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Publication numberUS930776 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1909
Filing dateNov 6, 1908
Priority dateNov 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 930776 A, US 930776A, US-A-930776, US930776 A, US930776A
InventorsHollis Eugene Milleson
Original AssigneeHollis Eugene Milleson
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Key-ring tag.
US 930776 A
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930,776. Patented Aug. 10, 1909.-


5v ATTORNEYS- WITNESSES provided with my mproved tagnnd ates; 1

'li iiiic ikin ma m ma; ,1998: senaindpec -sla I To all whom it may comm, Be it known that Lfliomas'EUonnn MIL- LESON, a citizen of the United -St'ates and a resident of Shelbyville, in the county of Shelby and State of Indiana, have invented a new and Improved Key-Ring Tag, of which the Following is a full, clean and exact description. My invention involvesa tag adapted to be secured to key ring, to identify the owner thereof and also to serve as amailing tag to facilitate the return of the-key ring through the mail to its owner in The special object of my invention is to so construct the tag that the finder need not rcaddress thcsame in mailing, nor, need he even go to the trouble or expense of. applying a postage stamp as the tag itself may )ear both the name and the stamp, but the stamp is normally concealed from view and protected against wear, so that it will not hcconiedisfigured 'or injured through the carrying of the ring and tag in the pocket.

My invention (.Oi'lSlStSlll the forming of the tag of two separate pltes, one c'ons titutinfz;v an identification plate and the other constr.

toting a stamp-bearing plate, the two plates being so connected together thatthe stamp is normally protected yet may be readily exposed to view.

Reference is to he had to the accompanying drawings. forming a partof this specilication, in which similar characters of reference indicate eorrcspoiuling parts 'in all the figures, and in which l y Figure 1 a perspective view of a key ring the parts in their nm'inal'position Fig. 2 isa view similar to Fig. 1, but showing the stamp bearing plate reversed to expose the stamp; Fig. 3 is a view of the face of the identification plates; and Fig. 4 is a transverse section on the line 4- 4 of F ig. 1.

In the specific form of tag. illustrate'din case it has been lost.


" Mu r-RING am.

"v sp cifica ion 0 Letters Patent; amassed e n, 1909.

' slideway for the other plate. The two plates at one end are provided with registering apertures 13, adapted to receive the key ring,

. -which latter serves to hold the plates against relative movement. The flanges or guides 12 prevent any movement of the two plates in respect to each other, save a longitudinal movement, and the ring in passing through the registering openings 13 normally prevents e5 a sliding movement of the two plates, and they are, therefore, securely held together. The identification'plate is marked on its outer surfacein such a way as to identify the owner of the key ring, or, at least, facilitate the return of the key ring to the owner. A simple form of identification might'be the mans name and ostoflice address, as indi cated in Fig. 3. 11 case the keys were veryvaluable ones and the finder mig ed to retain them for fraudulent purposes, the identification plate might boar merely thepostoliice box number, so that the finder would not realize the value of his find.

The stamp-bearing plate 11 preferably on 30 its outer surface, bears suitable instructions to the finder, for instance, s s-indicated in Fig. 1, and its opposite side is adapted to re, ceive a postage stamp of suliicient value to carry mail. The stamp is preferably permanently fixed to the inner surface of the plate 11, so

that in case the keys are lost, the finder need go to no expense whatsoever in. returning them, and very little, if any, trouble is in 90 volvcd. The finder merely has to remove 1 the tag from the key ring, sli'c lethe stamlp bearino plate 11 out-'of engagement with t identification plate, reverse the store it to the identification v stamp on the outside, replace the tag oathsf key ring, and drop the same in any mail b'oi'g' or postoflice. The

an identification plate and'a' stainp-bearing.. plate are sic-connected. together as to normally conceal andjprotect the stamp, yet 105 readily permit of the stamp being exposed to View and the entire device transmittedthrough the mails. Of course it is evident that my improved tag, could be used with other smallohjectsi l instead of a he ring, but: is only designed for objects tiatcould readily be sent ht be temptthe heys,-ring and tag through the former, re}. '1 plate with the 95,

postoflice authorities will then return the keys, together with the 'ring and tag, to the owner. V ,Various forms of key ringitags have been devised, but I am not'aware of any in which A through the mail without inclosing them in a hearing face adjacent the identificatien package. plate and concealediand rotected thereby, Having thus described my invention, I said tag presenting an addi'ess upon one side 15 c i as new and desire to secure by Letters and a postage stamp upon the other side 5 Petent: when said stamp-bearing plate is reversed. The combination with a ring, of a tag in- In testimony whereof I have signed my eluding an identification plate indicating name to this specification in the presence of upon one eurf ace the owner thereof, and a two subscribin witnesses.

0st e stam bearin plate detachable HOLL S EUGENE MILLESON. 20 51cm rem an reversib e in res ect thereto Witnesses:

hut nermaily held in contact t erewith by MILLAm) F. MILiLEsoN,

the ring, said second plate having a stamp- ALON/ZO BLAm.

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