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Publication numberUS92791 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1869
Publication numberUS 92791 A, US 92791A, US-A-92791, US92791 A, US92791A
InventorsGeorge W. Burwell
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Improved measure-holder
US 92791 A
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Letters Patent N0. 92,791, datecl Jub rj 20, 1869.


Tha Schedule referred to in these' Letters Patent andmaking pa.rt o! the same.

T0 all whom it mag; concehi:

Be lt known that I, GEORGE W. BURWELL, of

Zanesville, in the county of Muskiugum, and State of Ohio, have'inveuted a new und improved Measure'- Holder; und I do hereby deolare thal: tl1e folloWing is a, full, olear, und exact; description thereof, Whioh will enable' onhers skilled in the ar1: to ma;k und use the same, reference being had to Ehe aocompanying drawings, forming part of tl1is sp'eoifioation, in which Figure 1 is a vertica.l sectiou of my improved messure-holder, taken through the line x x, fig.2.

Figure 2 is a top view of the same, the cover being rernoved.

Similar let-ters of referenoe indicate oorresponding parts.

My invention has for its objeot 1:0 furnisli an improved holder for holding the nieasures in whioh mol'asses, sirup, oils, &e., have been measured, which shall be so construeted as toallow tl1e drainings fiom the measure to run back into the cask, and als the Same time protect tl1e measures a.nd eask fr0m flies und dust; and

It consists in tl 1e measure-h'older, oonstructed in the manner hereinafter more fully descriloed.

A is the body of the measure-holder, which may be'made round, square, or of any other desired or. .convenieut form.

The bottom a of the holder should be made diskshaped or concave upon its inner side, und in a.-hole formed through lt, m: its lowest point, is seour ed a short taube, B, which I prefer 120 make slightly taper- Ing.

'10 the bottom a of tl1e holder are attaohed short posts, O, which I prefer 120 malte wcdgeshapecltd present less surfaoe to qhe bottom' of the measures D tliat ar6 inverted 2ind hung to drain upon the said posts O. 1

The number of posts, und oonsequently he siz' of the holder, must depend upon the number of measures tl1al; is to be used,

'Il1e' holder is provided with a oover, E, whieh may be shut down or closed when the measures are draining, so as to proteot the 1ixeasures from'flies und. dust.

In using the holder, the pipe B isins6 rted in tl1e bang-hole of the cask, ai1d when zu measuro has been used for dra.wing a quantity of the liquid fiom thi:

cask, it is inverted und hung over one of the posts O,

structed Substancially as herein showu and desoribed,

und for the purpose set foith.

The abovo is a deseription of my invention, sigi1ed by me, this 22d duy of May, 1869.. GEORGE V. BUBWELL. Witnesses:



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