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Publication numberUS940409 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1909
Filing dateOct 17, 1908
Priority dateOct 17, 1908
Publication numberUS 940409 A, US 940409A, US-A-940409, US940409 A, US940409A
InventorsArthur Toffler
Original AssigneeArthur Toffler
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US 940409 A
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Patented Nov. 16, 1909.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed Gotober 17, 1908.

Patented Nov. 16, 1909.

Serial No. 458,148.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ARTHUR TOFFLER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and tate of Ohio, have invented a certain new and useful Tmprovement in Shaving-Mugs, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings.

The object of this invention is to provide a sanitary shaving mug, wherein the bottom of the mug may be readily removed so as to allow the mug to be thoroughly cleansed by washing after use.

4 It further provides a means for draining the cup so that the cup may be thoroughly dried.

The invention may be most conveniently sunnnarized as consisting of the construction and combination of parts to the above ends herein illustrated and set forth definitely in the claims.

In the drawings, Figure l is a vertical cen tral section through an automatically drain ing mug embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a bottom plan thereof; Fig. 3 is a vertical section through a mug embodying a modified form of my invention; Fig. 4 is a bottom plan of the mug shown in Fig. 3; and Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the member which supports the soap within the mug.

As shown in the drawings, A represents the body of the mug, which may be provided with the usual handle a. N ear the lower end of the mug is an annular inward flange or partial bottom a which curves downwardly. Below this bottom and pivoted between cars a adjoining said bottom is an arm B which carries a suitable stopper for the opening in the bottom, this stopper being shown as a dish-shaped extension B of the arm, surmounted by a soft rubber dish-shaped part B IVithin the cup and resting on the upper surface of the bottom is a perforated member C which carries the soap designated D. This perforated member preferably has downturned legs 0 adapted to engage the sides of the mug and abut at their lower ends the upper surface of the partial bottom a. The member has prongs c by which it may engage the soap and hold it in place. The member is not only perforated but preferably has cut out portions 0 between the various legs so that the lather or liquid may conveniently drain into the portion of the mug below this soap support.

In the form shown in Fig. 1, which is the form I prefer, the stopper is normally in engagement with the mug bottom, so that the cup is closed, and a suitable plunger is provided to operate the stopper on which the barber keeps his thumb when it is desired to hold the stopper in the open position. As shown in Fig. 1, such plunger is designated F. At its lower end it engages a tail Z) on the arm B and at its upper end is provided with a thumb-piece F. Around the plunger F is a spring G occupying a socket a formed in the outer wall of the mug. This spring is compressed between the lower end of the socket and a collar f on the plunger. The tendency of the spring is therefore to elevate the plunger and close the bottom, and this action results automatically when the barber takes his thumb 05 the thumbpiece F. As soon as the barber finishes with a customer he may press the plunger F and allow water to wash through the mug which will cause all the lather and water therein to be carried out through the bottom thereby thoroughly cleansing the mug. If another customer is to be shaved immediately he may simply release the plunger by removing his thumb from the piece F and allow sufficient water to remain in the cup to produce the required amount of lather forthe next shaving operation. If, however, the mug is to be put away the plunger F is held depressed, and a pin K which is mounted upon the cup adjacent to the top of the handle a, is pushed in so as to engage the top of the collar which will hold the plunger depressed and will also hold the closure member away from its seat. Under such conditions the water will entirely drain from the mug and air may circulate through the mug so as to keep the interior dry and render it more sanitary.

The second form of my invention is shown in Figs. 3 and 4. Below the bottom of the mug A are ears a between which is pivoted an arm B which arm carries a dish-shaped extension of similar shape to the part B shown in Fig. 1. This dish-shaped portion is surmounted by a rubber member 13 which engages with the inner edge of an annular flange a forming the bottom of the mug thereby forming a stopper in a manner similar to that shown and described in the form of my invention illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2. In this embodiment I provide beneath the stopper a transverse rock shaft J which is journaled in the walls of the mug near be lower edge thereof and has on its end a short rock shaft j by which it may be turned. On this rock shaft is a cam K which is adapted to engage the under side of the stopper and hold the same against the bottom in closed position. This will be the normal position of the mug, but whenever it is desired to drain the mug a simple turning of the arm opens the bottom, releasing the liquid.

It will be seen that my mug in whichever form embodied is simple in construction and neat in appearance, that it results in effectively draining the mug whenever desired, assuring fresh lather and cleanliness.

I claim:

1. A shaving mug having an opening in its bottom some distance from its lower edge, a movable stopper for the bottom substantially hidden by such lower edge and a member for supporting the soap some distance above such stopper to allew free draining.

2. In a shaving mug, the combination with the wall of the mug and a partial bottom in the form of an annular flange, of a stopper below the bottom and within the wall of the mug, such stopper having a dish-shaped portion adapted to engage such flange.

3. The combination. in a shaving mug with the wall of the mug and an annular flange projecting inward from the wall some distance above the lower edge, of an arm pivoted to the mug beneath such flange, and a head on such arm adapted to close the opening surrounded by the flange.

4. In a shaving mug, the combination with the wall of the mug and an annular flange integral therewith and extending inwardly and forming a bottom with an opening in the center, such bottom being some distance above the lower edge of the mug, an ear formed on the under side of such flange, an arm pivoted to said car, a head. carried on said arm and adapted to close the opening through the annular flange, and means for forcing such head into closing engagement with the flange.

5. A shaving mug having a draining opening combined with a stopper for the opening and mechani in for causing the stopper to close the opening, and means for holding the stopper away from the opening.

(3. In a portable shaving mug, the combination with the wall of the mug and the bottom having a draining opening through it the wall continuing below the opening, of a stopper for such opening, a spring tending to move the stopper to close the opening, and a rod for moving it in the opposite direction.

7. The combination with a mug having a handle and a draining opening, a stopper for the draining opening, and a thumb member adjacent to the handle for operating such stopper.

8. In a shaving mug, the combination with the body of the mug having a draining opening in the bottom some distance above the lower end, a pivotally carried head for closing said opening, said head being adapted to swing downwardly to open the opening, and a rod slidably carried along the side of the mug and adapted to operate such head.

9. In a portable shaving mug, the combination with the body of the mug and a handle, of a stopper for closing the mug, a rod slidably carried by the mug for operating the stopper, a spring acting to elevate the rod and move the stopper to close the bottom, and a thumb-piece on the upper end of the rod adjacent the handle whereby the depression of the rod against the action of the spring may open the bottom.

10. A shaving mug having a bottom with a draining opening, a stopper below such bottom adapted to close it, a tubular socket carried by the mug on its outer side, a spring in said socket, and an operating rod passing through said spring and connected with said stopper.

11. In a. shaving mug, the combination with the wall of the mug, an inwardly projecting flange some distance above the lower end of the mug and forming a bottom with a central opening, an arm pivoted below such flange, a head on such arm adapted to close the under side of the opening, means for carrying soap above the flange and allowing the draining of liquid on to said head, a tubular portion of the mug on the outer side of its wall, a rod guided in such tubular portion and connected with said arm, and a thumb-piece on the upper end of the rod adapted to depress the rod to cause the head to open the opening.

in testimony whereof, I hereunto affix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


VWitnesses CUR'r B. MUELLER, A. J. HUnsoN.

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