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Publication numberUS935163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1909
Filing dateApr 9, 1909
Priority dateApr 9, 1909
Publication numberUS 935163 A, US 935163A, US-A-935163, US935163 A, US935163A
InventorsMelvin B Parker
Original AssigneeMelvin B Parker
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Recoil-pad for firearms.
US 935163 A
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APPLICATION rum) APR. 9, 1909v Patented Sept.28,1909.


m m u 1 1 8 W1 h l eases MELVIN a. ranxna, or wnrnnvintn, mama.


Specification of Letters fatent. Patented Sept. 28, 1909.

Aup1ication filed Apri19, 1909. Serial rm 488,967.

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, MELVIN B. PARKER, a citizen of the vUnited States, residing at Waterville, in the county of. Kennebec and State of" Maine, have invented certainv new and useful Improvements in Recoil-Pads for Firearms, of which the following is a specification. t v

This invention relates to fire-arm's and has particular referenpezto. arecoil pad for the same to protedt the shoulder from bruising or injury incident' to the firing of/the fire-arm.

Ti'ie invention has for an object the provlsion of a recoil pad which'is. simple and readily applied to the stockv of a fire-arm without spoiling .the balance of the same or, of rendering it lums and which will 'operate in an efi eeti re manner to take the re- 0011 and prevent theiinpleasant effects which are freqnently caused thereby;

1 For a-full understanding of the invention reference is-to be. 'hadjto the following description and accompanying drawings, in

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the stoclrof a fire-arm having the recoil pad applied there to, the same being dlsclos'ed in'sectionl Fig.

2 .is a detailed perspective view of the recoil pad and itsconnecting parts; "Fig. 3718 a designates a stock which is-o'f the usual con-I transverse section of-"the device rearwardly of the stock having the recoiljpad applied thereto, and Fig. 4 is a detailed and enlarged transverse sectional'view of apportion of the stock hav ng the guides positioned thereon.

' Corresponding and like parts artisans-(1' to inthe following description and indicated reference characters. J V v I Referring to the drawing the numeral 10 structionand which is provided adjacent its opposite edges withlongi'tudinal guides '11 and 12 which aredi'sposed in pairs and are; formed from strips of metal which are bent intermediately of their" longitudinal edges and extendedinwardly toward one another to form dove+tailed grooves in which the tongues 13 andlt are inserted. The tongues '13 and 14' are secured at their outer extremitiestoia plate 15 which. conforms in contour to the end of the stock 10 and is adapted'for shdable movement therewith by in all the views of the drawing by the same to present a neat reason of its connection to the stock 10 through the tongues 13 and 14.

The plate 151s provided adjacent its opposite ends with bolts 16 and 17' which 'are headed and engaged inwardly through the plate 15 as to dispose the heads of the bolts 16 and 17 in countersunk relation in the rear face of the plate 15, the bolts being threaded at a point adjacent the front faceof the plate 15 for the reception of clamping nuts 18 which are impinged againstthe front face-of the plate 15 to support the bolts 16 and 17 rigidly in position. The bolts 16 and 17 are provided with reduced portions for the reception of the nuts 18 and about which are disposed coil-springs 20 WhlCh are engaged between the clamping nuts 18 and a plate 21 which issecured against the rear end of the stock 10 and through which the bolts-.16 and 17 are passed. 1

The reduced portions 19 are threaded at their rdar ends for the reception of nuts 22, which are'carried thereby and adapted for engagement normally against the front face of theplate 21 to prevent the withdrawal of 'the bolts 16 and 17 under the tensions of the springs 20. The bolts 16 and 17 are further reduced at their-forward extremit es adjacent the nuts 22 about which are disposed coil springs 23 which are of reduced proportions to the springs 20e nd wh1ch are engaged in bores. 24 forrned forwardly from the rear of the stock 10, the bores 24 terminating in reduced portions for thereception of the front ends of the bolts 16 and 17 to guide the same and to form shoulders 25 against which dis s 26 are impinged to support the front ends of the springs 23. The

di ks 2d are loosely mounted about the bolts [16' and17 adjacent the forward extremities -'and'-.; are normally retained against the shoulders 25 under the tensions of the springs 23-which are engaged their opposite extremities against the nuts 22 thereby normally holding the bolts 16 and 17 rearwardly to support the plate 15 in spaced relation fromthe rear end of the stock 1O, A shield 27 is employed which comprises i a hollowmember so formed as to conform to the contour of the stock 10 and plate 15 and which is secured'to the rear face of the plate 15 for movement therewith 'in order appearance and :to cover tongues 13 and 14 to pro-.

the s r-in s20and p g The tect the same from dust. or thelike.

shield27 is disposed insliding relation upon the rear endof the stock 10 and is permitted "s'a slidable inovementfupon the recoil of the It is readily seen that when thestock l isrecoiled the plate 21 is carried therewith as wellas the shoulders 25 to cause the compression of the springs 20 and 23 which admit of the forward movement of the plate 15 toward the end of the stock and thereby forms a-eushioning device for breaking the force which is incident to the firing of The tongues13 and 14 by reason of their engagement with the guides 11 and l2retain the plate 15 in rigid position to prevent the lateral movement or rotation of the same to cause a strain upon the bolts 16 and 17 A tube 28 is mounted in the end of the stock 10 in a bolt 29 formed for the same, the outer end of the tube 28 being headed as at 30 and engaged against the rear face of the plate 15 through the end of the shield 27. The tube 28 is provided with a suitable closure 31 which adhaving a plurality of bores formed therein, a

plate spaced rearwardly from said stock,bolts carried by said plate, springs disposed about said bolts, a second plate carried by said stock for engagement with the front ends of said springs, nuts disposed onsaid bolts intermediately thereof for engagement springs and a shield carried by said first plate and loosely engaged over said stock.

2. In a device as specified the combination with astock of a plate mounted on the end of said stock, shoulders formed in said stock in bores formed therein, asecond plate spaced from said plate, tongues carried by.

said second plate having inclined sides, guides formed on said stock for engagement with said tongues to support the same, 'bolts carried by said second plate and engaged through said first plate and into said stock, and springs carried by said bolts engaged between said plates springs on said bolts between said first plate and said shoulders and a shield carried by said second plate for covering such mechanism.

3. The combination with a stock of a plate rearwardly positioned from said stock, bolts carried by said plate and engaged in said stock, a pair of springs disposed on each of said bolls in spaced relation and a second plate loosely engaged about-said bolts between'said springs, said plate being secured to said stock. 1

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

MELVIN B. PARKER. [Ls] I YVitnesses:


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