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Publication numberUS936543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1909
Filing dateDec 21, 1908
Priority dateDec 21, 1908
Publication numberUS 936543 A, US 936543A, US-A-936543, US936543 A, US936543A
InventorsJustus R Kinney
Original AssigneeJustus R Kinney
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Rotary engine.
US 936543 A
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936,548. Patented 0Gt.12,1909.

l oted at '15 t kdevice 'Unir-nn ennuis 1 nenne orne RO'EEZY ENGINE.

To all whom it concern."

Be it known that l, decree R. Klis-Nm, o citizen of the United States of America, and.

a resident of Eorchester, in theV county or" V Suffolk end- State of Massachusetts, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements 'in Rotary Engines' of which the following Ais a specification. I'

This invention relotes to rotary motors vnnd has for its object the production of a of this class in which the rotary piston is provided with .e peri1 herel depression in which is pivoted a mem er adopted to be moved about said pivot by the motive agent to plroject one end thereof into rm Contact Wit the inner cylindrical Well of the piston chamber.

The invention consists in certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts which will be readily understood by .reference to the description of the drawings and to the claims hereinafter' given.

0f the drawings: Figure 1 represents a vertical section of a rotary motor embodying the features of this invention. Fig. 2 represents a detail of a portion of the rotary piston showing the pivoted member therein. Fi 3 represents an elevation of the seme, en Fi 4; represents a section similiar to Fig. 2 s owing the pivoted member moved about its pivot so that one end extends beyond the periphery of the piston.

Similar characters designate like parts throughout the several figures of the dro 1n s.

n the drawings, 1G represents a casing member provided with a cylindrical chanber 11 in which is mounted s rotary eccentric piston 12 kelyed to and revoluble with the shaft 13. lThe chamber 11 has an extension 14 at the up er end thereof in which is piv' lie arm 16, the movable end of which has slidably mounted therein a blade 17, vto the inner end of which is pivoted a shoe 18m any Well-known manner.

The shoe 18 on the blade 17 is held in con; tact with the periphery of the piston b means of the spring 19, the tension of whic is adjusted by means of the adjustable member 20. The motive agent for operating the device is admitted to the chamber 11 through a ort 21 and it passes from the extension 14 lo the chamber l1 through an exhaust Aport 23 adapted to be closed by the valve 2e operetedin any Well-known manner.

Speciilcntion of Letters Patent. .hpplicetion filed Becember 21, 1903.

the chsinber 1i thereon ofthe Pattensen @et t2, i. sensi no. essere.

` 25 is sn ont-let pipe for the exhaust when it passes outwardly from the extension le of the chamber 11. Y

Cut into the periphery of the piston 12 et the point of contact with the cylindrical bore of the chamber 11 is en annuler de ression 26 and mounted therein midway or the inclined Walls of seid depression 26 is a pivot member 27 provided with two angular extensions 28 embedded in divergng slots in said piston.

Mounted upon the pivot member 26 is a member 29, the rear face of which normally conforms to one of the inclined 'Wells of the angular depression 26, While between the opposite inclined face thereof and the other Wal of said angular depression is a slight s ece permitting the member 29. to be moved e out the pivot 27 to extend the rear end of seid angular member beyond the periphery oi' the piston 12.

The outer .Well of the member 29 normally conforms to the riphery of the piston 12. The front Wall ohe pivot member 29 does not extend to the periphery of the piston 12 but posses beneath en overhanging lip or extension 30 formed upon the piston 12 and extending over e portion of the angular depression 26- so that during the rotation of the piston 12, no mutter' what position the angular member 29|assumes, its front end is' elweys rotected by this 'overhenging exten,- sion or f ip 30 so that it would be impossible for any shoulder' on said member to project beyond the periphery of the piston end 'come into contact with the shoe 18 or any other member to its manifest injury.

Passages 31 extend from the rear end of the depression 26 to the periphery of the piston 12 and as the motive agent passes into from the inlet 21 some of the saine will pass through said passages to move the pivoted member 29 about the pivotv 27 into the position shown in Fig. 4, thus projecting the corner 32 of said pivo'tcd member into rm contact with theinner cylindrical Wall of the chamber 11, thus making an effective pecking which 'will eiectually pre vent any of t e motive agent passing this point. his ivoted member is maintained 105 in contact Wit 1 the inner cylindrical well of the chamber 11 Wholly by means of'prcssure motive ugent o )erating the engine,l but should the pivote member come into contct with the shoe 18 or any other 110 obstruction, it is free to move against the preesnre of this motive :went into the norm-nl position, shown vin 111g. 2, and this obstruction without injury to any of 'elio rworking parte oi" the engine.

lle is obif'ioue that alle projecting lip or extension 30 insures that no obstruennui` shoulder on lille pivoted member muy ever project beyond the periphery ot' the piston und engage with e shoulder on elle peripheral Weill ot' said pisron, chamber during t'ne rotation of seid iston- It is believed that the operation of the invention and its many advantages will be thoroughly understood Without 'further Clescript-ion. 4

Having thus described my invention, I elaim:

l. ln o rotary engine, the combination of n cylindrical piston chamber; a revoluble slniit. centrally positioned therein; :i piston eeeentrieally mounted 'thereon and having a timisverse oepreesion in that portion of its periphery farthest removed 'from the exis 01"' sei shaft; a blade mounted on the ehem` ber easing and cri-noting with the periphery of seid piston; av asking member pivota'lly n'lonnted in seid repression and having en outer face Conforming to the peripliey of said piston; end Ineens for admitting e live motive agent into seid peripheral depression lo eet upon u nee'o seid packing member to retain it in Contact 'with the cylindrical well of said chamber.

2. in :i rotary engine, the combination of n Cylindrical pison chamber; e revoinlole Een@ live motive zigen'e into seid peripheral del pression to :ict npon n fece of said peeking' said piston; e fixed pivot extending into said depression; und e packingl member mounted on seid pivot, the outer ieee of Iwhioh'normolly conforms to the periphery ofv said pis ton and is adapted to be movedV slightly about said pivot to normeliy retain a portion of the outer face Jin contact-'With the cylindrical well of said piston chamber.

In u rotary engine, the combination of :L cylindrical piston chamber; a revoluole shaft cent1-elly positioned therein; a piston eeeentrically mounted thereon and having e transverse depression in that portion of its peripher farthest. removed from the axis of said she t; e blade ivoteily mounted on the chamber Casin env co-aotng with the periphery of sai piston; o, packing member pivotelly mounted in seid depression and having an outer face' conforming to the petaet with die cylindrical well of said ehem-v loer by 'die mofive agent during the rotation of seid piston and to bemored about its pivot with said motive agent as 4a cushion when passing said blade.

Signed by me at l Post Otlice Sq., Bostoin Mass, this lith o 1y of December, 190B.


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