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Publication numberUS926550 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1909
Publication numberUS 926550 A, US 926550A, US-A-926550, US926550 A, US926550A
InventorsFred W Dafoe
Original AssigneeFred W Dafoe
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Bottling device.
US 926550 A
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926,550, Patented June 29, 1909 ii (in ISLAND, llJLlNUtS.

-T "ttf "t op" i i 4; ,Lil.

i'll'l'll) W. ltftettlli, or

Application filed December 1 The ohjerts of the invention re, genoinllr, i

' the provision, in a nierclnrntahle term, of a ployed device of the above mentioned elass which shall he. inelapensive to innnul'aeture, la ile in operation, and devoid ol' complicated ports; specifically the provision of an attaching member of norr-l and improved construction, of novel means for eonneeting the attaching n ainhcr to a spigot, and ol' novoi means for receiving the net-l; of a hottle during the process oi' ingg; other and further ohjeets using; 1' .lc iit'i 't as the deser ien oi the in 'on pro t-es The invention ronsi'iiin the nine eonstruetion end a ingeineni ol parts, hereinni'ter fully de .l, delineated in the tt('.--

and particularly .ed claim, it l)1ilg compnnying r'hnwings, pointed out in the ttppd; L understood that divers changes in the lor proportion, size, and minor details of the strurture may he made without dcpar ing irom the spirit or 4:t(ltiltlil tur ol' the ad yzrntng'es of the i 1 cntion.

4' Similar nunio 'zrls of reference :irc

to denote corrcspoinling parts throughout the several ligures ol the draw ings.

in the aeconipan iup drawingst l i ure 1 shows my invention in hunt elewition i'nounted upon a. spigot; 2 shows my in- -rention in longitudinal eetion, the same being mounted upon it s Fig. 3 is it top pian of m invention,

it the accompanying drawings i have show :in ordinary spigot and designated the some generally by the numeral 1.

My invention eotnorises an attaching member denoted genera y by the numeral 3 in Fig. 1, the said attaching member in its turn comprising 9. tubular body 2 exteriorly threaded at its upper terminal. Mounted upon the upper terznin n .ilient inn'nilnr l oi the member 2 is raged to re- UT! rot as in Fig. 1; 1

SPECifLCzl tion of Letters Patent.

ride it elem in rin fi'internalh threaded to engage the upper terminal of the member i2 and proddedv with an inwardly projecting shoulder l t arranged to eng go the gasket 7 :Ultl to hold the some tirinl upon the inemher 2 when the clampingring 6 is rotated. The menthol 2 tornnni'ttes anterior-l in a reduced neck 8 which is bent laterally out of the. axis ol' the member 2. The reduced neck 8 is provided with an axial bore 9 interiorl threaded at its lower terminalj From the lower end of the reduced neck 8 projects outwardly a flange 1-0. A discharge tulle is shown having its upper terminal threaded to engage the lower terminal ol the reduced neck 8. A resilient packing surrounds the discharge tube t and this packing, in its prcl'erred form, comprises a resilient washer l'l having plane Knees EL!- rzuiged to ahut against. the llnnge 10, and surrounding the discharge tube 4. A second washer 2 is shown surrounding the discharge tuhc and prot'ided with it piano face in :ilwunient with the washer l 1. From the outer fare of the washer t3 projects an annular iii) '13 disposed in close relotion to the disehnrge tuhe t and ol' less diameter than the .iuemher l2, whereby a. shoulder 15 is formed, arranged to receive the upper terminal ol' the neck of a bottle it is to he understood ii at a number of gaskets 7 inny he provided having central openings ol dillercnt sizes to accoinnrodate spigots ol' dill'erent dinicusions. Likewise. it desired, a set of dischnrgc tuhes ot' dill'ercnt lengths may he provided in order to aceoinmodatc holtlcs of different lengths, it being desirahle that the liquid should he discharged as 110m the hottoin oi the bottle 3 possible, in order to prevent undue heading.

in practical operation, the disrhargc tuhe is thrust into the hotilc, the upper terminal oi the necl; engaging the washer l2. and the annular iii) 13% set-vine to close the neck of the bottle. The bottle 5 is retained against the resilient packing clement lay manual pressure, the bottle heinp; tilted slightly ironr side to side or moved downward in order to provide for the escape ol air from the bottle us it fills. By this arrangement it is possible to maintain the desired pressure within the bottle, mid at the same time to provide for the escape of air therefrom when t to pressure in the bottle becomes too great, without the use oi waives or lilze complieated devices.

-ing to one side of the spigot, but it is obvious I that since the device may readily be rotated removed from the discharge tube than would 5 upon the spigot, it may be arranged to project radially from the spigot at the slde, front, or in any other desired osition.

By mounting the gasket 7 as s own and by retaining itjremovably by the clamping ring 6, itis possible to reach the interior of the device without difiiculty, whereby it may be thorou hly cleansed. 4

The resi iency of the washer 12 is increased by the addition of the washer 11, which is,

dlsposed between the said washer 12 and the flange 10. By thus duplicating the washers, the packing element may be more readily be'possible if it comprised an integral element. The washer 12 is subjected to more "wear than is the washer 11, and when the former becomes worn it may be replaced without renewing the member 11.

Havin thus described my invention, what I c aim as new, and desire to protect by Letters Patent is A device of the class described comprising a tubular attaching member arranged for rotatable mounting upon a cock, and being provided with a reduced, laterally flexed neck, internally threaded, the neck being provided at its lower end with an outwardly extending flange; a discharge tube threaded to engage the neck and having a bore of equal diameter with the bore of the neck; a resilient packing element surrounding the discharge tube and having abutment with I the flange.

i In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my s1gnature in the presence of two witnesses.



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