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Publication numberUS926960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1909
Filing dateJan 2, 1909
Priority dateJan 2, 1909
Publication numberUS 926960 A, US 926960A, US-A-926960, US926960 A, US926960A
InventorsEugene Tullar Pearl
Original AssigneeEugene Tullar Pearl
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US 926960 A
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APPLIOATIOR 11.31) n.2, 1909.

Patented July 6, 1909.

wi lmmw 8 have wt'od;


SYRINGE Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 6, 1909.

Application filed January 2, 1909. Serial No. 470,532.

To all 7.071077% it may concern:

Be it known that I, EUGENE TULLAR PEARL, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Passaic, in the county of Passaio and State of New Jersey, have invented new and useful Improvements in Syringes, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates generally to fountain or gravity syringes and more particularly to means for expanding or distending the mouth. of the bag to facilitate filling, etc., further to means for conveniently support ing the pipe or tubing, also the nozzle or 1102- zles employed in connection therewith. Syringes of this class such as are sold in drug and surgical stores generally consist of a soft rubber bag or reservoir having a small neck, tab with metal eyelet for suspending the same from anail, the bag having a small-outlet at its lower end fitted with a rubber tube to which may be attached vaginal, or enema nozzles or pipes. Fountain bags with a small neck cannot be readily filled from a pitcher or similar vessel as is often necessary, without spilling, nor can the inside of the bag be cleaned with a brush or other means as is frequently required. The nozzlos after use are usually placed in the bag, this is particularly forbidden by physicians and gynecologists, and-is never permitted in hospitals and sanitariums. When in use the ordinary vaginal .pipe allows the medicated injections and washes to ilow out over the hand while holding the nozzle in place, this is Very disagreeable and annoying. The above construction is crude, unsanitary and inconvenient.

The object of my invention is to remedy these defects and provide a thoroughly sanitary and convenient syringe for family and hospital use.

. The accompanying drawings will serve to illustrate a form of fountain syringe suitable for carrying my invention into effect. I wish it understood, however, that I do not limit myself to either the exact construction or arrangement of parts shown, as various changes may be made therein without descope ofroy invention.

In the drawii'i s: Fi ure 1 is a view in ole b tr 7 vation of the syringe showing my invention applied. Fig. 2, 1s a deta l view of the neck portion of the bag, showmgthe mouth closed.

Fig. 3, is a similar view showing the mouth open and held thus distended by a ring hung within the neck of the bag. Fig. 4, is a detail view in perspective showing the ring and lug which supports it in the bag, and Fig. 5, is a similar view showing a modifiedform of ring.

Referring now to the drawings,my improved syringe consists of a 1, having a large neck 2, about four or five inches-wide, when folded fiat as in Fig. 2. Attached to the neck there is a strap 3, of suliicient length to permit the reservoir bag to be suspended from any nearby projection, bed-post or hook. Within the neck of the bag is hung an'oval ring 4 of rubber covered wire (shown in Fig. 4) or of hard polished rubber (shown in Fig. 5). This ring is attached flexibly by rubber, or hinged to a lug 5 projecting from the back of the bags neck, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3. Thus mounted, the ring may be swung downward into the bag, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 2, permitting the latter to be folded in a small space. When in use the ring may be drawn up firmly into the bags neck as in Fig. 3 distending and holding the same open for easy filling from a pitcher or other vessel. Attached. to the outside of the bag at the top, there are rubber elastic loops 6, for holding the several nozzles 7, when not in use. These syringe attachments are frequently misplaced or lost if kept separate from the reservoir bag.

For my improved syringe I have designed an approximately L or V nozzle 8, which forms the subject matter of a coending application and is not therefore s peci'ically ClfLlDlQCl herein. As shown, this nozzle 01' ipe is fitted near its upper end with a 'va ve or shut-off 9. This angular form of nozzle is not only more sanitary and convenient than the nozzles heretofore in use, for, with the shut-elf placed near the discharge end or fluid exit, no air is injected, as is the ease with all syringes having the shut-oil. on the supply pipe two or three feet from the nozzle. Again,

soft rubber bag my improved shaped vaginal nozzle when in use, is held in position, the

shut-oil readily opened and closed with one hand, and the injected fluid flowing own from the parts does not comein contact wit the hand, this is particularly objectionable in all other syringes, espeeiall whenmedications are used. The original and peculiar foil-m of my anguiar nozzle conforms to 1531.6 an inlet and ID'IQZLDS Within the bag movable 'mvinal causes no discomfort and 1s intu the inlet to enhu e the sa .0.

a Q Q b more sahitmv and. effective than any ether A syringe bug open at 01316 and and a M n beretaim'e, obtainable. The nozzleis ring within the bag movable in definite remmle fi'i 11 p0 nc l 1m rd rubbay, 1a 1011 to the open end thereof to expand the M W152, the 0151131118 (and mouth and within the hag shiftablc iomted, but rgunded and. 12/00 the mouth to stl'fien and d1ste11d the tats-011ml and HJV'OId ci0gsame.

Win in the jresenciz of two Witnesses.


- "16.50112 dcsmibsd. 31 invention of the outlet or outlets. In testimony whereof I affix my signatum

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