462 A, US 920462A, US-A-920462, US920462 A, US920462A
InventorsEdwin C Hinkle
Original AssigneeEdwin C Hinkle
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Game apparatus.
US 920462 A
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APPL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII a. 920,462. Patented May 4.1909.



No. 920/i62.

Application filed June 16, 1908.

Specification of Letters Patent.

To all 207mm it may concern- Be it known that I, EDWIN O. HINxLn, a citizen of the United States, residing at Ialmyra, in the county of Burlington and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Game Apparatus, of whicl'i the following is a specification My invention relates to game apparatus, and more particularly to puzzles of that character wherein plurality of blocks are to be moved from one position to another and arranged in a certain determinate order, the invention consisting in certain blocks and a tray therefor, of peculiar construction and a character hereafter to be more fully described and specifically set forth in the appended claims.

In the drawings Figure 1, is a perspective view of the containing shiftable pieces or disks and the spatula for moving the same. 2, is a transverse section thereof. 3, is a fragmentary perspective of one and of the tray containing balls in place of disks and the spatula therefor.

Like reference characters throughout the several views d gnate like parts.

In the drawii 2, is a shallow tray of any suitable material having four upstanding sides divided into two longitudinally extending com artments 3 and 4, by the longitudinal partition 5. The bottom of each compartment is curved as shown clearly in Fig. 2, so as to form a firm support for the disks 7.

Gateways or lateral openings 6 are out in the Jartition 5 to allow the pieces or disks 7 to transferred from one compartment to the other. The gateways are just wide enough to allow the transfer of one disk at a time through them, and the distance from the inside of the end piece 2 of the tray to the adjacent gateway is just the width of one disk. The gate 6 allows whichever pieces 7 are at the extremities of the columns to be moved up to the extremities of the compartments beyond the gate 6, and the next pieces thereto to be moved laterally through the gates from one column to the other.

In Fig. l, I have shown the pieces as formed of colored disks, of a size to properly fit the bottom of the compartments, and of a thickness just suflicient to pass through the gateway 6. Vi hile I prefer to color these disks so as to make an attractive puzzle, I do not wish to be limited thereto as the disks might be distinguished from each other by other features. The disks are moved by means of the spatula 8 shown at the side of the tray in Fig. 1. IVhile I prefer the disks shown in Fig. 1, I may use balls of various colors as shown in Fig. 3, and in that case use the spatula 9 therefor, having the bifurcated, somewhat curved end. The gateway 6 of course where balls 7 are used, are only wide enough for the passage of one ball at a time, and the space between the end of the tray and the gateway is the width of one ball.

The object of the game is to arrange the pieces '7 within the compartments in regular order, as by color, the arrangement being preferably the same for both columns or compartments, and to that end I may provide the edge of the tray with marks indicating the character of the pieces to be moved into position adjacent thereto. I have shown the edge walls of the tray as having the words, red, blue, yellow, green and white thereon, as indicating the order in which the disks are to be arranged in both columns, but it is obvious that I might use other colors or change this order, or have a different order for the two sides of the tray without departing from the spirit of my invention.

It is to be understood also that the disks,-

balls or other pieces are to be colored to correspond with the divisions indicated on the side walls of the tray, and that the pieces are to be so arranged that they will lie adjacent to the color indicated on the side walls. Of course in place of the descriptive words, I might color the side walls to correspond.

The game is started by mixing the pieces up in any irregular order, and then so shifting the pieces to and fro in the compartments and transversely through the gateways, that they shall eventually be arranged in the order indicated on the sides of the tray.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is.

1. A game apparatus consisting of a tray divided into two parallel longitudinal compartments separated by a partition, ieces arranged in said compartments and shi table therein, said longitudinal partition being solid along its middle, but having gateways formed therethrough the width of one of said pieces, each of said gateways being located at a distance from the adjacent end piece of the tray equal to the width of one of the shiftable pieces.

2. 'A game apparatus consisting of a shalthe Width of one disk, the longitudinal side l edges of the tray being provided with marks indicating the order in Which the disks are to be arranged.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.


lVitnesses J. A. L. MULHALL, C. E. Porrs.

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