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Publication numberUS922212 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1909
Filing dateMar 11, 1909
Priority dateMar 11, 1909
Publication numberUS 922212 A, US 922212A, US-A-922212, US922212 A, US922212A
InventorsHarry Tropin
Original AssigneeHarry Tropin
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US 922212 A
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Patented May 18, 1909.





Specification Letters Patent.

Patented May 18, 1909.

Application filed Inch 11, 1008. Serial No. 182,887.

and particularly to the manner in which settings for ewels or precious stones areinonnted and worked up Into various articles of jewelry, such for exam ple its-earrings, shirt studs, finger rings and various other kindred articles, and the object of my invention is to provide an article of jewelry in which a jewel or precious stone is so mounted as to be placed indifierent sitions while being worn, in certain positions the jewel is exposed to view and in certain other of which positions the jewel is hidden-rem view, so that the wearer may adjust the jewel and its setting to any of the various positions it may appear that circumstances require.

In carrying out my invention, my improved article of jewelry preferably comprises a U-sha ed or yoke member, a jewel setting pivotal y mounted therein and means for determining the position of the jewel setting within the said U-shaped member and for securely maintaining the same therein, as will hereinafter be more particularly described.

Inthe drawing, Figure 1 is a rspective view of an earrmg, or shirt stu in which myimprovement 1s embodied. Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the jewel setting and the jewel therein in the reverse position. Fig. 3 is a central longitudinal section. Fig. 4 is a section on lines, :0, Fig. 3, and Fig. 5 is an elevation illustrating the invention embodied in a finger ring.

Referring particularly; to the drawing, my improved article of jewelry preferably comprises a U-shaped member or yoke indicated at and whose arms are indicatedat 1112 respectively. Depending centrally from the the arms 11 and, 12 of at one end thereof and a series of claws or cramps 17 at the opposite end thereof and in which as is usual, a diamond indicated at ,18 or any other jewel or precious stone may be set in the customary manner.. In order to strengthen the setting'as is also customar the mounting may be provided interiory with ribs indicated at19 which preferably extend from the base 16 along the interior surface of each one of the claws "or cramps 71. Exteriorly and in'diamet'rically opposite ositions the mounting is provided with ongitudinal ribs indicated at 20 and extending from the central portion of each one of these ribs 20 is a trunnion 22.

The inner or adjacentsurfaces of the arms 11* -12 of the U-shaped membenad'acent to their extremities, are provided wit "longitudinal recesses indicated at- 21 and these arms 11 and '12 are also provided with apertures adapted to receive the trunnions 22 for which the said apertures form bearin the Ion 'tudinal ribs 20 being adapted to receive within the said longitudinal re,- cesses 21.

As illustrated in the drawing, the trun- -nions 22 areprovided with a short bore and after being passed throu h the apertures in e U-shaped members, the ends of tbe'trunnions are' turned over to'form fingers 23 by which the said warts are maintained in their associated relationship, it being understood however that othermeans for effecting this pur ose may be employed without enarting rom my invention.

It will now be a parent that in one position,that shown in Fig. 1 for instance,- the mounting may be so placed as to expose the jewel setting therein to view or the mounting may be turned upon the trunnions 22 from the position shown in Fi 1 to that shown 'in Fig. 2, when the 'ewe set in the moun'tin Will be hidden om view and motion y all that is exposed to view will the base 16 and a. 30111011 of the body 15 of the mounting an for all intents and purposes, the articlewill ap ear to the ordinary observer as one in w ich no jewel is contained. In either and both instances, the mounting and the jewel set therein are maintained securely in position by the longitudinal ribs 20 fitting within the longitudinal recesses 21.

While I have hereinbefore described my invention as embodied in an earring or shirt stud, it will also be manifest that the same may be embodied in a finger ring as illustrated in Fi .5 and in various other artieles of jewelry.

I claim as my invention:

1. An article of jewelry comprising a U-shaped member, a 'ewel setting pivotall mounted therein, an means coacting wit the said U-shaped member and jewel settin for securing the latter in any one of a plura ity of positions within the former.

2. An article of jewelry eom rising a U-shaped member, a screw threatiiad shank connected therewith, a nut, a jewel settin pivotally mounted in the said U-.hap member and means whereb the said jewel scttin may be placed and securely maintaine in any one of a pluralit of positions within the said U-shaped mem er.

3. An article of ewelry comprising a U-shaped member having apertures forming hearings in correspondin positions adjacent to the extremities of t e arms thereof, a jewel setting, trmmions secured in diametrically op ite positions on the said jewel setting a apted to be received and turn within the said bearings, and means whereby the said jewel setting may be placed and securely maintained in any one of a plurality of positions.

4. An article of jewelry comprising a U-shaped member having an aperture in each of the arms thereof adjacent to its extremity and a centrally dis lon 'tudinal recess in the inner su ace of eac of said arms, a jewel settin adapted to receive a jewel, longitudina ribs placed in diametrically opposite positions on the surface of the said jewel setting and adapted to be received within the longitudinal recess in the inner surface of the arms of the said U-shaped member and trunnions extendin from the said longitudinal ribs onthe jaws setting and passing through and journaled in the said a ertures in the arms of the U-shaped mem her.

Signed by me this 6th day of March 1909.


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