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Publication numberUS934679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1909
Filing dateAug 18, 1905
Priority dateAug 18, 1905
Publication numberUS 934679 A, US 934679A, US-A-934679, US934679 A, US934679A
InventorsHenry I Lea
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Machine Co
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Gas-purifying apparatus.
US 934679 A
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H. I. LEA.


934,679. Patented Sept. 21, 1909,

VY27 -5/ Z6. Z5

o 8mo' o o/oy o o ol; o o o Q 'o o o o q' o o o o o O o o o"\ UNITED STA'lESPATENT OFFCE. j


Specicationof Letters Patent.


Patented Sept. .21, 1909.

Application lled August 18, 1905. Seria1-N'o. 274,716.

Pittsburg, in thc county of Allegheny andV State of Pennsylvania, have invented-a new and useful Improvement in Gas-Purifying Apparatus, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in gas purifying apparatus. i

In t-he manufacture of producer .gas from bituminous coal, the gases leaving the generating chamber always cont-ain more cr less dust` or ash, and with some types ot.' producers they carry objectionable amounts of condensable vapors. It is necessary to remove these and other impurities which the gases may contain before they are suitable for the various uses to which they are applied. In e'ecting these removals, the general practice has been to pass the gases through various apparatus in which they are cooled as well as purified.

In iminufacturing producer gas, as in gen erating steam, it. is essential for the production of an eti'ective apparatus that n'lostof the availableenergy of the coal shall be effet-tively utilized.

'Ihe object of this invention is, therefore the production of a purifying 'chamber in which effective means are obtained for ut-ilizing the sensible heat of the gases passing therethrough.

further object is the production of a combination dust chamber and a steam generator in which simple means are utilized for discharging the impurities from the /dustchamber during the operation of the apparat ns.

'lhesc and other objects I attain in an apparatus emlmdyingthe features herein 'described and illustrated.

The single sheet drawing accompanyinv this application and forming a part thereo is a vertical section of a combined dustchamber and steam generator embodying this invention.

A dust-chamber 2 and a superimposed tubular boiler 3 are inelosed within a cyljnl drical casing 4,which is provided with a suitably attached top-portion I portion 6. The base portion 6 is provided v`with suitable mounting supports 7 and the shell portion /t is provided with a gas inlet 5 and a bascport 8 and an outlet port 9, which connect respectively with the dust chamber' 2 and a gascollecting chamber 10, which is arranged above the steam boiler.

ing 11 and a fire brick apron 12 adjacent and opposite to the inlet port 8. An opening 13, which is provided with a cover 14,-

gratef19 is mounted on a bar 20 which is' journaled on the baseportion 6 adjacent to The dust chamber 2 is provided with a suitable tire brick linthe hole 16 andis adapted to turn the grate 19 to a vertical or dumping position through the operation of a crank 21, with which it is provided. Between the grate'lt) and the opening 16 ,is a laterally 'extending passage 22, whlch is provided with a suitable cover' 23 and connects the interior of the chan'ibcr 2 with the atmosphere.

The, boiler 3 is provided with a suitable number of tubes 24 which connect the chamber v2 with the gas collecting chamber 10. The top portion 5 is provided with a suitably closed opening 25 which provides access into the chamber 10.

A sta'ck 26, provided with a valve 27, connects with the chamber 10 through 'the flanged opening 28. The boiler 3 is provided with a suitably valved feed pipe 29, gage-glass 30 and safety-valve 31, which is connected to thc main steam pipe 32. The exterior shell 4 is provided with a suitable lagging 33. The intake port 8 is adapted to be 4connected by suitably valved passages to a gas generating chamber-and the outlet port. 9 connects with passa es leading to gas puritiers or to storage tan s, or to gas consuming appliances.

In the manufacture of produceru gas, steam is generally utilized las a component of the fue1.bed,blast, and the apparatus herein described has been designed to utilise the sensible heat of the gases produced m the gas enerating chamber in the produc'- tion of t e steam utilized in the blast.. Bcfore the producer pro er is started, the boiler 3 may be fired throng the opening 13, above the grate 19, the necessary air being admitted through the opening 22 below the l essere open and the inlet-port 8 and the outlet-port 9 closed by valves with Which their connecting passages are provided. The products 'of combustion passing through the tubes 24 vquickly generatel steam which is utilized in starting the producen .After the producer is in operation the oor 22 and. the valve 27 are closed7 the fuel on the Agrate 19 is dumped into the recess 18, and the valvesope-ratingin the passages connecting With the port-s 84 and 9 are opened. The gas from the producer on entering the port 8 travels through the dust-chamber 2 at a relatively slow rate, and is afforded a chance to deposit the dustand drops the condensible vapor on the inclined bottom of the chamber 2 from which it will pass through the water-sealed opening 16. The apron 12 which is adjacent to port 8, to some extent augmente the deposition of the recrernent asthe entering' the chamber is deflected downwardly and since the velocity is very slight the dust and heavier particles Will be precipitated by their own weight. The gas now having` been partiallyLeleaned passes through the tubes 24,

givin up its sensible heat to the Water con taine within the boiler and thereby generetes steam. The gas from the tubes 2Liis collected. in the chamber 10 and is conducted through the outlet-port 9 to additional puriiiers or to a gasmain. l

rThis type of boiler may be utilizedsvith either up or down draft producers, and. l do not Wish to lini'it its use to apparatus utiliz ing bituminous coal, as an auxiliary heater` maybe employed in case the lsensible heat of the gases generated is not suiiicient to maintain the desired steam pressure. v

' Having no'wvdescribed my inyent-ion, what I claim as 'new and useful and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. An apparatusoi the class described,4

coinprisinga dust 'collecting chamber provided with a gas inlet-port., a deiiector adjacent to said inlet-port, a superimposed boiler7 a fuel grateunder said boiler, and a. gas collect-ing chamber above said boilerprovided with a stack and a gas outlet port.

2. A gas puriiier comprising a dust. collect-ing chamber provided with a gas inlet port, a de'iector apron adjacent to said. inlet port, a recreinent discharge port, a -uel grat-e and an air supply port and a gas collecting chamber provided with a outlet port andA a Stacie' in combination with alsteain genv crater which forms means or communication between said chambers 3; gas puriier, comprising a dust collecting'` chamber provided with a gas inlet port, a detiector apron adjacent to said inlet port, a reerenient discharge port, a fuel grate and an lair admission port oclou' said grate, in combination `with a gras collecting chain bei' and a heatzconservin'gagent located `be tween, and 'forming a' means of communicaH tion between said chambers.

In testimony "whereof, .lf have hereunto subscribed my naine this 21st day of July, 1905.

` f illllli l. LEA. Vi/'itnessesz i Divin @Vietnam JNO. Ganan'.

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