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Publication numberUS927107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1909
Filing dateMay 28, 1908
Priority dateMay 28, 1908
Publication numberUS 927107 A, US 927107A, US-A-927107, US927107 A, US927107A
InventorsClyde J Bryant
Original AssigneeClyde J Bryant
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US 927107 A
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Patented July 6, 1909.

fnuefe/fir ry i citizen of the United States, residing at Chi-- UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented 11137 6, 1 969:

Application filed Hay 1908. jse'narno. 43,421,

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CLYDE J lin-m nim, a

cage, in-the county oiCookandState of Illi nois, have invented anew and useful Im-f proveinent 1n Indexes, oi WlllCll the following.

is a specification.

- My invention relates particularly to card indexes, although the invention is not limranda or entries, by rendering it possible for 3 one to see at a glance the loeat10n jf" the sheet or card which. is sought.

1A further object. is to provide for the dis p ay once is likely in-a conspicuous location, thus rendering it: unnecessary, in very manyinstances, to remove or expose the entirecard or sheet.

The invention is shown embodied in a card-indexjin the accompanying drawing,ji n which' i p a Figure 1 represents'by a perspective view,

card-index embodying my, invention, ar-

ranged'as m'ost commonly employed; Fig. 2, a section taken as indicated at line 2 of Fig. 1.; Fig. 3, a perspective view showing a dii' ferentarrangement ollthe cards shown in Figs. 1 and 2; and Fig. 4, a section taken as indicated at line 1 of Fig. 3. v

Referring to Figs. 1 and. 2, provide a plurality oi similar series 8, S S, S and S of cards, or sheets, the several series corresponding, in this instance, to the alphabetical grouping of cards accordingto second vowels oi the names on the tabs 01 the cards.

The cards of the series are numbered, re-v i'or reference purposes in this 5 inclusive, 6 to '10 mole- 16 to inclusive spectively, specification, 1 to sive, 11'to 15 inclusive, and 21 to inclusive.

series are of successively reduced height rear to front and the corresponding cards of all series are of the same height. lhus, cards 1, 6, 11, 1 6 and 21 are oi the san height; cards 2, 7, 12, 17 and 22 are of one eight, but shorter thanthe cards 1, 6, 1.1, 1 and 21; etc. The cards have lower, edges adapted plane on the hottom of a card-box, or cab1- not, and the;cards of each series have their upper edges provided with tabs adapted to stand successively in front and slightlybe s'eries bears se pg 4 serve 'toreceivea complete .-address. of memoranda towhich frequent refer' The cards of each,

to rest in the same low each othen the'tabs ofthe series being 'near'thelef-t end'of-the-pack, the tabs of the S? series being ell-little farther to the right andso on. --Inotherwords, the tabs of each ed relation to each other, and" the' tabs of; t e several series are stag-- gereds'with relationto. each other. The tabs of the S series of cards are designated A to A inclusive ;"thoseof the S .fseries, B to inclusivejthos'eof theSs eries, C to C inclusive; those of the S series, D to D inclusive; and those of the SFiser e-s, E to E inclusive. The cards of each series, being of successively reduced height,.present at their top. margins exposed. spaceso, which may Thus. the card-22 is shown-provided at thefspace a with the [address :John Doe Arthur, 23 X street, Chicago. As has been indicatedthe cards are arranged according to the second vowel of the names appearing on {the tabs,

as will be understood fro-m'Fig: 1, and, also, from 3, wl1ere the arrangement is the same in this respect. 1 1

,In Fig. 1, the tabs and upper margins of all .the cards o'feach'series are exposed to .view

when the series is viewed separately. Ac

cording to the arrangement shown in Figs. 3 and 4, however, the tabs of all the cards .of all the series are exposed to view when the pack of cards is viewed'asa Whole, b utthenpper margins a of the cards are hidden. The arrangement shown in Fig. :3 is reached. by grouping the cards shown-in Fig. 1 accordingto size, all cards of the largest size being placed in the .rear -nost group, the next smaller in the next group, and so on. From the description given, it is evident that any desired card may be located at a glance in either arrangement shown, and, also, that in the arrangement shown in Fig' 1, the upper margins of the c'ardsaof each series, when the series is separately viewed, are exposed to View.

It may he added that the' cards, or sheets rise from a common as explained; .,Where the cards, or-sheets, are contained in; a case, they rise'from the vflat bottom ofthe case, or from the rods of the=file,"as theca'semaybe; and where they are bound in" a book, whether of loose-leaf type, or otherwise, as in ai'ledger, iorinstance 'they extend froni -the'back of the book difierentdistances, as will be evident.

base to different heights,

The gist-of the invention lies in providing a 1 plurality of sir'nilar series of sheets,'0r card's,

yrow indeXtabs, each series com osed of a plurality of sheets of successivey reduced height with the index-tabs thereof bearing a equipped with substantially uniformly'narstaggered "relation, the sheets lying one behind the other in succession; and preferably, in the use of loose sheets of the. character in by Letters Patent, is

1. In means of the character set forth, the combination of a plurality of similar series of loose index-sheets equipped with index-tabs,

the index sheets of each series being of successively reduced height and the index-tabs thcreoi' substantially uniformly narrow and located substantially the same distance from the ends of the sheets, the tabs of the several other, for the purpose set forth.

2. In means of the character set forth, the

combination of a plurality of similar'series of index-sheets equipped with index-tabs said successively reduced height, the tabs of each series bearing a stepped relation to each other and a staggered relation to the tabs of the remaining series.

3. Th ecombination of a plurality of similar series of index-cards equipped with'ind'extabs, the index-cards of each series being side-by-s'ide witlrtheir index-tabs and also their upper edges bearing a stepped relation to each other, whereby the upper margins of the cards of. each series are exposed when the series is yiewed by itself, the tabs of the several series being staggered with relation to each other, for the purpose set forth.


series bearinga staggered relation to-each series arranged in succession, one behind the other, the index-sheets ofieach series being of

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