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Publication numberUS929166 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1909
Filing dateApr 29, 1908
Priority dateApr 29, 1908
Publication numberUS 929166 A, US 929166A, US-A-929166, US929166 A, US929166A
InventorsIsabel La Bonta Plamondon
Original AssigneeIsabel La Bonta Plamondon
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Catamenial bandage.
US 929166 A
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' 929, 1 66. Patented July 27, 1909.

vnveno'a @vtu una UNiTED STATES 1PATEivi? onirica.


oivinuriiiamr.. BANDAGE.

Bpecication ofLetters IE'atent.

resented .ruiy a7, i909.

Application led. April 29, 1908. Serial No. 429,964. p

. To all 'whom 'it concern.'

Be it known that I, ISABEL LA BONTA PLAMONDON, a citizen of the United.States,' residing at Provemont, in the county of Leelanau, State of Michigan, haveinvented certain new and useful Improvements in Catamenial Bandages; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and

exact desciiption of the' invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which- L it ppertains to makeand use the same.

- vide a Simp-ty s invention relates to sanitary belts, and has for one of its objects to improve the construction and increase the utility and eiliciency of devices of this character.

Another object of the invention is to proconstructed device of this character W chis readily adjustable to the person of the Awearer, can be readily discon-A Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved device. lig. 2 is a view of the pad portion of the device from the lower side.

The improved device comprises `a belt 10 of suitable materialfor assing around the waist of the wearer and provided with a buckle 11 to enable it to be ad'usted. Attached to the belt .10 at each si e b sewing or otherwise are straps 12413, whic extend over the hi sof the wea-rer.

The pa portion of the device is formed from a strip of material 14 preferably rubber cloth, having cloth portions 15-16 secured to the ends and stitched thereto, to strengthen the pad, while the side edges ofthe pad are formed'witli hems 17-18.-

throu h Vwhich. elastic ,cords 19-#20 are 'passe `as shown, andin which they are semay strips 21, if preferred. A

-is obvious that the pad The cords 19'-420 are made endless by dis posing the ends Within'the hems 17-18-and' the bights of the cords pass through curved tubular guides 22-23 connected to I' buckles 24-25, the lattereiigaged by the hip str s 12-13. The :cords v19j-20 form loops w ich pass around the thighs of the wearer and may be adjusted to any required extent tobringv the ad intov the proper position, and the cords eing of elastic material -V will yield to the movements of the wearer and thusl revent the displacement of the pad by s movements.

The iglits of the cords by running freely through the curved automatically 'adjust itself to the wearer, and prevent unequal strains u on the parts. t

The materia employed will be that generally used in devices of this class.

idee 22-23, it

The device is simple in construction, can

be inexpensively manufactured, and of various sizes. t l.'

The pad ortien together with the endless cords and uckles may be'readil removedv b sim ly detaching the buckles, eaving the hlt aiid hip straps upon the person, and

after the worn compress is 'replaced by another, the pad can be readily restored.

What is claimed is.-

' A device of the class described comprising a body folded over at the sides'and secured at the edges to the body whereby tubular portions are formed at the sides o t 'open at the ends to receive suspending cords, reinforcing stri sextending transverselyv of the body at t e ends thereof and secured he body and thereto and intermediatereinforcing stri s bearing upon the body and extending at t e ends between the folded edges of the tubular side or'tions, and means for securing the reinflir'cing strips' beneath the folded ed es of the body. l

n testimony. whereof, I affix my signature, in'presence of two witnesses.

isiiii, LA Borri' PLiiiNDoN.

Witnesses; cured by-`stitching, as shown. The pad 14 also be further strengthened by cross NAPOLEON PLAMoivnoiv, A 'JACOB HAH'NENBERY.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/64