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Publication numberUS931286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1909
Filing dateApr 2, 1909
Priority dateApr 2, 1909
Publication numberUS 931286 A, US 931286A, US-A-931286, US931286 A, US931286A
InventorsOscar Einicke
Original AssigneeOscar Einicke
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Musical toy.
US 931286 A
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98 1 ,286, Patente-d Aug. 17, 1909.

mnnzw. a, GRAHAM cav, PHoYwuTnoQRAm-IERS, wAsHmGmu, u. c.




To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, OSCAR EINICKE, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city, county, and State of ew York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Musical Toys, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact specification.

My invention relates to that class of devices known as musical toys or more commonly designated as whistles, and has for its object to produce a manually operated sound producing toy capable of producing a series or plurality of sounds, more or less melodious, as desired, as will be hereinafter described and more particuarly pointed out in the claim.

In the drawings Figure l, illust-rates my invention in perspective. Fig. 2, is a sectional view taken on line A-A of Fig. 1. Fig. 3, shows a sectional view taken on line B-B of Fig. 2. Fig. t, is a detail view of the head of the piston rod employed by me, and Fig. 5, shows a sectional view of the casing and block taken on line c-c of Fig. Q, the piston being omitted for the sake of clearness.

Similar numerals indicate like parts in all f the drawings.

In carrying out my invention I provide a suitable casing l, preferably oblong in shape, having' two or more angular air ports 2, and having suitable interior partitions 3, subdividing the casing into chambers 3a, as shown in Fig. 2 of the drawings. I also employ blocks 4, provided with grooves 5, said grooves being situated adjacent to the angular air ports 2, of the casing.

I preferably subdivide the interior of the casing by first placing therein a longitudinal partition, dividing the interior into two chambers of equal size and then intro-4 duce a cross sectional partition and again subdivide one of the chambers into two chambers of unequal size, one of the grooved blocks and angular air ports being situated in each of these last mentioned chambers, as shown in Fig. 2. I then provide a pistonrod G, partly running through the aperture S, of the casing, and having a hand-piece 7, affixed to the exterior `portion thereof and interiorly fitted to the block l0, by means of Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led April 2, 1909.

Patented Aug. 17, 1909.

Serial No. 487,536.

aperture 9, said block having two washers l1, secured to its widest sides, as shown in detail in Fig. t, taking care that the block and washers lie snugly against the walls of the chamber wherein operated.

From the foregoing description the operation of my device will be readily apparent. The air enters the angular air ports 2, of the casing and passes through the grooves 5, of the blocks 4, into t-he chamber wherein the piston is operated, and when the action of the piston is reversed, the air in said chamber is forced back through said grooves and out through said angular air ports, causing sounds to be emitted.

It will be understood, that in view of the interior subdivisions of the casing a double action takes place, causing the air to enter and be forced out alternately, by the up and down stroke of the piston which has the ady vantage of producing a sound upon each operation thereof. It will likewise be readily understood that any suitable material may be used in the construction of my device and that any number of openings and accompanying grooved blocks may be employed; likewise that the casing may, or may not be subdivided in any desired manner in order to produce various sounds and I therefore do not limit myself to the particular construction shown, but

That I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is In conil'iination, a casing having a plurality of interior partitions subdividing said easing into air chambers of different sizes; angular air ports within said casing and a plurality of grooved blocks interiorly situated adjacent to said air ports and a piston within one of the chambers of said casing, consisting of a block and flanged washers, a piston rod and a hand-piece, whereby air may be drawn into and forced out of said casing, through said air ports and grooves, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


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