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Publication numberUS941551 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1909
Filing dateApr 3, 1909
Priority dateApr 3, 1909
Publication numberUS 941551 A, US 941551A, US-A-941551, US941551 A, US941551A
InventorsErnest B Barner
Original AssigneeErnest B Barner
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Non-refillable bottle.
US 941551 A
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H n i .cation, reference being' had PATENT-O FIC inniinsrn; tast or, nnwnnne, onneon.

r nou-ammstm e Be it known that I, ERN'nsrBBAnunR, a citizen of. the United States, residing at Newber in the county of Yamhill and. State-o Oregom have inventedcertain new and useful Im' roveme'nts f1'Non-Refillable 5 -Bottles', of-whlchthefollowing is a'specifi' accompanying drawing "This inventlon' relates-"to non-refillable bottles, and hasifor its object the; production of a bottle, which when emptied cannot be I refilled.-

r H R t Another object of this inventionl is the production of anon-refillable bottle, which 1s'sim 1e in construction and consists of a com aratively small number of parts. 4 ith these and other objects inview this invention consists of certainnovel construcg0 tlons, combinations, and arrangements of parts as will he hereinafter fully described and claimed.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a longitu-I dinal section of the bottle; and, Fig. 2 is a: section taken on line 2- -2 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawings by numerals, 1'

designates the body of thereceptacle, which is provided upon the bottom thereof with an upwardly extending collar 2, formed in the inside of the rece tacle in which is positioned the lower en of the central screwmember 3. The receptacle 1 is also provided upon the upper end with a neck portion 4, which neck portion is provided with a.bulged, or outwardlysextendlng portion 5.

The upper end of, the screw-member 3 is journaled in the neck portion 4, and upon the portion of the screw-member 3, which is positioned in the-neckis formed a ratchet 6, and said ratchet 6, is positioned in said bul ed portion. A spring pawl 7 is pivotal y secured in sai bulged portion, as

I shown in Fig; 2, and upon one side of the hfilged portion 5 is formed an inwardlyextending 1n 8, which bears against the spring pawl and normally holds the end of the spring pawl in engagement with pne of the ratchet teeth of the ratchet 6.

' The portion of the screw-member 3, which is between the neck i and the collar 2 upon the bottom er, the bottle, or receptacle, is threaded, and upon this threaded portionis adapted to travel'a'pl1'1nger-9L In the bottom of the bottleis formed an aperture'IO,

66 .which' aperture, when the plunger 9&9 in

therein to the in said lunger,:and a spring valve-member prevent t While the receptac e is being filled a y l Sheqifictflhn q t r 'lf t Patented Nov. 30, 1909 Application area A ril a, face. Serla1Nol487J3'5. a

,gthe ;bottom of the bottle, orreceptacle, will eommunieate with theaperture 11, formed month, or other suitable mean's, 1s adapted gto be positioned in said aperture, and push the valve-member 12 out of the aperture 11 and allow the liquid to flow into the reap {tacle until the same is filled. As soon'as'the be! 12 will' readi y close the aperture" and fireceptacle is filled and the nozzle. is/ es- Lf" moved from the a erture 11, the valveme'm'; f' a prevent the leakage of liquid therethroug'hQ I 3 he valve-member 12 comprises a flat spring iportion 13 and a rojecting portion 14 jwhich is adapted to t in the aperture 11 o }the plunger 9. Upon the upper end of the screw-member 3 is formed a flattened por-f tio'n 15 so as to allow the same to be readily 'grotated by gripping 1 the same with the I n upwardly-extending casing 16 is formed upon the upper e'ndofthe receptacle,

and this casing is provided with a discharge 7 spout 17. An aperture "-18 forms acom fi munication between the casing 16 and the "receptacle,*and allows the liquid to be dis-- Upon one side ownwardlys charged from p the spout -17. of the aperture 18 is formed a extending lip 19, and in the casing 16 is positioned a plunger 20, which plunger is pro vided upon one side with a beveled portion 21, whichbeveled portion 21 engages the lip portion 19, and tightly closes the aperture,- I

or opening 18, and normally prevents the flow of liquid therethrough. A spring 22 is positioned in the to of the casin 16 and normally holds the p unger 20 in t e aperture l8.

- From the foregoing description, it will be readily seen that when the screw-member 3 is rotated the plunger 9 will be drawn upward by means of the threads thereon, and the pressure of the liquid upon the plunger 20' will force the same into the casing 16, and allow the liquid to flow out through the discharge spout 17. By having a ratchet formed uponthe screw-member 3, and said ratchet being engaged by the spring pawl, it will be obvious that the screw-member 3 therefore, as soon as the plunger 9 is drawn to the top of the bottle, as shown at 23, and all the liquid has been forced out of the bottle, the same cannot be refilled. It will, also be obvious that by having the aperture 18 provided on one side with a downwardlyoxtending lip 19 and the plunger 20 being provided 011 one side with a beveled portion 21 that when the plunger 20 is forced into the aperture 18, the opening will be tightly closed, and also by having the downwardlyextending portion when the liquid is forced against the plunger 20 the same will readily yield and allow the liquid to flow through the aperture and out of the discharge spout 17.

What-I claim is:

l. A device of the character described comprising a body portion, provided with a central screw and a plunger traveling thereon, said body provided with a neck portion, aratchet carried by said central screw, said neck provided with a bulged portion, a pawl positioned in said bulged ortion and adapted to engage said ratchet tor preventing the rotation of said screw in one direction, said body provided with an outlet opening, and means carried by said body and adapted to normally close said outlet opening.

A device of the character described comprising a receptacle, a threaded shaft positioned therein and a follower adapted to travel thereon, a ratchet carried by said shaft, said receptacle provided with a neck and said neck provided with a bulged portion, a pawl positioned in said bulged ortion, said pawl being formed of resilient material, a lug formed in said bulged por tion and engaging said resilient pawl for normally holding the same in engagement with said ratchet for preventing therotation ofsaid shaft in one direction.

3. A- receptacle of the class described comprising a body portion, a threaded shaft in said body portion and a plunger positioned thereon, said plunger provided with an aperture formed therein constituting an in let opening and a spring pressed closure therein, a follower adapted to-travel.there-' on, a ratchet carried by said shaft, a spring pawl carriedby said body and adapted to engage said ratchet for holding the shaft against rotation in one direction, an integral extension formed upon said body and engaging said pawl for normally holding the same in engagement with the ratchet, said body provided with an outlet openin formed therein, and means cooperating wit said opening and adapted to normally close the same.

6. A non-refillable bottle of the class described comprisin a body, said body provided with a nec c, a threaded shaft e itioned within said body and neck and aving one end jonrnaled in said neck, a ratchet formed upon said shaft near the upper end thereof, and positioned within said neck, means carried by said neck and adapted to engage said ratchet for preventing the rotation of said threaded member in one direction, a follower positioned upon said threaded member, said body provided with an outlet opening, and means adapted to normally close said outlet opening for preventingthe flow of liquid therethrough.

In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses .I(ATIIRYN M. W nrrmmn,

C. W. Conny.

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