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Publication numberUS928569 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1909
Filing dateJan 12, 1909
Priority dateJan 12, 1909
Publication numberUS 928569 A, US 928569A, US-A-928569, US928569 A, US928569A
InventorsEdmund A Williams
Original AssigneeEdmund A Williams
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Combined square and bevel.
US 928569 A
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I Patented July 20, 1909.

M A 1 i H J 5 E5353 i v v I i T 7 928,@&



Specification of Letters Patent.

, Patented July 20, 1909.

Application filed January 12, 1909. Serial No. 471,918.

To all whom it may camera:

Be it known that I, EDMUNp A. WILLIAMS,

1 a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of Jacksonville, in.the' county of Morgan and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a.

following isa specification.

My invention relates to improvements in a combined square and bevel for use by car- Combined Square: and Bevel, of which the penters and others, the object beingto'provide a simple and effective means whereby ,the square may be readily adjusted to serve as a'miter or bevel. s uare and adapted for use in measuring outside and inside cornerangles and bevels, andiin making the several cuts required in roof-framing without performing special geometrical calculations to secure them.

My invention consists in certain details of.

- construction and combinations of parts as will be hereinafter described and pointed out in the.iclaims.

Referring to the accompanying drawings in which similar reference numerals indicate corresponding parts in the several views Figure 1, is a view in elevation show ing'a combined square and bevel provided with my invention Fig. 2, is an end elevation showing the longitudinally slotted stock or handle Fig. 3, is a reverse elevation of- Fig. 4, is a top the square shown in Fig. 1. plan view with the handle and square in a normal position.

Thedevice comprises in its construction three main parts, to wit; the handle 1, the bevel blade 6, and the square comprising the blades 2 and-5. The-handle 1 is provided with the slot 3 extending its entire lengthto receive the blade 2 of the square, which is attached to the handle or stock lby means of the hole l t-and the pivot 7. The slot 3 extends entirely through the stock or handle 1 from its upper end to thelower edge of the bevel blade 6, said blade 6 being attached to the inner edge of the handle 1 and adjacent to one edge of said slot. The curved-v slot 9 with the thumb-screw 8 is provided to secure the square in adjusted position relative to the handle or stock 1. The lon er blade of the square is represented as being 12 inches, and the shorter blade as 8 inches long, with the ,usual inch scale on, the outer.

ed of each blade.

one side'of the inner edge of the blade 2 are shown the diagonal lines .10 and on the other side are shown the diagonal lines 11. These lines are numbered consecutively from 1 to 12 on each side.- In Fig. 1, the lines on the inner edge of the blade 2 indicut, according to the rise per foot and those on the reverse side as shown in F1g. 3 are for common rafters. The lines 12 and 13 l on the bevel blade 6 are used for the side cuts of hip-rafters from 1 inch to 12inches rise .per foot. Those used for jack-rafters being placed on the reverse side of said blade.

cate the angle at which hip-rafters are to be All rafters have'two angle cuts, one at each end-the sum of these two angles is 90 degrees so that by taking one angle out of a right angle the remainder is the other angle. rv

It will be'readilyund'erstood by the fore-I going description taken in, connection with each other, the respective angle lines are placed one on each s1de of the bevel blade 6. For convenience the lines are so arranged that the even numbers-appear, on one edge and the uneven numbers on the opposite edge of the bevel blade. The lines are made short with a turn at the inner end of the line, where the number indicating the pitch is placed. The bevel blade 6 is so attached to the handle that it may be moved to either side of the blade 5, according to whether it is desired to use. the lines' giving the angles for jack-rafters or hip-rafters.

It is obvious that the size of the blade 2 is not limited to 12 inches and that it can be any desired length, also the blade 5 may be I madejany length that may be found most convenient. Having described .my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Let'- ters Patent, is 1-. A device of the character described,

comprising a longitudinally slotted handle,

a square pivotally attached at its outer corner to one corner" of said handle, one blade,

of said square having diagonal lines adja;

adjusted position.

' 2. A device of .the character described comprising a longitudinally slotted handle,

a square pivotally attached at its outer cornet to one corner of said handle, oneiblade of sald square having diagonal lines ad acent its inner edge and adapted-to'lie in said I slot, a 'bevel blade having diagonal 'lines adjacent its two opposite edges, attached to said slotted handle on the side opposite said slot, and means to secure said handle and 15 square in adjusted position.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


J. WV. BoYn.

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