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Publication numberUS940535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1909
Filing dateMay 17, 1909
Priority dateMay 17, 1909
Publication numberUS 940535 A, US 940535A, US-A-940535, US940535 A, US940535A
InventorsMax Korbel
Original AssigneeMax Korbel
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US 940535 A
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Padtgne N @4&535.




*entre sra n' Milly; B10313121), OF KINGSTON, EENNSLVAN` To all whom "it may concern: Y

Be it known that l, MAX Kennen, a subject of the King of Hungary, residing at Kingston, inthe county of Lirzerne and State of 5 Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful improvements inBurglanlarins, of

which the following is a'speciication, ret`er ence being had therein to the accompanying drawing.V

' This invention relates to burglar alarms particularly designed for safes, and the primary object of .the invention is to provide an alarm for sounding an audible signal when a burglar or unauthorized person ap preaches and /ternpers with a safe prepara tor to obtaining the contents thereof.

f notl'ier objectv of this invention is to providean electrical alarm of a safe and durable construction that can be readily ein; bodied in the floor beneath the safe, whereby 'the saine will not attract attention.

AWith the 'above and other objects in View which will more readily appear as the invention isbetter understood, the same consists inthe novel construction, combination .and arrangement of parts to loehereinafterv described and then claimed.

` ln the drawings z-Fi 'ure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a nrglar alarm illus- 30 eti-ating diagrannnatically lthe electrical wir ing; and Fig. 2 is a plan l'of the metallic iframe ofthe alarm'. v

ln the drawinos, the reference numerals 1 vdenote )oists o 'a building supporting a 35 floor 2 and a sub-floor The floor 2 is cnt forni l adapted to support' a safe 6, said 'platform being flush with the floor 2. To movably support the-platform 5, a structure is arranged .between said-platform andthe .sub-floor 3 'which will normally maintain the platform allow said ilatforni to shift or yield by the pressure o a bnrglasfoot, 'the ,leiding movement ofthe platform being su cient to actuate the nlarni. 'lfhe structure between the platform 5 und the slab-licor 3 comprises 4two iremos', each tranne consisting of longitndinal angle-bars fl having the ends thereof 50 connected by transverse anglelbars 8. Sel cured. to the transverse angle-bars '8 areV curved angle-bars 9, these yangle-bars sup.

porting cent rally otv the trame a bearing plate l() having a scinisplwrwal socket ll for '55 n spherical body or ball l2 placed between the bearing plates 1() of said trames. Thel Specification. of Letters etent.

supper 'to an electric liell 18, while the plates l to a suitable source of electricaly energy3 'away to provide an opening l .for a plat- 5' in a horizontal position, but y .ii/entron, l would have .1t understood tin to nUncLiinsnLnnr/r.

Patented New telg il. Serial No. 496,54@ v confronting faces of the transverse :i bars 8 are provided with guide pins L, encircling said pins between the angle-v S are ctrl'springs le, these springs normal.

tng the platform 5 ina horizon positioo,"but allowing said platform to simy or yield by a. slight pressure upon one eti thereof. f The angle-bars 'Z of the vramos zirc vided with 'wood cleats 15, and the en" these cleats are provided with ,contro contact plates` 16. The Contact plates l the upper traine are connected by a w the lo\'\'er frame are connected by a wir battery 20, said battery being connected wire 2l lto a switch 22, and the switch a wire 23 to the electric bell i8. The i tric bell 18 con be 'located at a residence or at a central alarm station7 while the snit 22 can bev located in the oiice or corni ment containing the sate (i, whereby dnIA the day or when the safe 6 is being seid switch can be thrown open to p an alarm when the platform 5 is tread t but closed at night when the safe is 1' protected by the alarm.

lll] ith the safe 6 properly positioned y trallyY npon the platform 5, the weigi'it the same is equally distributed opor springs le 'and the spherical body or bali .but-thev springs l-l are sensitive eno allow the platform 5 to move' or tilt i an additional weight is ,brought to bear t the. edge of the platform 5., From the foregoing descrivtion it w observed that the burglaraerrn coi comparatively'ewparts easily and ci asseinbledLand while in the drawings f ing a part of this application there is l. trated the preferred embodimentsoi "n I T. tir

y normal rie tacts carried b adapted when Vth osition to e moved lnto enga ement Wlth each other, an alarm circuit forming means connected with said Contact, and meansinterposed between said frames whereby the upper of said frames is capable of tiltingV at its sides and ends uponV` the.

loweriofsaid frames when pressure is applied Ato said sup ort.

burglar a arm for safes comprising a ieldable support arranged in operative reation With r ect tothe safe, a pair of frames arrange below said support, an exansible and contractible neans interposed between-"said frames lfor maintaining said supdport in Vits normal position, contacts earby cach of said frames and adapted each of said frames and e support is depressed from.

when the support is depressed to be moved into en agement with each other, an alarm circuitorming means connected with said Contact, a bearing plate carried by each of said frames and provided with a socket, the socket in one plate opposing the socket in the other blate, and a spherical body mounted in said socket-providing means whereby the u per of said frames vis capable of tilting Willen pressure is applied to the sides and ends of said support.

In testimony whereof I ailix my signature 30 in the presence of two Witnesses,

MAX 'KORBEL Witnesses:

RALPH W. VILGos, M. L. VIL/mos.

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Cooperative ClassificationH01H3/141