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Publication numberUS935142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1909
Filing dateJun 30, 1908
Priority dateJun 30, 1908
Publication numberUS 935142 A, US 935142A, US-A-935142, US935142 A, US935142A
InventorsWilliam Craine
Original AssigneeWilliam Craine
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US 935142 A
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@Patenae Sept. 28, 1909.









attozwup turion.



y Speccaton of Letters Patent.y Pgitnted Sept 2S, j9()9 Application filed June 30, 1908. Serial No. 441,105.

To all whom it may concern.' I

Be it known that I, WiLLiAir CHAINE, a citizen or" the United States, residing at Brookfield, iii the county of Madison and State of New York, have invented a new and useful F ire-Escape, of which the following is a specification. y

This invention relates to fire escapes and has for its object to provide a strong, duri ble and thoroughly etlicient device ot' this character especially designed t'or use on school houses, hospitals, asylums and other buildings and by means of which the occupants of the building may reach the ground in safety in case of fire.

A- further object .of tlie'invention is to provide a fire escape including a plurality of spiral tubes extending from the ground to the different floors of the building and each provided with an entrance and exit, said tubes being inclosed in a casing or housing .so as to prevent the flames from coming in contact therewith.

A further object is to provide improved means for bracing the spiral tubes, and means for closing the entrance and exit )assao'es of said tubes.

A still further object of the invention is generally to improve this class of d'eyices so as to increase their utility, durability and eiiiciency.

Further objects and advantages .will appear in the following description, 'it being` understood that various changes in form, proportions and minor details o" construction may be resorted to within the scope of the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification: Figure l 'is a side elevation partly in section. of a. re escape constructed in accordance withmy invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view of Figli. v Fig. 23 is a perspective view of the entrance end of one of the spiral tubes.

Similar numerals ol reference indicate corresponding parts in all of the figures of the drawings.

The improved iire escape forming thesu'bject matter of the present invention comprises a tower 5 formed ot concrete or other suitable material and preferably extended the entire height of the building, indicated at (i, said tower beingl substantially cyliii- -drical in shape, as shown, and provided with Disposed within tlie tower 5 is a longitudinal rod or standard S around which is disposed a plurality ot' spiral tubes i), said tubes being of different lengths aiid arranged to open on the different floors of the building so as to permit the occupants otl said building to reach the ground in safety in case of lire in any portion'of the building.

The entrance l0 of each spiral tube is normally closed by a pair of swinging doors` ll, which latter open inwardly and are normally held in open position by suitable springs l2.

The lower ends of the tubes 9 extend through suitable openings in the walls of the tower 5 and are provided with exits 13 normally closed by co-acting spring actuated doors liarranged to open outwardly so that a person sliding down any one of the tubes may pass through the adjacent exit 13.

Extending laterally from the central rod or standard S are a plurality of radiating arms 15 having their terminal portions ein* bedded or otherwise anchored in the wall of the tower, as indicated at 16, and their in,

terinediate portions curved to conform to and adapted to receive the adjacent tubes 9 thereby to reinforce and strengthen the latter and hold said tubes in assembled position.

Attention is here called to the fact that t-lie pitch or' the tubes gradually decreases troni the upper ends thereof to the exits 13 so as to allow the gradual descent of a person and thus prevent injury.

lt will also be noted that the tubes at the base of the tower areI intertwisted .so as to produce a strong, rigid structure.

lt will thus be seen that in case of tire on any particular floor of a building it is merely necessary for a person to press the doors 11 inwardly and enter the adjacent tube 9, the inclination of the tube permitting the person or persons to slide through said tube to the ground in safety.

lYhile the re escape is shown in position on the outside of a building it is obvious that the saine may be positioned. within the building and that as many spiral tubes may be employed as there are stories or iioors to the building. I

Having thus described the invention what is claimed is:

l. The con'ibiuation with a building. ot' a tower` a ,plurality of contiguous and intertwined' l spiral tubes disposed within the tower7 and extending respexatively from the and an exit.

2. The combination With a biiilding, of a tower, a longitudinally disposed rod a1'- ranged Within-'the t0Wer,' a, plurality of con- .tiguous intertwined spiral tubes encircling 'the-rod, and extending respectively from the several floors of the building to the ground,

each-of said' tubes being provided with an 'entrance and an. exit, and braces 'radiating from therod, and having their outer ends anchored in the Walls of thetowel, and their intermediate portions bearing against the adjacent tubes.

' In testimony that I eleiinthe foregoing as my own, I have hereto aIiXed my signature in the presence of two Witnesses. WILLAM CRAINE. Witnesses:


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