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Publication numberUS933473 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1909
Filing dateJun 15, 1909
Priority dateJun 15, 1909
Publication numberUS 933473 A, US 933473A, US-A-933473, US933473 A, US933473A
InventorsGeorge Leopold
Original AssigneeGeorge Leopold
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Article-holder for hats.
US 933473 A
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933,473. I Patentea sept. 7, 1909.

'i To all whom 'it 'nia'y concem: i f' UNITED* 'Sref-;ATENT OFF-ICE' l(monet: VLEoP'oLnror rrrrsnime, PENNsYLvAN'iA.

An'rIcLE-HOLDEB' Fon. HA'r.

' Specificationvof LettersPate nt. I Patented Se 'pt. 7,1909.

ppnation medium 15, 1909. serial No. 502,284.

Be it known that I, Gnono'. Lnoronma citizen of the United States of America, re-` siding at Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny |and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Article-lIolders for Hats, of which the following is a specification, reference being' had therein to the accompanying drawmg. i i

This invention relates to article holders for hats, and theiinvention hasfor its primary object to provide a hat with an attaclnnent for holding such articles as cigars, stogies, cigarettes, matches, letters, postal cards, a comb, a pencil, a pen, etc. the attachment being conveniently arranged within the crown of'the hat to support these articles, whereby they can be easily. obtained and used when desired.

Another object of this inven-tion is to provide an article holder for a hat that can be housed within the crown of a derby or straw hat, without materially increasing the weight of the hat or interfering with the position of the same upon the head.

A further object of this invention is to provide a simple, inexpensive and durable article holder for hats which will prevent the articles held thereby from being injured or crushed, as might happen were articles carried in a coat pocket.

,With the above and other objects in view which will more readily appear as the inirention is better understood, the same con- -sists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter described and then claimed.

In the drawingszFigure 1 is a Vertical sectional view of a hat provided with my improved holder, and Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a detached holder.

In the drawi'ngs, 1 denotes the crown of the hat, which is provided with a perspiration band or lining 2.

3 denotes a curved piece of wire adapted to fit between the band 2 and the crown 1 at the front side of the hat. Attached to this curved piece of'wire is a Wire yoke 4 having the Vertical portions 5 thereof connected by a stifening Strap 6.

7 denotes curved crown wires having the ,front ends thereof connected to the yoke 4',

as at 8, while the rear ends thereof are bent outwardly, as at'9, and are adapted to fit between the band 2 and the crown 1 at the rear side of the hat. The rear ends of the crown wires 7 are connected by a curved piece of Wire` 10, also fitting between the band 2 and the crown 1.

i 11 denotes a cigar case having flexible expansible edges 12. This case-is pivotally connected to the yoke 4, as at 13, by wires 14 having the ends thereof suitably fixcd to the front edge of the case 11. i

15 denotes holders for a pencil 1G and a pen 17, said holders being located at the flexible expansible edges of the case 11, preferably at the forward or vbottom edge of said case.

18 denotes a partition pocket carried by the forward or bottmn edge of the case 11, upon. the upper side thereof, said pocket being' adapted to hold matches 19, a comb 20, or similar articles. This pocket is preferably made by suitably securing a piece of material to the upper side of the case 11, and upon said pocket is an auxiliary pocket 21 for cigarettes 22, cards or similar articles, said auxiliary pocket beingformed by securing an additional piece of material to that part of the material forming the pocket 18.

23 denotes a Wire connecting the crown wires 7 adj acent to the pivoted ends thereof,

and 23a denotes a frame connected to the lower sides of the crown wires 7. The frame 23zl is adapted to support cards or letters 24,

`and formlng a hacking for said cards or letters is an advertisement plate 25, said plate having the upper end thereof upon the upper side of the frame 23a and the lower end thereof upon the lower side of the wire 23, and to retain the advertisement late in position, said plate is provided wlth' side extensions 26, these extensions protruding upon the lower side of the crown wires l and binding the plate 25 between said wires, the Wire 23 and the frame 23a.

27V designates a rod slidably mounted ini' bearings 28 provided therefor upon the upper side of the case 11, said rod having a hook-shaped latch 29 for engaging the o'lfset portions 30 of the frame 23a, to retain the case 11 in 'proximity to the advertisement plate 25, and partly in a horizontal position, as shown in Fig. 1. The forward end of the rod 27 is bent forwardly and downwardly, as at 31, to provide a handle which will permit of the latch 29 being i being used in a straw hat.

identfied, or for a-n advertisement.

The connectingV stra 6 can serve functionally as a name p ate or card holder, whereby the owner of the hat can be rea ie lower side .of the case 11 can also be used for advert-isements or. a mirrorv can be attached to the same. w

Having now described my invention what I- claim as new is 1. In an' article holderafor hats, the combination with a hat having a crown and a perspiration band, of crown wires having the forward ends thereof bent to engage between said perspiration band and the crown `of said hat, a yoke connecting the rear ends' of said crown wires .and adapted to extend downwardly between said perspiration' band and the crown of said hat, a case pivotally connected to said yoke, pockets carried by said case, holders carried by the side edges of said'case, a frame connecting said crown wires, and a latch carried by said case and adapted to enga e said frame.

2. In an artlc e holder for hats, the -combinati'on with a hat having a crown and a pers iration band, of crown wires having the orward ends thereof bent to engage between said perspiration band and the crown of said hat, a yoke connecting the rear ends of said crown wires and adapted to extend downwardly between said perspiration band and the crown of said hat, a case pivotally connected to said' yoke, ockets carried by -said case, holders' carrie by the .side edges of said case, a frame connecting said crown wires, and means carried by said case and adapted to engage said frame for holding said case in a horlzontal position.

3. In an article holder for hats, the combination with a hat, of crown wires supported within' the crown of said hat, a case movable relative to said wires, pockets carrled .by said case, a frame carrled by said wires, and means carried by said case for a fixing said case relative to said frame.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



MAX H. SRoLovrrz, FRED LEoroLD.

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