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Publication numberUS926520 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1909
Filing dateNov 4, 1907
Priority dateNov 4, 1907
Publication numberUS 926520 A, US 926520A, US-A-926520, US926520 A, US926520A
InventorsDavid W Thornton, Percy L Hoadley
Original AssigneeDavid W Thornton, Percy L Hoadley
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Combined spring-hinge and door-check.
US 926520 A
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@GM'BINED SPRING-KIN Application filed November 4 To aZ? 119307.031} may concern.

Be it known that We, Dawn Vs". THORNION and PERCY L. Hominy, citizens of the United Stat i residing at Seattle, in the 5 county of lung and Statc of Washington,

have .invcnted certain umr'a'nnl nsnlul linproven cnts n a tilonihined Spring-liiugcnnd Door-Chock; and wcdo dcclarc the lollovvin to be a full, civar, and cxact, dcst ription ol ti io invention, SXH'las will cnahlc othcrs SkillQt'l in the art 4 \.l)ltli it appt-rtaim to malac and usc thc white.

This invention rotates to comhinvd spring hii'igcs and door shows.

The ohjcct m" the in vcntion is wring hingc for doors: having mcans hereby the closing of the door by tho spring will ha choclccd or rntardvd, thcrol. v prcvcnting the slamming of the door. u

With, this object in vicw, consists of certain nhvcl feat urcsot construct'ion, combination and arrangcnmut of parts as will he morn fully dcscrilwd and particularly pointod out in the appcndod claims.

In the accoimmnying thawing, l' igurc l is an outcr Incl View of a hingc slu'm'iin tho name applicd to a door and h:

vcrtical scctimml viow: and l i sectionedview, taken on thc linc I; Referring more particularly ing's, 1 and 2 indicate the lcaves ol' the hinge which arc adapted to he sccurcd to the door and jalnb by screws or othcr suitable fa toning devices. On the oppmitc cnda ot' the leaf 1 are formed rightalng'ularly di posed outwardly projecting ears, 3, \vhilc on the opposite ends of thc had 2 arc lormcd right-angularly disposed mitwardlv projcciing ears, 4. Th loaf, 2, is somcwhat Hlltll'ttl than the leaf 1, and the cars 4 tho invon tion tlu-rcon art"- disposed hctwccn th cars 3 ol' thc had 1. The ears 3 and 4 anprovidcd with alincd a ortures through which is adaptcd to ho y inserted a pivot bolt, or pintl'a, 3. said pinilc 9 being kcyvd to or othcrv nected at its lowcr 0nd to of the leaf 1 by a spline or said, pintlc is prevented On tho pintle 5 lictweon tilt! ca 1's -1 of thc lcal 2 :u'ramrcd a coihal apriuo ti, onc cud of which is adapted to hcar again t thc outer side of the leaf, 1. uhilc tho uppthlttand hears against the outer sidc oi" thc lnat', 2,. tho tension of the SPI'UIQ' bill'tgl thus orct to force the leaves to position and thereby to a.

" hcr c-r to providta Specification of Letters Patent.


Patented June 29, .1909. Serial No. 400,645.

l l l l l l l t ...c rigidly coin tho door. 5

of which is hold in engagmncnt with tho tcoth ol' tlmv ratchct wheel by means of a ight spring, 10, thereby (tormenting the leaf 2 with the ratchet wheel so that when said leaf is forced outwardly hv thc coilcdspring, (5, the ratchet whcnl T will hc turncd on the pintle 5.

The cnd of thc pintlc which projects through tho ratchot wheel '7 is extended beyond tl-router side ol the adjaccnt car 3 of thc lent], and said cxtondml cud is threaded to rccoivc a thumb nut, 13, which is screwcd thcrnon and into cngagcmcnt with the ad eu-cut sidc ol thc car I), thus oomprmsing said car and clamping thc washcr N into greater or lcss frictional crwgcmcnt with tho ratchtt wht'ol, 7, which fort-ca thc samc into cngt-rzrcm-"nt with the shouldcr on tho pintlc 5, thcrclrv rctardiug' thc movcincnt ol' the ratchet vvhccl, and tho loaf 2 of thc hin gc. By thus checking or rctardingg' the Jnovcmcnt oi" the leaf 2, thc movement of tho door in chcckcd and the latter is provontctl from slamming. iv scrcning thc nut dowuwardlv, the frictional cnga z cn:cnt. l' tho washur will he iut-rcascd, thus rctardimg the movement ol the door to a urchin." dcg-rcc, or. it dosircd, thc nut may he scrcwod down tightly enough to hold thc door opcn in any desired position The shoulder. 5", on tho piutlc, 5. tho l'zllt'lHl \Yllfitl 7 hcars, linu ward HHHtllltilt of thc parts \vlwn coniprcsscd by tho nut 12, thus ullowing ihc car 4 on tlnhall 2 to mow! l'rccl v.

Having thus dcscrihod our iuvcution, what we churn as now, and dcsirc to SGl'lll'O hy lmltc t-lahdlt, is":

l. A combined spring 'eh comprising a pair ol lcavm: having apot trod pivot lugs l'ormcd thoroon, u, pintlc :tl'l'nlrilill in said lugs to pivotally (om ncct said lcavcs together, a sprh tidapt'cd to mig ant mid icavcs to l'orcc tho. same to n closml position, a friction di l on said pintlc hom -cu said pivot lugs at one cud ot' the hut H15, and moans whereby said friction disk hr, the downany-dust which is clamped to retard the mevement-of the leaves of the hinge by said spring, substantialiy described.

A combined spring hinge and door check comprising a pair of lead-2s having on their opposite ends righbsngulurly projeev ing apertfxred ears, :2 pintle provided Wit a shoulder arranged in the apertures of said *nrs, a coiled spring adapted to force said leaves to a closed position, a ratchet Wheei loosely mounted on said pintie between the ears at one end of the hinge, a pawl on one of said leaves, to engage said ratchet Wheel, a friction washer "aeunteci 011 she pintie be tween said ratchet wheel and fake em 0? the opposite leaf, and. reams t0 clamp said wsslwr and rn-tehet wheel between 0" said 0: '5; and the adjai m5 shoulder on pintle, substantially as aleseribed.

:5. A combined spr n hinge and door clmck comprising 3, psi 05 leaves having on Meir opposite ends righlz-anguiariy projectuprrmrrd ears, :1 pintie provided with said eemee a shudder arranged in the apertures of s'izid ears, a coiled spring leaves to a closed p0s1tren, 2*


et wheel, f

washer mounted on said pintle between saidratehet Wheel and the ear of th'e-eppeslte Leaf, and a thumb nut adapted U; be screwed. into engagement with one of said; ears whereby said washer and ratchet wheei are. eismrred between one of ears and the si'iouider on said. pintla, thereby retarding mevement 0f the leaves, suhstzmtiaiiy as descriimd.

in testimony v' set our hands in witnesses.

are??? 6 have hereunto two s1! bserlh'mg DELE ED 3 1. THQRNTUN.

RL 1' L. HG; .DLEY

KVitnesses C. T. GLASS,


en one' 'ef said Reeves

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Cooperative ClassificationE05F3/20