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Publication numberUS922496 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1909
Filing dateJul 21, 1908
Priority dateJul 21, 1908
Publication numberUS 922496 A, US 922496A, US-A-922496, US922496 A, US922496A
InventorsHarold J Lyon
Original AssigneeHarold J Lyon
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Dauber and polisher attachment for receptacles.
US 922496 A
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922,496, Patented May 25, 1909.

ave mice:

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The object of the invention is to provide an attachment of the above nature which is applied preferably to the lid or cover of the receptacle containing the polish, and which can be conveniently used whenever said cover is removed and it is desired to apply the polish in performing a iece of work.

In its practica embodiment the dauber attachment comprises an arm movably mounted upon the cover and adapted to be folded into a small space, whereby the attachment may be readily housed or inclosed by the cover of the receptacle, when the device is I not in use.

For a full understanding of the invention, reference is to be had to the following detail description and to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the invention applied to the cover of the can or receptacle designed to contain polish or a similar substance such as may be ordinarily applied by means of a brush or dauber; Fig. 2 is a sectional view showing the attachment folded, as when not in use; Fig. 3 is a detail view of the lock plate whereby the sections of the folding arm are held in extended positions.

Throughout the following detail description and on the several views of the drawings, like reference characters refer to like parts.

Specifically describing the invention and referring particularly to the drawings the numeral 1 designates the lid or cover of the re- .ceptacle 2, which latter, as before premised, may be a box or can, such as is commonly employed to contain polish.

The attachment which constitutes the present invention embodies an arm 3 pivoted at one end, as shown at 1, to the cover 1 near the peripheral portion of the latter, said arm being composed of a handle section 3 and a dauber section 3 The sections of the arm 3 are hingedly or pivotally connected together at 5, and the outer end portion of the section Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed. July 21, 1908.

Patented May 25, 1909.

Serial No. 444,622.

3* is preferably enlarged so that the fibrous or brush material 6 may be applied thereto and thus provide a dauber or brush which may be readily used in order to apply the polish or substance contained in the rece tacle 2 to a surface. The section 3 of t 1e arm 3 is shorter than the section 3 and is adapted to fold beneath the section 3*, when the arm 3 is folded in order to be received beneath the cover, when the attachment is not being used. When folded both of the sections of the arm 3 are disposed close together and by pivotal movement about the axis 4 the folded arm maybe readily arranged in the space beneath the to. of the lid or cover 1 in a manner which wil be readily apparent.

In order that the dauber attachment may be used to best advantage it is desirable that the sections of the arm 3 be held in alinement by some positive means when the appliance loops 8 and 9 and the plate 7 is slidable" through said loops. A suitable finger piece 10 is provided for the plate 7 for convenience of manipulation thereof, and it will be obvious that when said plate is so adjusted that the same engages the loops 8 and 9, the sections of the arm 3 will be held in alinement in a rigid manner. This is especially advantageous in order that the extended sections may form a handle whereby the dauber attachment can be readily grasped in the actual use of the dauber or brush 6. As a convenient means for eliminating looseness or play between the loops 8 and 9 and the plate 7, the latter may be formed with spaced inclined portions 1 1 virtually constituting cams provided at the outermost portions with transverse grooves or depressions 11 which form seats for the outermost portions of the loops 8 and 9, when the plate 7 is so adjusted that the cams 11 are engaged with the loops. The cams 11 are preferably made by pressing the same outwardly from the plane of the body of the plate 7, and said cams therefore have a certain amount of spring action in engaging and disengaging from the loops 8 and 9. The spring engagement is also advantageous in preventing sliding of the plate 7 and firmly holding the sections of the arm 3 in extended positions. fold the arm 3. the finger piece 10 is grasped and the plate 7 may be moved until the outermost cam portion 11 thereof engages the loop 8, whereupon the plate will be held from displacement by said loop 8, and the outer end of the plate 7 or look member will be disengaged from the loop of the section 8, permitting the folding of the attachment in an evident manner.

The box or receptacle 2, as shown most clearly in Fig. 2 of the drawings, has a polisher attachment applied to the bottom thereof. This attachment consists of a plate- 12 riveted or otherwise secured to the bottom of the receptacle 2 and said plate carries a polisher 13 made of brush or any similar polishing material. By reason of the provision of the parts of the polisher 13 it will be apparent that my device consists of a combined dauber and polisher attachment which is particularly advantageous for shoe polishing purposes. The polisher 13 will of course be used after the dauber 6 has been employed to apply the polishing preparation to the shoes. The dauber having been folded in the cover and the said cover applied tothe receptacle 2 it will be apparent that the whole receptacle may be grasped in the hand in order to facilitate operation of the polisher 1 3 in the actual use of the invention.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new, is:

1. The combination with a receptacle cover, of an attachment to be received and housed thereby and comprising an arm embodying sections adapted to be folded upon one another, one of the sections being provided with a dauber, and a locking device When it is desired to mounted upon the arm and consisting of a plate carried by one of the sections and movable into engagement with the other section, the said sections, having suitable engaging members cooperating with the lock plate in order to hold the sections in extended positions.

2. An attachment of the class described comprising an arm consisting of pivotally connected sections adapted to fold upon one another, one of the sections being provided with a dauber, loops projecting from correspondingsides of the sections, and a locking device for holding the sections in extended positions consisting of a plate slidabl y mounted in the loop of one of the sections and movable into engagement with the loop of the other section to rigidly hold the sections extended.

3. In combination with a receptacle part, a dauber attachment adapted to be housed or inclosed thereby and comprising an arm pivotally connected with the receptacle part, said arm being composed of pivotally connected sections adapted to fold upon one another, the outermost of the sections being provided with a dauber, loops projecting from corresponding sides of the sections of the arm, and a locking device comprising a plate carried by one of the sections and slidably mounted in its loop, a finger piece for moving said plate, and cam elements in the length of the plate engageable with the loopsof the arm sections in order to lock the latter in extended alined position.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

HAROLD J. LYON. l/Vitnesses F; K. ARNOLD, A. E. YOUNG.

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