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Publication numberUS934603 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1909
Filing dateJan 15, 1909
Priority dateJan 15, 1909
Publication numberUS 934603 A, US 934603A, US-A-934603, US934603 A, US934603A
InventorsJulius F Gedge
Original AssigneeJulius F Gedge
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Sifting and mixing machine.
US 934603 A
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Patented Sept. 21, 1909.

Wm: zsscs. Julius f -tieaflge, mvzmoa.



.Sifting and Mixing Machines, of which the following is a specification.

.ing machines of the class adapte mixing or blending powdered or pulverized. substances, and the objects of my improve- My invention relates to siftin and mixd to use for ments are to provide the agitator with a combination of blades andfiights so formed and arranged as to produce a thorough mixing of the ingredients throughout all the concentric strata, and to provide a simple and durable construction combined w1th facility of operation and efliciency of action. These objects are attained in the following described manner as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1, is a longitudinal vertical section of a sifting and mixing machine embodying my improvements; Fig. 2, a transverse vertical section on the line a-a of Fig. 1, and

Fig.' 3', a side elevation of a collar provided with conveyer flights.

In the drawings, 1 represents the mixing chamber or tank supported on legs 2 and provided with a semi-cylindrical bottom 3 having a discharge opening through its rear portion which may be controlled by means of a sliding closure 4:. An agitator shaft 5 journaledin the axial line of the tank is provided with a driven pulley 6, radial arms 8 and a series ofpropellers 7. Said propellers are adjustably secured at intervals on said shaft and each comprises oppositely extended blades which terminate near the bottom of the tank for moving its contents in a forward direction. Narrow continuous blades 9 secured to the ends of arms 8 and disposed in spiral or helical lines serve to convey the material near the bottom and sides. of the tank in a rearward direction toward the discharge opening. A series of short blades or flights 11 project at intervals in an inward direction. from blades 9 and are disposed at angles in a direction opposite thereto and parallel with propellers 7 for reinforcing the action of said propellers. A hinged lid 12 covers the rear portion of the tank anda casin front portion is provided with a hopper 14, a hinged lid 15 and with a hinged side door 16. A. semi-cylindrical screen 17 is 13 mounted over its s eoincaa mttemrs smut. Paeentedsept. 21, 1909. Application filed January 15, 1909. Serial no. 472,413.

supported within the casing on brackets 18 and a shaft or cylinder 19'j0urnaled n its axial line is provided with a sprocket wheel 21. and with parallel helical lines of brushes 22 for sifting the material through the screen and for discharging the-screenings through openin 23 formed in the front wall of the casing. sprocket chain 24 engaging with wheel 21 serves to rotate the brush cylinder from sprocket wheel 25 on the agitator shaft. The hopper is provided on one side with a fixed wall 26 and 011 the opposite side with a swinging wall 27 which rests on a projecting stop 28. A pin or lug 29 projecting nearone end from the brush cylinder serves to swing wall 27 in an upward direction at intervals, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 2, for feeding the contents intermittently from the hopper to the screen and for preventing it from becoming arched within the hopper. Cylinder 19 may be provided with adjustable bearings 31 if desired for taking up the wear on the brushes. 1

In operation, the material being placed in the hopper'is sifted through the screen into the tank where" the action of the helical blades serves to continuously move a thin stratum near the bottom and sides of the tank in a rearward direction. The propellers,however, serve at their outer ends to partially counteract the action of the helical blades on the outer stratum of the material and the flights on the helical blades, together with the inner portions of the propellers, move the inner strata of the material in a direction opposite to that of the outer. stratum. This moving of different veyer blades carried by said shaftand moving in close proximity to said" bottom, anda series of propeller bladesmounted upon sa d shaft and extending to said; bottom thereby extending through the stratum traversed by said conveyer blades, whereby said propeller blades are adapted to move the entire mass of material in the tank in the-directlon op osite to that induced by the conveyer bla. es and to break up and further mix the material traveling to the outlet in the stratum series of propeller blades mounted upon said shaft and extending to the tank bottom thereby extending through the concentric strata traversed by said conveyer blades and said flights, whereby said propeller bladesare adapted to move the entire mass of mate rial in the tank in one direction, said flights,

to move a concentric stratum thereof in the same direction, and the spiral conveyer blades'to move the outermost stratum in the direction opposite to both and toward said outlet, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.


Witnessesi R. S. OARR,' L. C. ALLEN..

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