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Publication numberUS923717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1909
Filing dateFeb 8, 1909
Priority dateFeb 8, 1909
Publication numberUS 923717 A, US 923717A, US-A-923717, US923717 A, US923717A
InventorsSamuel D Shepard
Original AssigneeSamuel D Shepard
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US 923717 A
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APPLICATION FILED FEB. 8, 1909\ 923,?17. Patented June 1, 190,

3 5 position for use.

4 5 axis 55 form. an open-sided cavity DRAFTNGPEN.

To u M an; om it may comm/vi:

Be it known that l, SAMUEL l). Suleiman. a citizen ol" the iinitcd States, r siding at following is a specification.

llns invention relates to draltsincns pens ()ne ob ect of the invention. 18 to provide a :0 dral'tsrna ns )en whereby the stren th and unil'm-niity in the thickness of the line may be maintained throughout the entire drawing or throughout the writing or printing of a series of letters or numerals.

Another object is to provide a pen of the nature stated embodyingamong its characteristics a rigid writing end dcl'lcctedlrorn the body of the same and formed to carry a large supply of ink and insure an oven feeding 20 ol the ink for making letters and for i'unnbering purposes or making maps or mechanical drawings, the instrument being especially serviceable for making typographic contodr drawii'l wherein the lines are generally neccssarily required to bev even or uniform in thickness throughout the drawing.

With the above and other objects in view,

the ru'esent invention consists in the combi nation and arrangi-unent of parts hereinafter ,30 nnn'elully desci'ilmd, illustrated in the ac,

conmanying drawings and particularly pointed out in the appended claims. in the drawingsF-Figurc 1 is a perspective view of the pen supplied with ink and in Fig, 2 is a top plan View. Fig. 3 is a lace view of the writingooint of the instnnnent, the View being slightly cX- aggerated. I

tcl erring now more trticularly to the 40 amompanyingdrawings, the reference characters and 2 indicate arms which may be secured at their inner ends to the handle The outer end of the arm 1 is dcllected downwardly at an obtuse angle to the longitudinal of the instrument and-tapered to provide a comparatively long rigid finger 4 for cooperation with the comparatively long tapering rigid linger 5 formed at the outer end of the arm 2. The inner face of the arm 1 is flat and straight throughout its length until it is deflected to form said finger 4, while the inner face of the arm 2 is flat and straight throughout the greater portion of its length and directed downwardly and upwardly to mediately opposite the base of the finger 4 or ink-well 6 im-' Specification of Letters Patent.

nugton, in the District ol' iiolunihiu. 3 haveinvented certain new and usel'ul iinprovenients in lhaltnig-Pens, of. which the Patented June 1, 1909.

Application filed February 8, 1908. Serial No. 476,765,

; and then directed downwardly to provide the said rigid, lapcru'lg linger 5,

whose inner face is Hat and subs!ani-ially nn'allel with the llat inner-laciol' the linger 4, The lorniation ol said inlr-ncll ll provides a shoulder 7 over which the inh N 'llows into the space between the lhngcrs iand 13,:unl this1mrticularlorlna- I tion (5 7 together with the tapering lingers 4 and 5 provides for means whereby a conipal atively large quantity ol' ink may be conlined. between the arms l and for supply through the space between the lingers 4 and 5 and insure a continuous and even feeding of the inlc through said space. The arms and lingers are of equal rigidity to provide for steadiness in manipulating the pen, and by virtue of" the tapering and coin )aratively long fingers an undue quantity of ink is held back from the point of the instrument to insure fineness and uniformity of line.

The arms '1 and 2, and conscrniently the lingers sand 5, may be adjusted tlu'ough the mstrunientality of a suitable thumb screw 9,

and as the arms and 2 and their fingers 4 and 5 are rigid, and especially in View of the fact that the writing points of the iingers 4 and 5 are flattened irn-idcnt to being cut oil at right angles to the axis of the instrument, at S and 9, respectively, there is little liability, if any, for the instrument to stick into the paper and thereby result in a scat tering of the ink, and a consequent blotting of the paper upon which the instrument is used because no pressure need be placed upon the intstrumcnt. 1t will be noted, also, that'tl'ie lingers 4 and 5 are substantially semi-circul=ur in cross section and both the lingers and the arms are preferably of the same width.

What is claimed is 1. An instrument of the cl'iaractcr de scribed comprising substantially rigid arms provided at their outer ends with rigid taper: ing lingers disposed out of alinement with the longitudinal axis of the instrument, said lingers being substan tially the same'thickness throughout their length with their points blunted; the inner face of the upper arm and its finger being preferably flat and straight and the inner face of the lower arm audits finger being substantially flat and straight with a shoulder and a cavity formed in the lower arm between its body portion and its finger to provide for the maintenance of a supply of ink between the armsto flow through the fingers, and means for adjusting writing the arms and fingers inward and mm from ink supply dispased em in ined :mgxiu x each other. 1 :116 paper to insum a uniform feeding oi. the 2. An insfirument of the chsx'amer dc in t0 the fingers and pennii; the instrunami, scribed. comprising arms em defier. to 1 to be guided in any (;iire i\,1 u and mmnmais'x provide rigid fing m d 0504 I warm line.

, tiaily obtuse angle 0 he formed to provide a shoulder 1 for the maintenance of a supply of ink in. the

the fin 91's being dispaseti normally bially obtuse angle 20 um 10 of the ix'sstmment, one 01'? 6w w thaldeflected to gravid ink retaining cavity at to provide for the mainu 1 ram of the shouider for sup-ply nmugh fingers.

3. An insorument 05 5:1" scribed comprising arms m V: prcvide rigid fingers 01' of the, fingers, b g substanfiuhy semi cross section.

In tcstia'nony wh r x if I. in presence of two witn V. BAA HEEL 1 to provide the of the instrument, one 0f 4r:

retard the JOHN W. SIG-GEES, 0. C. SEC-EMA rear of the shoulde r for supply to the s1 stantied y perpendicular to the papa: wad

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