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Publication numberUS93785 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1869
Publication numberUS 93785 A, US 93785A, US-A-93785, US93785 A, US93785A
InventorsFekdinand Wolf
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Improvement in pepper-casters
US 93785 A
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Letters Patent No. 93,7 85, dated August 1.7, 1869.`

To `all whom yit may concern Be itknown that I, FEnnmANn WoLF,-ot` City Point Hotel, South -Boston, county of Suffolk', and Stat Of Massachusetts, have invented a new' and use--- .ful PcppcieBox Cover; and I do hereby declaieftlie following to bean exactdescription thereof, reference 'being hadto the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference niarkedthcreon, making a part, of

this specification, in whichv Figure 1 represents a perspective view of the invention. v

Figure 2, a plan or top view vof the same.' AFigure 3 represents a vertimzl section of the same.- The nature of the invention consists in an insidesliding .plate-inside Of the' lid or cover of the boxthe Aplatebeing perforated to'correspond 'with the perforations of the top, and adjusted by a movable rod, spiral spring,-and knob, the Object of the invention being for the purpose of sifting pepper, sugar, salt, or any equivalent material, to be sifted or shaken'out Ot' the box, in the proper quantity required, preventing the material from choking up the top pexforations, (as

is common with other pepper-boX.tops,)-and also al lowing the quant-ity to' be shaken out in regular flows,

either lightly or more abundantly, as needed.

To enable others'skilled inthe art lto make andxuse` my invention, I will proceed to describe its construcf tion andbperat-ion, as follows:

A represents'the box, that' may he made of any Y shape or of any fnatel'ial.

' Bis the top and outside lid or cover, containing any number of' square or round holes or perforations C C.

lin described.

D is an inside plate, iitting loosely against the nnder side of the top B, so as to be moved onadjusted back and forward o1" sideways. 1

vspond with-the apertures above, andY '-it has a rodE-,-" attached permanently to its lower s'ide and projecting on each side of the box,- so as to playback and for-j ward, or to revolve, if necessary.

On one end of this rod vis fastened a spiral spring, G, with a knob, H, on` the outer. end, sov that 'the' spring operates between the knob and the outside of the'box, by pressing the thumb on the knob H, (as

shown at fig. .1,) the inside plate is moved easily and quickly back and forward, and the .apertures are diminished insize one-fourth, one-half, or three-fourths, as the lower apertures are moved, regulated, and adjusted by thepressure of the -tllumb Of' the hand J, (shown at iig.`1,) and thereby the quantities of the contents of the box are regulated, in passing through fthe apertures,asrequired, (as shown at iig. 2.)

What vI claim as my improvement in pepperqc'asters,

isv llhe armn'gement and construction of the perforated plate D, with its-rod E, spring G, 'and knob H, in

combination` with perforated plate B and the ,castel-,f

of such form as -may be suitable for thepnrpose here- Witnesses: J. FnANKLrN REIGART, j


This plate D has perforations or apertures to correj l I i 'FERDINAND' WOLF.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/286