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Publication numberUS940585 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1909
Filing dateFeb 17, 1909
Priority dateFeb 17, 1909
Publication numberUS 940585 A, US 940585A, US-A-940585, US940585 A, US940585A
InventorsGeorgia T Drennan
Original AssigneeGeorgia T Drennan
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US 940585 A
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Patented Nov. 16. 1909.

(Jr wanton Georgia Tin /12am a m WW w 3 v \wwww a l vitnuwa 7, attouwqs GEORGIA T. BRENNAN,



Specification of Letters Patent.

Fatented Nov. all, 1194139.

Application filed February 17, 1909. Serial 230. 478,356.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, GEORGIA T. BRENNAN, citizen of the United States, residing at Biloxi, in the county of Harrison and State of Mississippi, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Stockings, of which the following is a specification.

This invention comprehends certain new and useful improvements in nether gar ments, and relates particularly to an improved construction of stocking.

This invention has for its object astocking which will fit snugly and stay up properly without any undue binding eifect upon the leg of the wearer. And the invention also has for its object an improved stocking of this character wh ch entirely avoids the use of garters of rubbe o other elastic, or of leather and with metallic parts that are so liable to wear and tear the stocking.

\Vith these and other objects in view as will more fully appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists in certain constructions, arrangements and combinations of the'parts that I shall hereinafter fully describe and claim.

For a full understanding of the invention, reference is to be hail to the following description and accompanying drawing in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating my improved stocking in use; and Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view illustrating a portion of the top of the stocking as if it were longitudinally severed along a definite line, laid flat out.

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and indicated in all the views of the accompanying drawings by the same reference characters.

Referring to the drawing A designates the top of a stocking constructed in accordance with my invention. The top A embodies a ribbed portion 1, the ribs 2 extending longitudinally as shown. The ribbed portion 1 is interrupted by or includes a gore 3, the

gore being ribbed as shown, and the ribs extending transversely and being relatively smaller than the ribs 2. lhe ribs 4 decrease in length as they progress upwardly and this gored portion does not extend entirely around the stocking to but only over that portion thereof which hes over the knee-cap. it will thus be seen that the ribs 2 which m use lie under the knee are deflected by the gore 3 and the remaining ribs are intersected I by the gore. Preferably the top A as above described forms an integral portion of the body of the stocking, no seams whatever being employed, but the entire structure being knit from top to toe. W hen the stocking is worn, the longitudinally extending ribs 2 will obviously snugly =fit the wearers leg both below and above the knee, while the transversely ribbed gore 3 will provide the proper elasticity over the knee cap and tend to prevent the stocking from slipping downwardly, it being obvious that when the leg is flexed, the stretching of the stocking at the knee-cap will be taken up by the gored portion 3.

If desired, a garter 5 may be employed, the garter'being of the same stitch and texture as the stocking itself, and preferably of double thickness, and being secured permanently to the stocking by having one of its ends sewed thereto and provided at such point with a button 6, and the other end being formed with a series of button-holes 7. it will thus be seen that the garter forms a permanent part of the stocking and may go with it to the wash, as it has no metallic parts that will rust or be injured by contact with the water.

As one method of knitting my improved stocking, the following directions may be stated: {last one hundred stitches evenly on three steel knitting needles and knit around plain. 'lhen knit five stitches and purl five stitches for forty-seven rounds which makes the longitudinal ribbing that fits closely about the knee. Atjthe forty-eighth row, knit off the first twenty-five stitches to begin the gore or the knee cap. For the fortyninth row knit across taking one stitch from one stitch from the end. llontinue this way for five rows. Then reverse so as to have five purled rows on the right side, then five plain rows alternately until the knee cap is finished. Take up one stitch at the end of every row that has been knit plain or purled. When only forty stitches of the original ribbed portion are left, the upper half of the knee cap is completed. 'lhen knit plain and purl as above, but knit two stitches toether at each end of each row, back and orth to narrow the knee cap down to the original ninety-nine stitches. Knit five, purl live for forty-seven rounds which makes the ribbing below the knee. Knit plain purling the middle stitch of one needle at the end. For the fiftieth row purl and take the toe, binding ofi and securingrthe end of the thread on the wrong side, in the cus-,

tomary manner. There are no knots, no

seams and no ends of thread on the wrong side.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is v 1. As a new article of manufacture, a complete stockin for ordinary wear, the top of which is ongitudinally ribbed, and is provided with a transversely ribbed gore.

2. As a new article of manufacture, the herein described stocking, the top of which gyitudinal ribs.

is ribbed, said ribs extending longitudinally, the top being formed with a gore intersecting the knee-cap portion of some of the lon- 3. As a new article of manufacture, a stocking, the top of which is formed with a longitudinal ribbed portion, and a transversel ribbed gore 1n said longitudinal ribbe portion, the transverse ribs of the goredecreasingl as they progress up the stocking, and t e ore being located at the knee-cap portion 0% the stocking.

In testimon whereof I afiix my signature in presence 0 two witnesses.

GEORGIA T BRENNAN. [1 s.] Witnesses:

Mrs. M. E. LAMBERT, 1B. A. BOND.

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