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Publication numberUS932718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1909
Filing dateNov 22, 1907
Priority dateNov 22, 1907
Publication numberUS 932718 A, US 932718A, US-A-932718, US932718 A, US932718A
InventorsHarry Rachmann
Original AssigneeHarry Rachmann
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Atomizer for perfumes and other liquids.
US 932718 A
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Patented Aug. 31, 1909.

I' Toa-ZZ whom it may concern: I

Y UNHED :smanettare @man HARRY Mauritania,"or Harina, 'AUstrata-Huit'caniny A'roiuiznn Fon PEBFrnirns nur:l ommen iieoiiins.V

Beit known that I,I'I,ARR-Y RACHMANN, a subject of the Emperorfot :histria-Hu'n-gary, residing at .l-laida, in Athe Kingdom of Bo hcn'iia and Empire of Austria-Hungary,- havev-inveiited new and useful I'iiiproveinents in Atoiiiizers for Perfumes and other Liquids, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relatesto improvements in atomizers for; perfumes andother liquids, whereby a most thoroiighwliyision andan exceedingly fine atomization of theliquid jet leaving .the ymouthpiece can be attained with certainty.l I Y l ,The'invention consistsvof an 'atomizing'delvice which comprises a cylindrical l11i-outhvpiece closing the delivery tube "and providedl with a central hole, and a cylindricalv rotary distrbuter .mounted inthe mouthpiece to turn and to longitudinally shift and pro- ,vidcd `with one forsevcral spiral grooves, so.

lthat. it can be put intoa rapid rotation by` the longitudinal pressure of the liquid passy -ing through the delivery tube and thesaid spiralgroove s;

"I will now proceed' to describe iny inwention with reference to the accompanying drawing, in which-',- 5

/F'gure 1`1S`a vverticallongitudinal section tliroi'igh an atoinizer of a lgnowii construction and provided with the new' atoniizing device, Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal sec-A 'tion on an enlargedscale through the atomizing device, part of the bent delivery tubeI heilig shown'ni elevation, and Fig. 3 is an.

elevation oit" the rotary distributer alone.

Similar letters of reference refer to similar'parts throughout tlieseveral views. j The known atomizer shown comprises a vessel l with a sucking-and-forcing puin l ofl the following construction. On the nec i ot the vessel l is fastened in any known manner an annularl metallic piece lj in .which r Y a cylinder a can engage' by means of a' screw-l thread or the like. rlhe lower end f'the cylinder rarA 1s shown'as connected with a suction tube b .by means of a screw-thread, a valve.chamber fc being provided between them for a suctioiivalve n, lwhich is nor mally pressed on its scat by a helical spring N1'. 'A .hollow piston fi reciprocating in the cylinder a is rigidly. connected `with ahollow piston-rod i, which passes through a suitable shitting-box p and has ou'it's upper end a metallic handle li: fastened by soldering or the like.- The handle /v is, adapted to be connected with a benty delivery tube 4means of a Screw-thread and a valve-cham# 1' bei" y is provided between them for a de-` livery Valve o which is normally pressed on its seat byla helical spring Nl. The upper end of the bent delirerytubc 135s connected t by means-of a screw-thread with a cylinf-4 drical mouthpiece m `which is vprovided with a'c`eiitral hole m11; it. rotatory cylindricaldistribut'er y; (see Fig.A 3) is mounted in vthe cylindrical mouthpiece to turn 'and to shift a littledu the longitudinaldirection. v It ,is shown 1as provided with two spiral grooves g-1 `which extend from one end 'to the other en d.- iPreferably the distiibut'er g is provided Awith a needle e which extends v intoY the end ofA the bent tube Z and leaves an vannular space for the liquid, so that the `latter is pushed to ythe periphery ofthe ,area o't' the tube l.A The'i-bottom of the inouthpiece m isina'd'e conical to enable the liquidto get through andto escape from the cen@ tral holeml. lt; isthe rotatory distributor g l by means of which' the division and the cx- 'ceediugly fine atomization lof the liquid is,

` attained, as will`be hereinafter explained.' "i

i The atomize'r described operates as folve'sseld .is tilledfwith a perfume or'othcr liquid, after which the cylinder z is replaced. By moving the handle lc upward. -`in thel di- `lows: Thec'ylinder afis unscrewed and the I rectioi'i of the arrow 1in Fig. l `the piston i is drawn so that it sucks liquid through the suction tube b and the opened suction- `Valve aiuto the cylinder a, while "the vdelivery-valve o'reinains 'closed under thc pressure of its, spring N1?. handle dowi'iward the pist-on z is caused to `force the` liquid! out. 'of the vc linder a through the holloilv piston .radii/,t ie opened By pushing the# delivery valve o, the bent delivery tube l.'

aiid, the inouthpiecc'm. ,"lhe liquid passing through'the spiral grooves -g giet' the distributer g will* by reason ot'. its a.\"ial pres-I s ure put the'distributer g into a rapid rot'a.- tion, livliiclrniotion is then transmitted to. the jet leaving thecentral hole m11, so that thereby an exceedingly tine and hitherto not attained atoniizationot' the liquid is obtained. Y As willbe seen from' tl i drawing the front and rear faces of the distributer g, are made flat; whilethe inner surface of the end 'of the mouth piece immediately ,surrounding the central `delivery hole m is concaved, and the liquid sent whirling into lll) this cavity will cause the distributor "io be l balnced in the liquid so. as torotut'e Without l lotheligl than liquid friction.

The atoniizingdevieedescribed 4may bev varied in many respects without. departing 5 from the spirit. of my invention. "Ille nuin- Y.ben of the' spiral rooves g1 in` the rotatory distributer (/mey e increased or reduced.

' l claim: 1

41. An atoniizer comprising u delivery toztube, zi mouthpiece closing the end of said delivery tube and provided with :i central delivery hole, and a lrot-tory distributer mounted iusaid mouthpiece provided with 'n central needle extending buck -into the end .l5 of the delivery tube, seid distributer having,r

on* its-outside spiral grooves which extend 1 from'one end to tlle other end.-

2: Anl atomlzer comprising lu delivery .ti1be, a cylindrical mouthpiece closing tnc o Z 'd'offsaid delivery `tube :ind provid( d with tcentiralj' delivery hole, and :1 :cylindrical dis-ifibute mounted in sz1id cylindrical iNiioutihpecejadapted to longitudinally shiftA y sind torotate'and provided with a centra-l 25' needleferxtending into therlend of said delivery tube, Suid* distributer having ou its peripber \y spiral groove l which extend troni one end to the other end.

El. .\n utoinizer comprisingu delivery Atube, u vliinlrieul |uoutbpieeey closing` the.

end ol Suid deliver \y tube und provided with :i centi-ul delivery hole, 'und u c vlindrieul distributer mounted in siiid eylindrieul mouth-piece udupted to longitinllinnlly shift. und to rotate und provided with u eentrul needle extending); into the end ol Huid delivery tube, Suid distrilmter having on its' `t\vo Subscribing witnesses.n

HARRY lt.\(`ll.\l.f\NN.

Wit messed: I

101mm: Si1\|ox,.. (lnMcLns .li-znnrrsonii Iltl

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