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Publication numberUS920907 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1909
Filing dateNov 6, 1908
Priority dateNov 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 920907 A, US 920907A, US-A-920907, US920907 A, US920907A
InventorsJohn Roberts Bolton
Original AssigneeSpalding & Bros Ag
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Golf pratice-net.
US 920907 A
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920,907, I Patented Mayll, 1909.

i e .yf

n 6 a y l mentor:- M fl m 2; Wris.

' light, so that inaccuracy is developed in the ball generally lands at the limit of the cord setting u comprises a saw buckframe, con- UNITED STATESPATENT OFFICE.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 11, 1909.

Application filed November 6, 1908. Serial No. 461,261.

To all whom 'tt may concern; Be it known that I. Jonx Ronna rs BoL- i 'rox, a British subject, residing in the borough of Brooklyn, of the city of New York, 1n the State of New York, have invented f certain new and useful Improvements in? Golf Practice-Nets, of which the following; is a specification, reference being'had to the accompanying drawings, hereof.

The object of this invention is to provide a device with which the golf player, whether tyro or expert. may practice at home, outdoors or indoors. without going upon the links.

Practice is sometimes undertaken with a ball fastened at the end of a cord, but this device is of little practical value, partly because of the frequent breakage of any cord which is sufliciently light, and partly because of the fact that accuracy of -fiight of the ball is destroyed by the cord, however forming a part player rather than accuracy. Moreover the away from the player and must be recovered after each stroke, while the length of flight permitted by the cord necessarily precludes the use of the device indoors. The device in which this invention resides, however, not only permits practically very form of stroke to be practiced, even in close quarters, but it effects the return of the ball immediately to the feet of the player or within his easy reach.

The device comprises a net to receive the ball, and a support therefor which is so constructed as to be capable of being folded into small compass so that the device can be transported readily and setup quickly in any convenient place, the net being inclined toward the feet of the player and practically to the position of the player.

The invention will be more fully explained hereinafter with reference to the accompanying'drawing in which lFlgure 1 1s a perspective view of the ractice net, with whatmay'be. called the lid shown by-full linsin its lower-position and byQdOtted lines in its lifted position, and Fig. 2 is a view thereof in front elevation.

The. supporting frame for convenience, cheapness, lightness and ease in folding and sisting o a double set of .crossed'members I u, n. the members of each set being pivoted tension rods 0, c, to the outer ends of which may be secured a rod or cord f. The various members of this frame are. preferably 66 made of comparatively light but. strong wooden rods. As thus constructed the frame can be foldedup readily by detachment of the several detachable rods, so that all of the members may be placed parallel 70 and assembled in a compact bundle- It is also readily set up whenever and wherever desired and stands firmly upon the lawn or floor or court or room.

The net 9, of suitable mesh, like a tennis net, for example, is so supported that its upper end is at about the height of the shoulders of a player of ordinary height, while its lower edge is drawn forward toward the position in which the player stands, its corners being preferably secured to the floor or other surface upon which the net is erected, as at h, by any convenient means, such as a weight or pin. or hook. The main portion of the net hangs in a gently inclined plane, while the edge ortion 2', away from the player, is turne up to form-a guard for the purpose of preventing the movement of the alls beyond the edge of the net and out of reach of the player. In its application to the supporting rame shown, the upper edge of the net is attached to the cross rod or cord f and somewhat below its upper edge the net is attached to ,the cross rod or guard d, while its lower ed e or end is drawn out'toward the feet of the player and secured as at h. If the player he a right hand player, the right hand edge portion of the net, as the player faces it, is drawn up to form a guard and may be supported on the upper portion of the right hand le a. If the player he a left hand player, t e left hand edge portion of the net is similarly drawn up to form a guard. The upper or lid portion or flap g of the net may either be turned down lnto a horizontal position, with the extension rods 6, e, sup orted upon the upper ends of the legs a, or certain kinds of practice shots, or it may be turned into an upright map or nearly upright position, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1, in which it is supv is deflected upward after striking the main portion of the net. For full mashie shots, the lid or flap is raised to its' full height For the practice of pitching shots, the pockets k, is, 70 come in play, giving accuracy in direction as well as exactness in height. Should the ball lodge in one of the pockets it is easily removed by the hand of the player, but otherwise, after a shot of -any kind, the ball is returned at once to the *feet of the player, so that a succession of shots can be made with great rapidity. It will be seen that as the ball cannot escape the net, if even the most ordinary skill be exercised, the device can be used wherever there is room'to swing a club, whether upon the lawn or in a paved court or in a room. It can be readily set up and readily taken down and can be packed in a small compass either for carrying from place to place or for storing.

I claim as my invention:

1. The combination with a support' frame, comprising a double set of pivote crossed members, detachable rods uniting and bracing corresponding crossed members and extension rods pivoted upon the upper rear ends of the crossed members, and a net having its upper portion supported by said frame and having its lower end free and adapted to be carried forward toward the feet of the player. 2. The combination with a supporting frame, comprising a double setof pivoted crossed members, detachable rods uniting and bracing corresponding crossed members and extension rods pivoted upon the upper rear ends of the crossed members, and a not having its lower end free and adapted to be carried forward toward the feet of the player, the body of the net being provided with pockets.

This specification si nod and witnessed this 4th day of Novem or A. D., 1908.

JOHN ROBERTS BOLTON. Signed in the presence of W. B, GREELEY, AMBnosE L. OSHEA.

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International ClassificationA63B71/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63B71/022
European ClassificationA63B71/02P