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Publication numberUS923068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1909
Filing dateFeb 26, 1909
Priority dateFeb 26, 1909
Publication numberUS 923068 A, US 923068A, US-A-923068, US923068 A, US923068A
InventorsElmer E Neal
Original AssigneeHarcourt Bull
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US 923068 A
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, ,l CARTRIDGE HOLDER. unicum! FILED un. o, 190s. nsxnwnn rss. as. 190s.

Patented May 25, 1909.



CARTRIDGE HOLDER. LPPLIUATIOI FILED APB. 9, 190B. BEIBWED FEB. 28, 1909. g 923,068. Patented Mayz, 1909.


f//l/ rIl11lIIIlI//ll/ll/lllll//lllll f l STATEsMiSATENT @ERICE tiene. avec A y;oFEiRINrImm 'nassacnusnrrs sesiones. 'ro uncover Bum., 0F

emmener, MA851mm@'m' i I ,f :i 'IcnTmGl-IQLDEBQ) e spaanse@ of umn rt.n;. l Ermitage naaifieoe.

Beit lmQWn' that I, ELM

' 4citizen f'4 thev United States, residing at Slfpringfieli4 Massachusetts, .have invented certain new and use Cartridge-Holders, of which thefollowing is a clear, full, and exact description.

My inventionrelates to 4cartridge holders and 1536i td to supportanumber I of cartriage shells for ps1-pompt .being simultaneously insertedA inad e vted rcmthe;l

1 chambers'. dfffafrefarin cy er. v In the.

Avice 'f,Iiartici1-lailyv ada ted yfer' use with grooved cartridge. sh such as described andshownf in m"". ,previoiis patent, No. l 881,437, dated Marc 10,1908, but myl inven y tionl is no tnconinedA tofsuch use and may readily be adaptedfor use with the ordinary;

rimmed shells.

' I preferabl nialte`V out of a.

single p ieceo s ring`metal"having a numberl ofv recesses ted around the central necessity of -further securingmeans. As

' into the cylinder .I i, 'the `action of` eachrecessportion is independent of the others in retaining a shell, 1t

= shell.` The seat portion ofY the recessjisof 1s evdentthat one or 'two empty shellsmay be removed and lnew onesnserted without ff disturbance to the others. Alsojif one of the-prongsor side portions of a recess becomes broken throu hV roughfiuse, the deviceis for supporting the remaining shells.. The recess portions of my device lare also made-sulliciently thin compared with the width ,ot the the cartridge shells "to permit a s htplay, whereby any distortion of the ho der does not prevent an e insertion of the shell all'ambers as described in m revious patent referred to. y invention will be defined in the claims.

In the embodiment shown in the drawings, Figure 1 is an end elevation of my cartridge helder showing a few cartridges supported therein, the head of one of said cartridges being removed; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of a revolver cylinder showing the position of a holder thereon;' 3 is' a. cylinder section showing the action of the extractor u n the holder in removing the same "with t e empty shells; Fig. 4 is a ful Improvements in\ pron ooves of g modified vfor'in fof cartridge in combination with my holdergiFigs. 5 and 6 are diierent similar section to Fig.' 2nfbut showing la' vsliownjn Fig. 4.

tacliedview of a modified form of'cartridge The preferred form of. my cartridge holder consists 'of a flat s' ringmetal memto'iit `around' the usua turning ratchet of a revolver c linder 4. The annular portion 5 .ot the ho ding memberrests on that portion of :theextractor head`l0 whi ch ordi- 'narily engalg'esthe rims ofthe ordinaryv car- Extending" preferably.

v6l forming" siibstantiallyj semi circuarfrecesses 7. The neck pprtion f8 `o f` .said may made slig tly narrwer than the dy 'poi-tions thereof jto 'said prongs to` more.. readily yield 'at'fthis point when forced apart. l Y

The outer ends of'eacli pair of prongs vor side portions 6 of the recess form an entrance or mouth 9 slightly narrower than the seat portionf'of said recess,l and ,this mouth Iis also smaller than; the diameter 'of the bottom of the groove 11 ,in,the `cartridge suic'ient size to retainthekfhell securely ycartridge shellis entering'the recess and re'- ,turnsto normalfpositin when; ythe shelly has been inserted, thereby' retaining itfthere'in. Although 1 have shown" in the present einbodment both' of they prongs or sidey portions 6 of the recess' as resilient it is obvious that my object will be obtained without departin from the spirit of my invention, by ma in only' one side portion of each recess in t is manner, as shown in my modification Fig. 6 in which 2F designates the central aperture, 5* the annular portion, and 7 the recess seat. In this form only one of the side portions of the recess, such as 17, is made resilient. Fig. k5 shows one of 'the preferred forms of my holder in which the side ortions 16.l of the recess are made broader or the purpose of affording a more substantial sup rt when resting against the face of the cy inder.

In using my device `the loaded shells previously snapped into the recesses of i the adapted to receive said cartridge shells, said t holder are supported so as to simultaneouslyA recesses having side portions which form a he" inserted into the chambers of a tire arm nariow mouth and a shghtl larger seat cylinder. ln the foi-in shown in Figs. 2 and portion therefor, one at least o the said or- 5 3 the. annular portion of 'the holder is then tions being resilient whereby the cartri ges positioned between the Acylinder andthe reare retained therein.

coil plate of the ai'in and engaging the head 3. A cartrid holder which consists of a.

of the extractor operates on the holder to substantially at annular plate adapted to eject all of the shells simultaneously from engage an extractor head o a tire arm cylinthe cylinder chambers. der between said cylinder and the recoil In Fig. 4 l have shown a cartridge with a plate of Said arrn, Said late provided with proecting shoulder 16 adjacent its groove recesses around its ann ar portion ada ted 17, which, in this instance, e'nvges the head to receive cartridge shells, said recesses av- 14- of the extractor at 15. len used with ing side ortions which form a narrow 15 this form of cartridge my holder may enmouth an a slightly larger"v seat portion gage the extractor head indirectly through therefor whereby said 4cartridges are rethe projecting shoulder of the cartridge, or tained therein.

a shoulder may be provided on the extractor 4. A cartrid holder which consists of a head as in Figs. 2 and 3, to engage the substantially at annular plate adapted'to holder. The holder in this case supports enga-re an extractor heado a fire arm cyhntlie cartridges in the same manner as in the der tween said cylinder and the recoil other forms, .while the projecting shoulder plate of said arni, said late provided with of the cartrid enables the same also to be recesses around its annu ar portion adapted used inde en eiitly of the holder. to receive cartridge shells, said recesses hav- What claim is: ing side ort-ions which lform .a narrow 1. AThe combination with a cartridge mouth an a slightly lar er seat portion holder, of a cartridge shell, one f said meintheiefor, one at east oft e side ortions bers having two supporting portions located being resilient whereby the cartri ges are in different planes coacting with a portion retained therein.

of the other member held therebetween to 5. r1 `he combination with a cartridge foi-in mutual supporting means, said carholder, of agrooved-'cartridge shell, said tridge holder consisting of a substantially holder consisting of a substantially flat plate flat plate provided with a number of reprovided with a number of recesses around ceases around the central portion thereof the central ortion thereof adapted to readapted to receive said cartridge shells, said ceive cai'tri ge shells, said recesses having recesses having side ortions which form a :side portions which form a narrow mout narrow mouth and a s 'ghtly larger seat porand a .slightly larger seat Aportion therefor,

' tion therefor wherebysaid cartridges are 'one at least of theside portions being resiliretained therein. ent whereb the cartrid s are retain 40 2. The combination witha cartridge therein, sai cartridge she bein provided holder, of a cartridge shell, one of said memwith a 'projecting @shoulder agjacent its hers having twosupporting portions located groove. in different planes coacting with a portion Signed at Springfield Mass this-28th day of the other member held therebetween to of March 1908.

form mutual supporting means, said car- ELMER. E. NEAL.A tridge holder consisting1 f'a substantially Witnesses: 4 i tlat pla-te provided wit a number of re- ,Gro H. CHAMBiinLiN,

cesses around the central portion thereof Jamas W. CLARK.

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