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Publication numberUS922980 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1909
Filing dateSep 20, 1907
Priority dateSep 20, 1907
Publication numberUS 922980 A, US 922980A, US-A-922980, US922980 A, US922980A
InventorsJacob P Morningstar
Original AssigneeCharles D Vernon
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Self-locking expansion-bolt.
US 922980 A
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' Patentgd May 25, 1909.

um mnumm ATTORNEY.


I comp'anying drawing, forming a part of this concern: Y

and JAooB P. IVIORNINGSTAR, citizens of the United States of'Ainerica, and residents of Wheeling, county of Ohio, and State of Vest Virginia, have invented certain new and usefnl'Iniprovements in Self-Locking Expansion-Bolts, of which the following is aspecification. I I v This invention relates to new and useful improvements in expansion bolts, and more particularly to a self-locking expansion de vice adapted for projecting into a wall or other-body for rigidly attaching or fastening objects or. bodies thereto.

The chief object of the invention is to-proconstruction, arrangement and combination of parts which will hereinafter be fully de scribed, reference being herein had to the ac specification, in which-' 3 Figure 1 is a side elevation of an eXpan-.

sion bolt embodying the invention, the same being shown projected into a boredhole in a wall, illustrating the application thereof; and Fig. 2 is a similar view showing a modified form of the same.

Referring to said drawing, in which like reference characters designate like parts throughout the several views1" indicates a bolt-body, .which is "preferably round in cross section, but which inay be of any appropriate form desired. Said body 1- is provided with-a recess'2 in one of its sides or faces, forming a shoulder 3 and an inclined face 4, the latter being inclined outward and.

extending from said shoulder to the point of the bolt. A wedge-like key 5, of substantially the size and shape of the recess 2 formed in the bolt, and having a roughened or toothed face'6," isadapted for mounting in saidrecess with its butt-end7 against said shoulder 3. i

. i l 1' A threadedhole 21 extends longitudinally N Qiivn nicois r. M'oRNnvesTin;

oaNINosrAnf nssreNoB TO- isA VERNON.

*sE-Lra e me' nxrANsIoN-Bon'r A p H ff sipecification of l'ietters lfaterit.

' n plicationifiledSeptemberZO,1907. Seria1No. 39, 776.


and centrally intothe' bolt 1 frorn the outer end thereof, said hole atone side merging with the inclined recessi2 beyond the shoul-- der 3. and key. 5 are inserted in the socket 8 provided therefor in the wall or roof'9; a threaded screw or bolt 22 is then projected the bolt, resulting in a wedging or gripping pressure being exerted upon the walls of said hole or socket which effectually locks In applying this device, the"bolt .tln-oughjthe object23 to be fastened and the main bolt in place. Said bolt or screw 22 serves the double purpose of rigidly at- 'taching the object 23 to the main bolt and also for projecting the key forward in the socket, resulting in firmly wedging or keying said main bolt in place.

means of the device shown in Fig, 2, the same object or result is attained as by that shown in Fig.1, although it is particularly adapted for supporting heavy timbers. In said device a smaller screw 24 is employed whose object is simply to project the key upward or forward'into locking position, the head 25 of said screw rest- 111g against the'end of the bolt, which latterhas an integral stem 26 which projects'outward through the timber 2-7 I to be supported and has a supporting nut 28 threaded uponjits end.' 1 r Having thus described our invention, what we *claim as new, and desireto'securejby Letters Patent, is

j 1. In a .device of-the character described, a bolt having a entral threaded hole extending thereinto fro'in its outer end, and also. havlng a recess formed in one side thereof, said recessforming a shoulder and an inclined face, the latter extending from said shoulder to. the point of the bolt, a

key mounted in said'recess and'slidable upon said inclined face," said key corresponding substantially in form and size withsaid recess, said recess and threaded hole merging at said shoulderiand a screw-threaded stem projected into saidthreaded hole 'with its end in forcing engagement with the butt end of said key.- I 1 7 2. In a device of thech'aracter described, a bolt having. one side partially cut aw y to form. an inclined recess which extends from a point adjacent to the outer end of the bolt to the inner end thereof, a tapered key slidably mountedin said recess, a threaded hole directed "longitudinally into the outer end of said bolt and communieating at itsinner end with said recess, and a threaded member projected through said hole intojforcing engagement with the butto the bolt. to the inner end thereof, said recess forming a shoulder and an inclined surface, a key mounted 1n said recess and shdable upon said inclined surface, and a threaded member projected through the outer end of said bolt into impinging engagement with the butt-end of said key whereby the latter is forced forward with respect to said shoulder. y

In testimony whereof we afiix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.




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Cooperative ClassificationF16B13/0816