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Publication numberUS93058 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1869
Publication numberUS 93058 A, US 93058A, US-A-93058, US93058 A, US93058A
InventorsCalvin Cole
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Improved hinge
US 93058 A
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filly" aired Grant @anni mitin.

Letters Paten-t lll'o. 93,058, dated July 27, 1869.


The Schedule referred ton these Letters Patent and making part of the same .To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, CALVIN CoLn,v othaea, in Tompkins county, and State of New York, har-e invented a new and useful Improvement in But- Hinges and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing through letters of reference marked thereon, formingjart of this specification, and in whichl' i Figure 1 `represents the male half, and l lFigure 2, the the female halfoftbe hinge, the knuckle of each beinfar shown in section.

Figure 3 is an elevationV of the hinge-pin, showing my improvement. f

illhe object ol' this` invention is to construct a hinge of the ordinary three or more knuckle character, that maybe used as a loose but or reversible, to snit either right or left jamb; also, to reduce the amount of friction between the knuckles and the pin or pitot, around which they turn; and

It consists, first, in reducing the body of the 'pin to a less diameter than that of the hole in the knuckles at all parts cfits length, |except about a quarterof an inch, more or less, on each side of the dividiugLlines between the male and Vfemale knuckles, and about the same amount at the upper or open end of said knuckle; and, secondly, inthe formation of a'slot at ,about {nidlength of the knuckle, for the entrance f ".y suitable implement, as, for instance, a nail or knife-p` int, to opn erate on the shoulder of a reduced portion of the pin, and thus raise it suiciently to withdraw it ,by hand.

4Referring to the drawingsf. i u

A represent the male 'wing 'of the hinge, and B, the female wing, each bored longitiulinallyt tb'rougli the knuckles, as at b, in the ordinary manner, except that the female wing is not bored entirely through.

In this hole is -fitted a pin, C, which `desta in the bottom of the hole b, and is filed off level at the top. Thisjpin ts the hole snugly at the points co e', and is reduced in diameter at all other parts, so as to diminish the bearing surface, and consequently the friction. The swells o c are intended to lap the parting lines of the male and female knuckles about a quarter of an inch, more or less, in proportion to the size ofthe joint, and the swell c enters the upper end ofthe bore, and closes the hole. This not only reduces the bearing-surface, but formscavities around. the pin, for holding oil l to lubricate the joint.

On the inner side of the centre, or other suitable knuckle, is formed a slot, d, through which a nail or.7 other suitable implement may be introduced when the door is open,to lift the pin C, by prying under the shoulder e, by which means it may be raised sufficiently to be Withdrawn by the fingers, or any suitable instrument.

For a reversible but, I arrange the plate of the female wing centrally with regard to the knuckle, and that of the male-ving to one side of its knuckle, but my improvements, as regards the removable pin, are applicable to any kind o't but-hinge.

Having thus described my invention,

What I claim as new, and desire to secu/byLLetters Patent, is

l. The arrangement and combination of the slot ll in the knuckle, and shoulder ein the pin, substantially' as shown and described, for the plnpose' set forth.

2. The construction of the pin C, with swells o c c', fitting the bore of the knuckle, and reduced intermedigte portions, substantially as and for the purposes speci- CALVIN COLE.



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