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Publication numberUS921513 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1909
Filing dateApr 7, 1908
Priority dateApr 7, 1908
Publication numberUS 921513 A, US 921513A, US-A-921513, US921513 A, US921513A
InventorsHugh E S Crawford
Original AssigneeHugh E S Crawford
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Backwater cut-off.
US 921513 A
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K fg lge Ni. i

rihaifiillia Fr" rilizlliii FFC.



Specification of Letters latent.

ratented May 11, 1909.

Application filed Aprilv'?, 1908. Serial No. 425,797.

' stream into which the drainage is run is higher than the inlet end oi said drain pipe. The'inventii'in consists in the novel fea-l tures oi" construction hereinafter described, pointed out in the claim and shown'in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a plan View of the device.

2 is a side elevation showing the drain in iiioperative position` Fig. 3 is a side elevation showing the drain in operation.

in these drawings i represents a leveel and 2 a drain pipe therethrough, the inlet end -ol which opens into a suitable ditch 3 and the outer end of the drain pipe isprovided with an, elbow 4 which earries'a short pipe section '5.' diseharge'pipe 6 is rotatably mounted upon `the pipe 5 by means of a connectingr elbow? The ipe carries adjacent its ,free end a iioat 8 o sui'licient size and buoyancy to lift the said'pipe 6 into the position shown in Figs. 2 and 3 when the water reaches the levee.

The operation of the device will be readily understood from 'the drawings in which Fig. 1 shows the pipe 6 resting upon a beach as at a time of low water. When the stream rises until its water'level is above that of the land to he drained as in Fig. 2 the ipe G is elevated by the'fioat 8 so that its iscliarge end is out of the water, thus preventing pasand so through the levee. As the water in the stream falls the float 8 will also fall and when the level of the water inthe stream is below the land to be drained the pipe 6 will incline downwardly as shown in Fig. 3 thus permitting discharge of water from the ditch 3 into vthe stream. It will, therefore, be seen that l have provided a drain pipe in which the rise and fall of' the stream into which it empties will automatically regulate the i'ow of water through it.

lHaving thus fully described my invention,

sage of' water through the pipes 6, 5 and 2 what claim as new and desire to secure by.

Letters Patent, is r-f The combination with a levee drain pipe, of a vertically swinging discharge pipe in communication with said drain pipe and means for automatically lifting the discharge ,cn'd of the last mentioned ipe above hi h "water level when said Water evel is above t ie lovelot the said drain pipe, as and for the purpose set vforth.

HUGH E. tS.ACRAVVFORD. l/Vitncsses:


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Cooperative ClassificationE03F1/002