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Publication numberUS930108 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1909
Publication numberUS 930108 A, US 930108A, US-A-930108, US930108 A, US930108A
InventorsJohn Macy Walcutt
Original AssigneeJohn Macy Walcutt
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US 930108 A
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930,108. Patented Aug. 3, 1909.




an. 930, me.

To all whom it ma concern:

Be it known t at 1, JOHN Mao! WAL- oU'rr, a citizen of the United States, and resident of the city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have bent or folded upon itself and carrying between the leaves thereof a folded structure of thin material, which when said leaves are opened, book-wise, will cause said structure to rise,-expand and convert itself into a polygonal bod of a design appropriate to the subject 0 the printed matter on the card. For ,..instance a card setting forth a real estate 'proposition would, when opened, disclose a surface colored and rinted in imitation of a plot of ground with a house or other building erected in the center thereof.

In the accompanying drawings which show one embodiment of my invention: Figure l is a perspective View illustratin the card open; Fig. 2 is a vertical sectiona view of the device in its open or expanded position; Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the card partially closed or folded; Fig. 4 is'a sectional view on line wm of Fig. 2, and Fig. 5 is a view of a blank.

Referring to the drawings by characters, A represents a card scored or creased laterally at a and adapted to be folded in two similar leaves a. and a This card may be out and printed in accordance with the regulations g'overnin post cards or it may be adapted for mai ing in a separate envelop,

' invention.

as desired, this feature being no part of the The inner surfaces of the two leaves a, (1 that is to say, the two surfaces which lie in contact when the card is folded, support the su plemental folded sheet represented broadly y B. In the present instance sheet B represents the sides, roof and ends of a house and is creased or scored in such manner as to colla se and fold snugly together when the cardis closed andto ex- Dpecmoafionot Letters Patent. Application filed larch 8, 1909.. Serial No. 432,184.

remind a, 1000.

pond and rise when the card is opened. Sheet B, of which the house is formed, is cut from a single piece of paper or blank which, as best shown in Fig. 5, is generall cross-shaped and comprises a roof section having openln s b and b therein; side sections 0 and c the latter havin laterally projecting end sections d and and an elongated flap e carrying small tongues e and 6 The several dotted lines represented by the numerals l to 14 denote creases or scorings upon which the sheet or blank is to be bent or folded. End sections d and (l are bent on lines 11 and 12, respectively, at right angles to side section 0', such end sections having been previously creased on lines 10 and 13. The roof section b is creased on the central line 6 which intersects the openings Z) and b and bent on line 5 and again on line 7, the sections 0 and c vbeing'arranged in parallel relation and the former being secured to the card A by pasting or otherwise, as indicated at g The free ends of the end sections (2 and d are secured to the side section 0 by pasting, as indicated at g. Flap e is bent onines 1, 2, ,3 and 4, the section between 3 and 4 being pasted to the card A as shown at 2 and the rest of said flap being folded wit in the house in the manner indicated in Fig. 2, the tongues c and e projecting through the openings 7) and b and representing chimneys.

It will be observed that the house is located half on one side and half on the other side of the crease or scoring a, and that the creases 10 and 13 are also centrally located and applied so that the end sections d and J will both bend inwardly or toward each other. Obviously when the card A is closed, the house will fold in the manner indicated in Fig. 3, the free end of flap 6 being forced to one side by the projecting central ridges d of the end sections, and the tongues e and c withdrawn.- On re-opening the card, the parts will resume the positions shown in Fig. 2, the edges e of the flap e sweeping over the inner surfaces of the end sections and flattenin and smoothing the same and adding rigi ity to the structure. This I consider an important feature of my invention.

Having described my invention, I claim 1. A base-sheet consisting of two leaves adapted to open and close bookwise, in comand havin 'walls adapted tofold inwardly toward eat: 1 other when the leaves-are folded together, and a flap attached to the basesheet and adapted to engage the inner surfaces of the walls and force, said walls out wardly when the leaves are opened.

by, said structure having openings in its top, I

adapted to project throug and an interiorly located flapl haying tongues said op'emn when the structure is expanded to form t e 1.5

" chimneys of the house.

Signed at the city of New York in the county of New York and State of New York this 6th day of MarchA. D. 1909.


" 'Witnesses:


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