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Publication numberUS933528 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1909
Filing dateMar 6, 1908
Priority dateMar 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 933528 A, US 933528A, US-A-933528, US933528 A, US933528A
InventorsArchibald Bruce
Original AssigneeArchibald Bruce
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Liquid-measuring device.
US 933528 A
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Patented Sept. 7, 1909.

To all whom it'm'cty concern 1 j Beit' known-that I, ABCHIBALD sidingat- 194 Buchanan street, Glasgow,

' jARCHIBALD BRUGEOE enasaow,-...scoTL-nim.

BRUCE, re-

Scotland a subject. of the King of Great Britain, have invented a certain new and-use :ful Liquid-Measuring followin'giis a specification.

' plants for manufacturing so called air gas:

- In such plants it is usual to sup and great difiiculty hperienced This invention relates to animproved de- N Y vice for regulating or "measurmg the .quantity of. petrol orotherhydro-carbon supplied from the hydro-carbon'tank' or container in 'ly air and also petrol to the carbureter of t emachine has heretofore been exin exactly regulating and controlling the quantityof petrol-to suit the amount of air admitted to the carbureter. It is "':usual to make'the machine with a pump 'ar- I rangement the operation of which draws air into the carbureter.

Under 'my invention I provide the tank ,bontaining the hydro-carbon with a measurdevice which is operated from thepump' and-which is provided with means whereby .the quantity of hydro-carbons'upplied to the I or a1r;passing into the carburetergthereby the improved petrol measuring device.

carbureter at eachoperation of the device can be regulated to exactly suit the quantity giving the best results. 7

The drawing shows a' verti'cal section of- In carrying out the invention the petrol f -or hydro-carbon tank or container 67 is made 1 69, within which work two pistons 70, 71', on

or fitted with a partially projecting cylinder the piston-rod66 which latter is reciprocated from the pump of the machine. When these the port 7 2', an end of their outward stroke,

pistons are at the end of their inward stroke (as shown in full lines) the space between them fills with etrol from the tank'through when the pistons are at the (as shown "in I dotted lines) the petrol flows from thespa'ce the petro between the pistons throu the carbureter, gas which 1s higher than the "pressure of the atmosphere at the same time entering from the. u per part of the tank 67 through a pipe 74 thereby permitting to flow to the carbureter.

The measuring device is made .so that the space between the pistons may be varied in order to deliver the proper amount of petrol Device, of which the pair of radial arms or and gh, the port 73 to at each stroke of the pistons, the arrangement being as,follows:-The piston rod 66 is made outside of the cylinder 69 with a collar or flange 75 by means of which it may be readily turned by hand, and the inner piston 71 is screwed on to the piston rod 66 and has an extension 76 provided with a wings 77 which engage with a pair of slots 78 provided for their reception in the inner end of the cylinder 69, the extension 7 6 of the piston 71 being preferably made with a cap or casin 79 which incloses the endof the piston rod 66 prevents the passage of the petrol through the screw thread of the piston and rod; The arrangement is such, that, on the collar .or flange 75 beingturned by hand the piston 71, which is prevented from turning, is moved toward or away from, the outer piston. In order to permit of the piston rod 66 bein freely turned, there is preferably provide a coupling piece 80 which receives a head or knob 81 on the outer end of a reduced part 82 of the piston rod 66 and screws on the threaded end of the part of the iston rod to which the connebting rod 65' othe pump mechanism of the machine is jointed.

- Having now fully described my invention what'I claim anddesire to secure by Letters Patent is r- 1. In aliquid measuring device, the comin thecont-ainer, said cylinder having slots therein, a piston rod with one fixed and one adjustable piston thereon, piston being'screwedon the piston rod and aving a air of projections which engage with the s ots provided in the cylinder, and means'foroperating the piston rod.

7 2. In a liquid measuring device, the combination ofa container, a cylinder partially in the container, said cylinder having slots therein, ,a piston rod with one fixed and one adjustable piston thereon, said adjustable piston being screwed on the piston rod and airing1 a air of'pro ections, which enga e with t es ots of the cylinder, a collaron t e piston rod by means of which the rod may said adjustable PATENT orrion v p v Patented Sept. '7 1909. Application filed March 6,1908, Serial No. 419,511.

'85 bination of a container, a cylinder partially alcylindei. opeat ne hd and having Q'ppp-. 1h testimony whereof I aflix niy signature sltely sltuated slots5 also a gas mlet, a hquld in presence of two witnesses. inlet and a liquid outlet, a piston r in the I I ARGHD BRUCE cglinder, a fixed and anedjustable piston 5 t ereon, means for turning the piston rod, Witnesses:


and means for reciprocating the piston rod,


substantially as described.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01F11/18