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Publication numberUS929610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1909
Filing dateOct 30, 1907
Priority dateSep 1, 1906
Publication numberUS 929610 A, US 929610A, US-A-929610, US929610 A, US929610A
InventorsJosiah K Lilly
Original AssigneeLilly Co Eli
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Commercial package of medicine.
US 929610 A
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APPLICATION FILED 001230, 1907. Patented July 27, 1909.




Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented July 27, 1909.

Original application tiled September 1, 1906, Serial No. 333,026. Divided and this application filed October 30, 1907. Serial No. 899,890.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JosIAII Ix. LILLY, a citizen of" the United States, residing at In dianapolis, in the county of Marion and State v of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Commercial Packages of a Pharmaceutical Preparation, of which the following is a specification.

In the nt-anufacture and marketing of a liquid pharmaceutical preparation consisting broadly of a ferrous salt, a carbonate, or its equivalent, and a liquid carrier for these two substances of such character as to prevent their combination into ferrous carbonate,

and prevent their oxidation, and consisting specifically of a solution of ferrous sulfate and sodium carbonate in glycerin, it has been found that, in order that the preparation may retain its medicinal value for a long period, it is desirable to so package the preparation as to protect it while sealed and auto m atically protect it after it has been once unsealed. My present application, therefore,

. which is a division of my application Serial No. 333,026, filed September 1,1906, relates to the improved package for this pharmacew tical preparation.-

The accompanying drawing is a vertical section of a package embodying my invention;

As disclosed in the application before mentioned, my imprir-ed pharmaceutical pre )aration comprises specifically a mixture of ferroussulfate, potassium carbonate and glycerin, although of course it will be understood that any satisfactory ferrous salt may be substituted for the sulfate, any satisfactory alkaline carbonate, or other substance capable of furnishing the necessary CO group for the subsequent production of ferrous carbonate, may be substituted for the potassium carbonate, and any liquid carrier capable of holding the other ingredients in suspension so as to prevent the normal production of ferrous carbonate may be substituted for the glzycerin.

In ractice I have found that, for producg tfie medicine in commercial quantities, the following formula has been satisfactory. (a) In elevenv (11) gallons of pure glycerin dissolve, by aid of gentle heat, three (3) pounds, four (4) ounces, two hundred and rinety-two (292) grains of pure ferrous sulfate. (b) In four (4) gallons of pure glycerin dissolve, by aid of gentle heat,'one (1) pound,

ten (10) ounces, ninety (90) grains of pure potassium carbonate. (c) \Vhen cool, place solution (a) in an earthenware vessel. of sufficient capacity and add slowly, with stirring, solution (1)). When thoroughly mixed, pour on sufficient pure mineral'oil to cover the surface in order to protect from oxygen and moisture in the air, whereupon it is ready to be drawn off from below into bottles or other suitable packages. 7

Any desirable form of package may be used but the ordinary bottle, such as is illustrated in the drawings, is probably the most satisfactory. scribed is delivered into the bottle so as to nearly fill the same and I add to this mixture at small quantity of a neutral non-volatile oil, conveniently a tasteless and colorless petroleum oil, in sufficient quantity to form a light film entirely over the top of the li uid'.

Then, in order to further prevent any 5 ightreaction which might result from airv in the u )per end of the bottle during a long period ofstorage, either in thefactory or on a druggists shelves, I fill the space in the bottle, above the oil film, with carbon dioxid gas and then seal tightly by a cork or otherwise, as clearly indicated in the, drawing. The oil which is used as a film should preferably be tasteless and colorless, and the quantity relative to the medicine is quite small.

The carbon dioxid gas remains in the bottle so long as the package is continued in its original condition, but of course disappears as soon as the bottle is uneorked and the first dose of medicine is taken. A dose of the medicine is only a small portion of the contents of the bottle and instructions are therefore given to shake Well before taking so that the film of protecting oil will be broken up and distributed in the body of the medicme. When a dose is poured off under these conditions only a very small part of the 'oil passes out and as soon as the bottle is alowed to remain standing for a short time the oil gathers at the top of the medicine and again forms a protecting film which is substantially air and moisture tight, and therefore prevents the access of air and moisture to the medicine.

In the presenceof water the ferrous sul- The mixture hereinbefore de- 4 'fate and the potassium carbonate readily unite to form. the medicinal ferrous-carbonate and as 011 is desirable to serveas a protection against lycerin is hygroscopic the film of.

the absorption of water by the glycerin. film of non-volatile petroleum oil upon such This protection will continue so long as there i medicine, a stopper, and a volume of carbon 15 Is any medicine left in the package, the oil dioxid gas filling the space between the stopbeing sufiicient in quantity to continue to per and oil film.

form a thin film even for the last dose.

I claim as my invention:

1. A package of medicine comprising a vessel containlng a liquid medicine, a thin film of oil upon such medicine, a stop er, and a volume of carbon dioxid gas filling the space between the stopper and oil film.

2. A package of medicine comprising a vessel containing a liquid medicine, a thin In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Indiana )olis, Indiana, this twenty-sixth day of ()cto lxn', A. I). one 20 thousand nine hundred and seven.




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