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Publication numberUS922330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1909
Filing dateNov 30, 1908
Priority dateNov 30, 1908
Publication numberUS 922330 A, US 922330A, US-A-922330, US922330 A, US922330A
InventorsThomas A Powell
Original AssigneeThomas A Powell
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US 922330 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 18, 1909.

Application iled November 30, 1908. Serial No. 485,11).

To all Awhom it may concern Be it known that l, Tiioims A. POWELL, a

citizen o'lI the United States, residing at -Car negie, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and usel'ul Improvements in '\"\vrenclies, oi' which the following is a specification. i

This invention relates to wrenches, and has lor an object to provide a wrench whereby the jaws tl'iereolI can bc quickly adjusted and heldin an ell'ee'tive manner.

A further object ol' the present invention" is to provide a quick acting wrenchl which will beextreiiiely simple in construction f composed ol' but few parts, strong, durable Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view, the

jaws of the wrench being open, Fig. 3 is a similar view, the jaws being closed. Fig. il is a sectional view on the line 4-4 ol' Fig. 2, llig. 5 is a section @i theI line 5 5 ol' Fig. 3. Fig. 6 is a detail section taken on the line (5 6 of Fig. 3.

Referrinfy new more particularly to the drawings, t ere is shown a wrench 1 comprising a handle-2 having an angulaily disposed ortion 3 at one end upon which is formed a iixed jaw 4, the jaw being disposed atan angie to the ortion 3 as shown. The handle is provide with a longitudinally disposed grooved portion .5. A sliding jaw G is provided, which has an angularly disposed inner j face upon which is l'ormed a series ol' translicrctotorc.

versely disposed ratchet teeth 7 adapted to engage correspondingly shaped teeth 9 upon the inner face ol' the portion 3 ol' thc handle. rl.`lie jaw (j is provided with a sci-rated nut engaging head l0, and the. jaw 4 is provided with a similar head 11. '.lhe jaw 6 is provided with a stein 12 disposed in pai-alle relation to the handle 2.- rl`h`e stein 12 is forked at one end as shown at 13, and between the arms of the fork is shown a pin 14 disposed 1n an elongated slot 15 loi-ined in a linkil of arcuate form.' The link 17 has one end pivotally mounted in a recess 18 formed Iin the handle 2.

A link 19 is provided, which has one end pivotally, mounted in a slot '20 formed in the handle Z and the' other end of this link is disposed in a slot 2 formed in the jaw 6, and. is provided with an elongated slot 22 kfor receiving a'transversely disposed pin23; The handle? is provided with an cyeinemberv 24, andthe stern 12 is provided with an eye member 25 the eye member 24 is disposed at one end of the groove 5 and the member 25 is disp` j -d in ii groove 24a in the stem 12, the said eye members receiving the ends of a helical spring 2G adapted to hold the teeth 7 and 9 engaged with each other when the jaws are in their adjusted position; The jaw 6 is provided with a yoke 27 slidably engaged with the portion 3 of the handle and adapted to guide the stein and the jaw 6 in their movement as is obvious. The handle 2 is provided with a longitudinally extending metallic guard 27 which is preferably of U-form and is thus provided with parallel spaced Walls 2S which receive therebetween when the wrench is closed the stein 12 as will be seen u on reference lo Fig. 4 of the drawings. W ien thewreuch is iii this position, it is obvious that the spring lies entirely in ,the grooves 5 and 24 and that all parts of the wrench lie in a compact manner. lhe guard is such that the provision thereof also serves as a stop to limit the movement of the yoke 2, as it will be seen that the yoke engages portions ol said guard when the loriiier is in a position shown in Figs. l and 2 ol Athe drawing.

lt will be seen that a simple and inexpensive wrench is provided which may be inauu-.

factured at a relatively low -iigure and whichl will bc extremely effective in use. The device is such that the jaws can he quickly adjusted without the manipulation of various operative parts sometimes used ratchet t-cetliiiihipted to engage the teeth upon the handle, pivotallymounted links connecting the handle with the sliding iaw, and a spring connecting the sliding jaw with the handle for holdin T the teeth of the sldingjaw engaged with the teeth upon the` handle;

"prising a handle, a stern pivotally mounted upon the handle adapted for movement in a parallel plane toward or awayfrorn the same, a Xed jaw carried bythe handle, said handle having a plurality otr ratchet teeth, a' jaw carried by the stem provided with Aratchet teeth adapted to engage the teeth upon the handle, and spring means connect- @ing the stern with said handle.

-' A Wrench of the class described corn- ,prising a handle 'having an oset portion Walls 'adapted to receive therebetween the' stem When the latter is moved inwardly, a

jaw carried by the stern provided with y2. Awreneh of lthe class described com-k ratchet teeth to engage the teeth upon the offset portion of the handle, links pivotally connected at their ends tothe handle .and to the stern so that the latter can move in a parallel plane with respect to the former, and spring meansA connecting the stem With the handle for yieldingly holding the teeth upon the stein engaged with the teeth upon the offset portion 'of said handle.

Intestilnony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses z y -l LUKE ODONNELL,


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Cooperative ClassificationB25B13/28