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Publication numberUS931394 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1909
Filing dateApr 28, 1909
Priority dateApr 28, 1909
Publication numberUS 931394 A, US 931394A, US-A-931394, US931394 A, US931394A
InventorsAlfred Day
Original AssigneeAlfred Day
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Exercising device.
US 931394 A
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Patented Aug. v17', 1909.





To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALFRED DAY, a'citizen of the United States, residing in the city and county of Philadelphia,

State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Exercising Device, of which the following is a specification. l

`My invention relates toa new and useful exercising device and consists of means whereby the same can be folded when not in use.

.Itv further. consists of other novel features of construction, all as will Vbe hereinafter fully set forth. y

Figure l represents a perspective view of an exercising device embodying my invention showing the same in Fig. 2 represents a vertical sectional view thereof showing the parts in closed or folded position. `Fig. 3 represents a sectional view of a form of roller'which may be employed. Fig. 4 represents in elevation, on an. en-

larged scale, a supporting means tor thev upright frame. -Fig 5 represents a partial elevation and partial sectional. view of the supporting means with some of the' parts removed. l

I have found in exercising devices of the character for which I obtained Letters Pat-- ent, No. 897,772, dated September 1st, 1908, that it is of advantage to fold the same so that the device, when not in use, will take up butlittle space and can be easily moved 'or transported out of the way, as willv be evident.

In the drawings, I have shown a construction for carrying out my invention but it will be evident that changes may be made therein, other instrumentalities `may be employed and the arrangement of the parts may be varied without departin from the spirit of my invention and I therefore desire to be limited in every instance to the exactconstruction as herein shown and described but desire to make such changes as may be necessary.

Similar numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the, figures.

Referring' tothe drawings, 1 designates the base of the device which may be formed in two parts or asingle piece and to each of which is secured a standard 2, which may be secured in any desired mar'inel'in' lthe #present instance, by means of the pin 3 having a head 4 thereon engaging the lower Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed April 28, 1909. Serial No. 492,744.

open position portion of the base l which it will be noted is` slightly elevated, in the present instance, by means of the otl'sets 5, although this construction may not be employed in eve instance. .Upon the upper portion-of the `stand-ard 2 is formed a bearing', in 'the form of a sleeve,

and 7 designates set screws passing through willbe hereinafter set forth. Integral with or connected to said standard 2 is a collar 8` havin@ a set screw 9 passing therethrough.

10 designates the uprights ofthe frame of t e exercising device all of which are adapted to be movably mounted' in the collar 8 on the standard 2, the end of which is adapted to enter an opening 11 in the base 1 it being understood that said uprights l0 are moved. to the proper position in the collar 8 after which the set screws 9 are opera-ted to lock the same whereby the uprights 10 are held n1 the desired position.

12 designates a supporting bareach'end Patented Aug. 17.1909.

said bearing for reasons as of which is seated ina sleeve 6 and held in position by means of the set screws 7 which are suitably actuated for this purpose.

13 designates a tread frame cising device which in the present instance consists of the side bars 14, the ends of which are provided with suitable bealings 15 adapted to receive the supporting bar 12 and be movably or swingingly mounted thereon, said bearings having set screws 16 passing therethrough for locking the tread frame 13 lin its adjusted position. In the said side bars 14 are a plurality of opcdugs 17 .which are adapted to receive the p1n 18 carried by the rollers 19 which are ably provided with rubber treads .20.

21 designates a cross bar which is ada ted to be seated in openings22 in the ends 0i) the side bars 14 which ends carry set screws 23 for locking the bars 14.- with respect tothe cross bar 21, whereby Iit will be understood that the tread frame 13 is rigid and yet can be taken apart for-pur oses of inserting or removing any of the rol ers 19 as may be desired or necessary should any of them break or become worn.

livotally supported on the uprights .10 are' brace bars 24 the ends of which are provided with hooks .or other engaging 'means 25Vadapt'ed tofre'ceivepins 26 carried by the side bars 141, whereby it will be understood that when the tread 13 is in operative posi'- t'ion the brace bars 24 are connected therepreterl roc withl and with the supporting frame thus holding the parts rigid and in proper posi tion.

l0 are the handle bars 27, the distance between which it will be noted is greater than the width of the tread frame 125, said handlev bars 27 being provided with any suitable material 28 forming the handles for grasping on the part of the operator. The uprights lt) are Vfurther braced by the bars 2t) and 30' on the upper of which l also provide rial.

'It will be 'understood that-the standards 2, uprights l0 and the connecting cross bars 2t) and 30 forni a firm and substantial upright frame with which the movable portions of the device cooperate.

The operation of the device is as follows 'lhe uprights lO are adjustedin their proper position with respect to the base 1 bygloosening the set screws 9 and after the parts have been placed in proper position the' -set screws are again tightened thus firmly locking the uprlghts l() with respect to the standard 'lhe tread frame 13 Yin operative position isthat seen in Fig. l with the brace bars 2l engaging with the pins 26. The operator or exerciser takes his place upon the rollers 19 grasping either handles 28 or 3l and as in the manner of a tread mill can run upon thetread frame 13 as will be evident, it being understood that the set screws lt are tightened againstthe supporting bar l2 assisting in holding the parts in their proper position. In order to store or fold up the device, the brace bars Z-t are tirst released from engagement with the pin 2G and allowed to fall intovpositio'ii adjacent the uprights 10`and after releasing the set screws l() the free end of the tread frame 13 can be raised to a position between the handle bars 27, that is, into the position seen in Fig. 2, whereby vthe device can be, storedor moved out of the way and takes up very little room as will be evident. Atny suitable means lor holding the tread 'frame 13 in its elevated position may be employed as l'or example by again tightening they set screws It. ln the present instance, l have shown the collar E32 mounted on the supporting bar t! and held in place by a set screw 252i, said eollar separatingthe, side bar ll in the movable. t'read 'frame t'rom engagement with the bearing- Gibt the standard 2.

llaving thus described my invention, what. I claim as new and desire to secure by lietters latent. is

l. In a deriee otl the character .dt-scribed, an upright frame, and a tread trame swingiugly supportefl within the sides ot the upright tramewhereby the parts may be folded together.

Urasping handles 3l of any suitable matecarried by said side 2. In a device of the character described, an upright trame, avvtread fra-me swingingly y 1 supported within the side of the upright Pro ectinfr at an ane'le from the u )rights D b l. D

3. In a device of the character described,

an upright 'ra1ne,'and a tread frame having side bars swingingly mounted on said .up-

right fra-me within the sides of the same and rollers carried by said side bars.

et; ina device of the character described, au upright frame, and a tread frame having side bars swingingly mounted on said up-y right trame within the side of same, rollers carriedby said side bars, Tand means-for locking said side bars with respectto said 5. In a device of the character described, plurality ot' standards, an prightsecured to each standard and a tread frame-swingingly carried by said standards and mounted between .the same. Y f y 6. In a device ot the character described, standards, uprights mounted on said standards, a supporting bar carried by said standards and a tr \ad frame swingingly mounted on said supporting bar between the standards.

7. in a device of thc character described, standards, uprights removably mounted on said standards, means for locking the irprights with respect to said standards, a' supporting bar, a tread frame swingingly mounted on said supliorting bar between the standards and means :tor locking said tread trame with respect to said supporting bar.

.8. .tn a device of the character described, an upright tran'le, and a tread frame 'formed olt side bars swingingiy carriedby said upright. iframe between the sides thereot', rollers carried by said side bars and a removable cross bar connecting the l'ree ends of said side bars.

t). Ina device, ole the character described, an upright trame, and a tread trame formed ot' side bars swingingly mounted on said upright frame between the sides thereof, rollers bars, a. cross bar for the tree ends of said side bars, and means for lor-.king said cross bar with respect to said side bars.

l0. In a device of the character described, an upright trarne, and a tread frame formed ot' side bars, swingingiy mounted on said upright irame between the sides thereof, means

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