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Publication numberUS923256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1909
Filing dateJan 8, 1909
Priority dateJan 8, 1909
Publication numberUS 923256 A, US 923256A, US-A-923256, US923256 A, US923256A
InventorsJoseph H Fletcher
Original AssigneeJoseph H Fletcher
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US 923256 A
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Patented June 1, 1909.

UNITED sirafrsgs PATENT onirica.


eAUNTLEtr-onovn. Y

Specification of Letters Patent.

Pateneedrune 1, 1909.

Application tiled January 8, 1909. Serial No. 471,348.

vSaved when the glove is'worn out, and the object 4ot' the present invention is to provide an improved fastening for connecting said parts, and also to provide means for fitting the gauntlet to the wrist, so that the entrance of'cold air, etc., is e'tfeetually pre vented.

'Vlth the foregoing objects tn View, ythe invention consists ina novel constructionand arrangement of parts, to be hereinafter described and claimed, reference beinghad to the drawing hereto annexed, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view ot' the invention, partly broken away. Fig. 2 isa transverse section through. the connection between the twopart.s, on substantially the line 2 2 ot Fig. 1. Fig. S is a transverse section on` the line fil--r-sf ot' Fig. 2.

In the drawing 5 denotes a glove of the` vordinary kind, and t3 1s the gauntlet, to

On one side ot' the gusset the gauntlet is provided Witha-short strap 8, carrying one ol the members 9 -oi' a stud and socket, or other form of separable fastening, the other member 1t' of said fastening being secured to the gauntleton the other side of the gusset.. The strap is adapted tobe extended acrossthe gusset, and secured by the fastening, whereby the gusset is `.drawn together,

and the gauntlet properly titted around the wrist.

The gusset is formed by making a substantially V-shaped notch in the edge of the wrist portion of the gauntlet, and sewing or otherwise securing to the gauntlet onvthe inside thereof, to extend across the notch, the flexible strip of leather orother material heretofore described.

The strap S may be formed integral with the gauntlet as shown.

To the inside of the wrist portion of the gauntlet is sewed or' otherwise 'secured a band l1, 'formed with button-holes 12. This band extends (mtirely around the inside of the gauntlet, up to the gusset, and the latter is also provided 'with button-holes 13. The band is [netorably made in two pieces, as shown in Fig. 2, in order that it maybe more easily attached to the gauntlet, the pieces meeting.` at one end atv the seam of the gauntlet, so that said pieces may be sewn to the latter before it is completed. To the outside of the glove 5, at the edge ot the wrist portion thereof, are sewed or other wise secured buttons 14, which are engageable with the button-holes 12 and 13, where- -by the gauntlet and glove are detachably connected. `V4This edge of the glove is also reinforced by strips 15, sewed or otherwise secured thereto.

l t will be seen, Afrom the foregoing, that I have provided means whereby the gauntlet and the glove may be quickly and easily c0nnected or separated, and there is no danger of said parts becoming separated by the moveinent of the wrist. By the gusset'r( and the strap 8, the wrist portion ofthe 1'* together to exclude air, etc., and the parts will tit the wrist as comfortably as an ordinaryglove. In use, the glove and the gauntlet will be put on together as though they were formed in one piece.

What is claimed is:- A

,A gauntlet glove comprising separable gauntlet and glove sections, the Wrist portion of the gauntlet .being provided with a gusset having buttonholes, a strap detachably connected across the gusset, a band secured on the inside of the Wrist .portion of o'aunt'.let and gloue may be drawn tightlyl a Y l 923,25@

v the gauntlet and extendiiig entirely around I n testimony that I claim the foregoing as the same upto the gusset, and provided with my owu, I have hereto affixed my signature 10 buttonholes, said band being in two sections in the presence of two witnesses. which meet at the seam o the gauntlet and Y A 5 buttons secured to the wrist portion of the l JOSEPH H FLETCHER' Aglove on the outside thereof, said buttons Witnesses:

- Ybeing engageable with the aforesaid button- JOHN K. KOLLUK,

holes of the band and the gusset. FLETCHER.

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Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/0044