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Publication numberUS937415 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1909
Filing dateMay 8, 1909
Priority dateMay 8, 1909
Publication numberUS 937415 A, US 937415A, US-A-937415, US937415 A, US937415A
InventorsWilliam Cairns
Original AssigneeParish And Bingham Company
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Step or running board.
US 937415 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed-May 8, 1909. l Serial No. 494,904. y

Patented Oct. 19, 1909.

To all whom it may concern.' l

Be it known that I, WILLIAM CAIRNS, a resident of Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Steps or Running-Boards; and I do hereby declare the followinar to be a full,`clear, and exactdescription thereof.

My invention relates to steps or running boards, and has special reference to such steps or boards as are generally used on the sides of motor vehicles.

The object of my invention is to form a step or running board from sheet metal by pressing or stamping, which Will be cheap,

simple and elicient in its construction, can

.he easily and quickly manufactured, and

can be readily and conveniently set in place.

' My invention consists, generally stated, in

the novel arrangement, construction and combination of parts, as hereinafter more specifically setv forth and described and particularly pointed out in the claims.

To enable others skilled in the art to which my invention appertains to construct and Figure 1 is a top plan vievv of my iinproved step or running board. Fig. n; side view of the same. Fie. 3 is an enlarged end vieW ofthe same, partlay in section. Fig. 4 is an enlarged bottom view of oneend portion of they ste or board.

Like symbols o reference herein indicate like parts in each of the figures ofthe draw- 1n s illustrated in the drawing my im. roved step or running board is formed rom a sheet metal pla-te, which is cut to the shape and size required, fand this plate is adapted to be placed within and between suitable dies of a press While in acol'd state for being pressed or stamped at oneoperation to form the .top or bodyl and side flanges 2 bent out at a right angle therefrom.

After the step or board has been thus shaped a series of projections 3 are formed on the' upper face 4 of the body 1, and such projections are preferably -of diamond shape and staggered, and preferablywith thelongest edge portion ,of the sha e of the same running engthwisevf s ai body and the shortest edge portion running across the` same. These projections 3 extend substantially throughoutr top or body 1 of the step or board with the exception of the portions 5 at the ends of said body and the portions 5 Within the same, and they are formed by means of a suitable punch (not shown), Which has its punching end of the same dianond'shape as said projections and provided f'vith a raised cross-portion on such end. This punch is directed'against the bottom face 6 of the body 1 by any suitable pressure'and willv bendl the metal of said body outwardly to form the pro'ections 3v'` to permit the formation o a sharp angle to the edge portions 9 on said projections.

The step --or running board being thus formed to finished shape is now ready to be attachedin place, and in case of its use on the ordinary approved form of an automobile, the step brackets or hangers usually extending from the frame of such vehicle can be securedjto the step or board in any suitable manner throu h the medium of the holes 10 in the solid intermediate Vortions 5 of the body 1, and through the oles 11 in the solid end portions 5 of said body being secured in any suitable manner to the front and rear wheel fenders of the vehicle,

. although it will be evident that the step o r board can be connected to the vehicle in any other' manner desired. j 1

lIt will thus be seen that myv improved step or running board Will have unusual strength for the pur ose intended and will enable its formation om thinner metal than is usual in this class of work, While being formedu without holes therein will prevent the mud, dirt, etc., from coming up throu h the same,e

and will enablevit to be forme of lighter material. It will also prevent the aint or enamel from Wearing' rapidlyA an easil from the top of the same, as in the case wit the flat or open tops,` and persons using the same Will not be liable to slip on the sur face ofthe top, but Will beable toretain a firm foothold upon the same at all times and through the sharp angular shape of the proj ections thereon.

It will be obvious that my improved 'step lloo sorted to Without departing from t of theinvention or sacrificing any of its adstamped from a plate of sheet metal into a l ,stampe or pressed to form the body and formed during such, stamping or pressing or running board can have the projections formed therein bty a gang of punches or a single unch a ter the metal has been flanges thereon, or such projections can be operation, and that end flanges' can be formed on vthe same with or without the side Hanges.

Various other modifications and changes in the design and construction of my improved step or running board may be rel e spirit vantages.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

A step or running board pressed or stamped from a plate of sheet metal into a flanged form and having hollow projections bent up from the body of the same and'provided with sharp angular edges thereon.

2. A, step or running board pressed or flanged form and having hollow diamondshaped projections bent up from ethe body bent up from the body of the seme and said;

hollow portions having grooves therein for forming sharp angular edges onsaid projections.

4. A step or running board pressed or stamped from a late of sheet metal into a hanged form and having hollow `diamondshnped projections bent up from the body of the same and said hollow portions having cross grooves therein for forming sharp an ular e ges on said rejections.

n testimony whereof? Lvthe said WILLIAM CAIRNS, have hereunto set my hand.

WILLIAM CAIRNS. Witnesses H. H. Fisnen, AGNES Dorme.

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