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Publication numberUS924197 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1909
Filing dateFeb 23, 1909
Priority dateFeb 23, 1909
Publication numberUS 924197 A, US 924197A, US-A-924197, US924197 A, US924197A
InventorsRobert H Shook
Original AssigneeB F Biggs Pump Company
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US 924197 A
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ROBERT n. snoek, or LA FAYETTE, INDIANA, AsSIeNoRTo n. r. 'Baies eenrzconran r; or



Specification of Letters Patent.

meenten' June-8, l1909.

Application filed February 23, 1909. Serial No. 479,5G2.` y

To all 'whom it may concern;

Beit known that I, ROBERT H. 51100K-, a citizen ot' the l'nited .State-s, residing at La Fayette. in the countv of Tippecanoe -and lState of lndiana, have invented certain new and uset'ul Improvements in Kitchenf'Cabi 'i nets, of which the followingis a specification. I

' This invention relates to improvements in kitchen cabinets having a cabinet-top with a comparta-lent in which is located a bin for holding h'our and other like materials, and

the object -ot' the invention is'to provide means whereby the bin can be tilted out at .its upper end for convenience in tilling the Figure l is a detail in trontelevation of the upper portion ol' the base ot the cabinet, Showing the cabinet top equipped withmY invention. Fig. 2 is a vertical Section transversely oi' the cabinet-top just inside ot' the end ot' the cabinet-top, showing the flour bin in titled position .for filling. Fig. 3 a like section showing the bin in .its inverted position for cleaning, and Fig. 4 is a detail, in side view, of thel bin receptacle Showing one ot' the slotted hinge-plates. v

Like characters of reference indicate like parte throughout the several views of the drawing.

5 is the base of the cabinet, G the base-top or table and T the cabinet-top having an end wall S and a partition 9 parallel therewitl'i forming a compartment 10 in which compartment my ,improved tiour bin will be located. f

11 is a Hour hin mounted in the compartment l() with its open upper end close under the top shelfn 1270i the cabinettop. The lower end of the bin 1l has the hopper 13 with the tubular discharge 14, and located 'within the tubular discharge 1l is a Sitter bin 11 in the receptacle 10 ie as follows' The two opprsites oi the bin are each protudina'l center ot' the bin..

vided with a pair of lateral'pineor.gudgeons4U 1G and 17. The gudgeonef'e,near the lt'ront bottom corners ot'l the sides, as shown iii/Fig. 2; the'gudgeons uliareiieai.' tjheback fot the bin Kand preferably abov ylong gi- 1.8" are platesv .secured to the adjacent side walls Santjltt'ot' the compartment l0. The plates 11S are.` provided with curved @slots 20.Qwhikch "open toward the front to permit ltheintroduction therein and removal therefrom of tl'ieigud? genus 16 whereby. when the gudgeons are in- `erted in slots 20, the ll will be pivotally supported. On account 'ot' the gudgeone 16 being adjacent thel front wall of bin l1 the weight ot the bin and of its contents will canse the bin to remain normall7 closed. The back ofl the receptacle l() should be far enough awaj" from the pivotal point 16 to permit the tubular discharge 14 to move .into the po itionshown in Fig. 3 without inter terence, and the hin ll will be prevented from swinging back too far atthe top by the extension 'When the upper end of the bin is tilted forward. asit is done for the purpose of lilling it, its-movement :is limited by the inwardly projecting .blocks or lugs 24 on the "walls S and 9,' b v forming" stops for the gudgeonsi', in the .manner clearly shown in Fig.l 2. When it, is desired to lower the upper end' ofthe bin into the position shown in l `ig.`3 ,l the hopper is raised longitudinally into 'the position shown by -the oblique dotted lines in Fig. 2, which lifts the gudgeonsl above the lugs 2l, thereby permitting` the open end of the bin to move down until it is arrested by contact with the table 6. In1v thi@ position which is clearl)7 shown by Fig. 3`, the looSe contente-'ot` the bin will slide oult' by gravity and the open end affords -a ready access-` for manually cleaning the interior of the bin. Should it he desired `for any reason to entirely remove the bin trom the cabinet-top. this can be done by tiret bringing it into the oblique po=ition shown inFig. '2 whereupon it can bc lifted out in this position.

Sight-openings t are provided in thc t'f'ont wall oi the bin, with glase windows therein through which the quantity ot material in the bin is always in evidence. The front ot' the receptacle 10m-ay be closed b v a `uiiable door such ae is shown at the right of ihc conmartment l0.

Instead of forming the slots` 20 in blocks 1S-these Slots mightbe formed in the Walls `S and' 9A and the details of construction may varied without departing from the spirit ofv my invention. y

wWhatl claim asnew and wish to secure by l'lette'rs Patent of theUnited States, is-

1. The combination with a 'kitchen cabi;

, Ile-t having acompartment with side walls,

:'saidw'alls, having downwardly ydirected slots whicliopen' toward the lironty of the'4 cabinet, of ab-in'i'emovably and movably mounted in -salicl compartment, the sides of said'bin vad- -l jacent'the-slotted wallsof the compartment having-gudgons near its lower front 'corner said walls' having downwardly directed slots .In witness whereof, I .my hand-and seal at Indianapolis,Indiana, this 10th day of February, A. D. one lthouwhich open toward the front of thecabinet, of a bin removably and movably vmounted in said compartment, the sides of said bin adjacent the slotted Walls of the compartment; having gudgeons near its lower 4front corner to enter said slots, means to limit the backward tilting of the bin and means to limit the forward tilting thereof, said last means comprising extensions from the outer sidesottlie bin and stops from the sides of thecompartment in the paths of said bin extensions, said means by .a longitudinal movement of the; bin lpermitting a further tilting of the latter. l

have hereunto sel,

sand nine hundred and nine.




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