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Publication numberUS926546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1909
Filing dateFeb 24, 1908
Priority dateFeb 24, 1908
Publication numberUS 926546 A, US 926546A, US-A-926546, US926546 A, US926546A
InventorsJoseph Henry Cox
Original AssigneeJoseph Henry Cox
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Magazine air-gun.
US 926546 A
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926,546, Patented June 29, 1909.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn cv JOSEPH HENRY COX, OF ASTON, JUX'IA .BIRMlNGllAM, ENGLAND.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented June 29, 1909.

Application filed February 24:, 1908. Serial No. 417,557.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it knownthat I, Josnrn HENRY Cox, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at Lozells, Aston, juxta Birmingham, England, have invented new and useful improvements in Magazine Air-Guns, of which the following is a specification.

My invention is comprised in the heroinafter described improvements connected with an air gun of the fixed barrel type in which there is provided a rotatable part, usually hand operated, fitted in an airtight manner transverse of the gun to form a combined pellet receiver and positioner, such part being well known as the loading plug in the present well known pattern of Lincoln (manufactured by the B. S. A. Co.) air rifle to which the invention particularly refers.

My invention consists in providing an air gun of the type referred to with an effective magazine which will not in its arrangement interfere with the line of sight, and which is particularly applicable to the present pattern of Lincoln or B. S. A. leading plug inasmuch as its application thereto demands no material change in the present construction and fitting of the plug. The magazine is preferably arranged to be operated from the rotating movement of the plug.

Preferably the pellet carrier of my magazine is in the form of a rotatable disk-like plate movable about an axis which is verl ical in plane at right angles to the plane in which the axis of the plug lies. The plate is a stiifiy working one so as to oll'er some resistance to rotation, and is connected to the loading plug preferably by ratchet and pawl devices so that the part rotation of the plug brings into position each succeeding pellet compartment in the disk at the right moment for the pellet to drop, preferably by its own weight from the said compartment into the seating provided to receive it in the loading plug. The disk, which forms the pellet carrier and which has a number of compartments in it to hold each a pellet is recessed into the top of the air gun body adjacent to or over the plug, and may be indirectly connected with the said plug by a toothed gear which is placed, in respect of the magazine, upon the plug side of the ratchet and pawl devices hereinbcl'ore referred to. The pellet compartmentsin ring so that each compartment is separate, and when the pellets are placed in the com partments they rest upon a surface of the gun barrel upon which or adjacent to which, the disk like; plate beds. The pellet carrying plate is provided with a lid or cover which can be removed, or swung aside, for loading the magazine plate, this lid or cover also having a single hole through it so that the pellets can be placed into the loading plug, through the magazine plate, one at a lime if ordinary loading is desired.

The practical carrying out of the invention is represented in the drawings, by the help of which the features hereinafter specifically claimed will now be particularly described.

Figure 1 represents a side elevation of a Lincoln pattern air gun, a indicz'rting the well known loading plug, 0 the back sight, and (Z the position of my magazine in respect of the said sight and the loading plug. Fig. 2 is a top side plan, on a larger scale, of a portion of Fig. 1 with the magazine cover swung aside, Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional elevation of Fig. 2 but with the cover in place, lifig. :iis a similar sectional elevation showing the toothed and ratchet connection between. the loading plug and the magazine plate, Fig. 5 is a separate view of the loading plug, Fig. (5 shows two views of the magazine plate by itself, and Fig. 7 shows two views of a bar which forms part of the connection means between the plug and the magazine plate.

The loading plug a, aforesaid, may be constructed and fitted to the gun breech as ordinarily except that for the purpose of the invention it is now represented at a in Figs. l and 5, as provided with a toothed part for the purpose hereinafter described. The said plug has the usual pellet receiving and positioning hole (1 and the gun body adjacent thereto the usual loading hole or breech a" re 'nesented particularly in Fig. 3.

c is the disk like plate having within it a number of all through pellet holes or compartments e", and having arranged upon its under side 2 2: number of ratchet teeth corresponding to the number of said compartments. This plate is the magazine plate whose compartincnts in loading the gun when using the magazine are lillcd with pel lets; it is, at], recessed, or let into the top of the gun body adjacent to the loading plug (1, and is adapted to have an intermittent rotation on an axis which when the gun is horithe plate are all through holes arranged in a zontal, is vertical or at right angles to the ill) plane in which the axis of the loading plug hes. The said pla e 6 1L cdded upon the top of the gun body it an axial shouldered pin f in a manner maintaining the plate quite as loading plug, or into the hole a of the loading plug ii such hole c is in the correct position to receive the pellet. The too free intermittent rotation of the magazine plate a, or in other words, the resistance thereof to too easy rotation, is provided against by a limb spring 51 which lies in the recess f underneath the magazine plate to bear against the said plate with some friction. The compartments in the plate e being all through ones necessitates a rest surface for the pellets in the compartments, which surface is provided on the gun body adjacent to where the plate 6 beds, so that only when a compartment is opposite the loading hole (0* can a pellet escape, and then only if the loading plug is in a position to receive it further these all-through compartments necessitate a cover to the plate 6. This cover is in the form oi a swing aside flat plate 71 which has a single hole 7L2 through it. This plate is placed in position over the magazine plate 6 after loading, or if ordinary one-pellet-at-atime loading is desired it is swung aside as represented in Fig. 2 to enable the magazine late to be easily iilled.

Provided between the toothed part a of the loading plug a and the ratchet teeth e of the magazine plate e is a bar-i, represented in Fig. 7 carrying racl; teeth "L and a spring pawl i The rack teeth i engage the teeth part c of the plug a and the spring pawl i is adapted to operate in connection with ratchet teeth 6 The said bar has a sliding-movement in a guiding groove i of the gun body, and is placed respecting the plug and the magazine plate in the manner represented in Figs. 2 and 4. It will be therefore seen that there is a feeding connection of the magazine plate to the loading plug a, and that each time the said loadin plug is moved a fresh compartment will be Drought into position over the seating in the loading plug; the arrangement being such that the intermittent rotation of the magazine plate talres place during the movement opening th plug The closing plate h is stillly fitted to the gun body, so that its position covering in the open top of the magazine plate can be maintained although the said magazine plate rotates underneath to feed forward each succeeding pellet. The hole t in the plate it, when said plate covers the magazine plate,

is always coincident with the pellet compartof carrying my invention into effect, but .i wish it to be understood that various modifications can be made in the appl' tion oi the invention to the loading plug i thout interi'ering with the features set out in my principal claims: instance, means other than that des ribed could be arranged to connect the loading plug with the magazine plate or a different form of magazine plate could be employed to have a sliding movement instead of a rotating one.

i am aware that it has hitherto been proposed to provide a magazine gun, and 1 malre no broad claim to such. dy invention firstly, only relates to a specific type of air gun namely to one of Lincoln or B. S. A. pattern having a rotatable loading plug, and, secondly, provides a magazine which is no real part ol the plug itself but only an arrangement to be iitted to work with the plug; it being always understood that in whatever form my invention is applied it must not in any way interfere with the line of sight of the gun.

The purpose of the magazine is of course obvious namely to enable round of a given number of shots to fired without independent hand loading for each shot, but further than this its use is of immense advantage to the shooter in a sense of permitting more concentration upon the shooting, and practical experience in the handling of a gun constructed according to the invention shows that much better shooting can be cilected by reason of the firing time being quickened for a round of a given number of shots, and by reason of the operations to get ready for firing lessened in number an\ of the doing away with the troublesome work of picking up a small pellet in the lingers and of placing it in position within the loading plug each time it is desired to fire a shot.

Having now described my invention what I claim and desire to secure by Letters latout is 1.. in an air gun of the fixed barrel type, the combination with a rotatable loading plug, of a movable pellet carrier comprising a number or separate and independent pellet compartments each of which is successively brought into position over the loading plug, the compartments being manually filled.

2. in an air gun of the fixed barrel type,

the combination of a rotatable loading plug, 1

a pellet carrier in the form of a rotatable disk movable in a plane at right angles to the plane in which the axis of the plug lies and comprising a number of separate and independent pellet compartments each of which is successively brought into position over the loading plug, and means for intermittently rotating the said carrier.

3. In an air gun of the fixed barrel type the combination of a rotatable pellet or loading plug, pellet carrier forming part of a magazine, and devices for connecting the said plug to the carrier so that the operation of the plug operates the carrier, substantially as described.

4. 111 an air gun of the fixed barrel type the combination of a rotatable pellet or load ing plug, a pellet carrier in the form of a 1'0- tatable disk like plate movable upon a vertical axis or in a plane at right angles to the plane in which the axis of the plug lies, said plate being recessed in the top of the gun body adjacent to the plug, and means for in tern'iittently rotating the disk like plate, sub stantially as described.

5. In a gun of the lixed barrel type the combination of a rotatable loading plug, a magazine plate, and ratchet and pawl devices for moving the said plate in operative relation to the plug.

111 witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two witnesses.



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