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Publication numberUS941642 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1909
Filing dateJan 7, 1909
Priority dateJan 7, 1909
Publication numberUS 941642 A, US 941642A, US-A-941642, US941642 A, US941642A
InventorsHiram Percy Maxim
Original AssigneeMaxim Silent Firearms Company
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Sand-box for rifle practice.
US 941642 A
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941,642. Patented Nov. 30, 1909.

ANDREW. a. GRAHAM ca.. PHU'IO-Lrrpmnnnzis. wAsmNMoM, n. c.

sri/iras PATENT Formen.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 30, i909.

Application filed January 7, 1909. Serial No. 471,085.

accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof.

This invention has for its object to produce an improved sand box into which bullets may be discharged in rifle practice, the purpose being to produce a sand box of this character which shall be easily portable, if desired, and can be used indoors as well as outdoors, provision being made whereby the escape of sand through bullet holes is prevented.

In accordance with the invention, provision is made whereby the mass of fibrous material is supported in front of the body of sand in which the momentum of the bullets is mainly taken up, the fibrous material preventing the flow of Sand through the holes made by the bullets through the inclosing wall.

The invention will be more fully explained hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawing in which it is illustrated and in which- Figure 1 is a view in perspective of a sand box which embodies the invention together with supports for the same. Fig. 2 is a view of the sand box, on a larger scale, in longitudinal vertical section. Fig. 3 is a view thereof in horizontal section on the plane indicated by the broken line 3-3 of Fig. 2, looking in the direction vof the LII'OWS.

As shown in the drawing, the device comprises a box or casing o, which may be of any suitable material, preferably of wood for the sake of lightness, and of any convenient shape. The box or casino' may have an open top and may be provided with a cover Z) which, for convenience, may be hinged to the body of the box. The box or casing is mainly adapted to receive a body c of sand or other similar material, in which, as is well understood, the momentum of bullets is quickly absorbed, and in front of the same, either within or outside of the box a, is supported a body d, such as waste for example, through which the bullets pass into the body of sand, the waste acting to prevent the flow of sand through the holes made by bullets through the inclosing wall, whether such wall be between the' fibrous material and the sand or outside of the fibrous material. In the box shown in the drawing the fibrous material is placed within the body ofthe box, a partition e, being mounted in guides f to retain the sand in the larger compartment formed thereby, at least while the fibrous material is being packed in the smaller compartment. Obviously, the partition e may be withdrawn after the two compartments are filled, but it is preferably allowed to remain in position between the sand and the fibrous material. v

If the partition be made of wood, as is most convenient, it may have an opening g therein sufliciently large to receive the bullets which are directed with ordinary accuracy, this opening being covered by a renewable piece of material, such as canvas, so that whenit is cut to pieces by the bullets it may be removed, the partition being withdrawn, and replaced by another cover, being held in position by any suitable means, as by glue. The front a of the box is also provided with a similar opening a2 so that the front shall not be too quickly destroyed by the bullets and this opening a2 is also provided with a renewable cover z', which, for convenience in renewing, may be carried by a false front 7s which is also provided with an opening 7c. The false front lo is removable, being supported, if desired, by guides Z, although obviously it would be sufficiently held in place by the mass of fibrous material. The bottom of the box` may be extended, as at a3, and provided with arim or flange a, forming a lip to receive such sand as may eventually find its way through the waste and thereby prevent it from being scattered upon the floor;

In the embodiment of the invention shown in the drawings the box is provided with handles m by which it may be readily transported and it is also provided with legs n, 0to support the box at a proper height. The legs n and o are hinged to the bottom Y of the box, as at p and the inside legs 'n are slotted, as at n', to permit relative movement of a rod g which is secured at its ends in the outer legs o, so that the legs may be folded up against the bottom of the box and at the same time be braced laterally when they are extended. To prevent the legs from folding up against the bottom 0f the box the lower ends thereof are stepped in slotted feet r, the slots 1 therein preventing the spreading of the legs longitudinally when the box is elevated.

It will be evident that various changes in the details of construction may be made t0 suit convenience without departing from the spirit of the invention.

If a target is desired, other than the front of the box, such target, as represented at s, may be conveniently hung in front of the box as by spring clips t engaging the extended front wall of the box, or in any other convenient manner.

claim as my invention:

1. A sand box for ri'iie target practice, comprising a box or casing, a partition therein forming a compartment for sand and another compartment in front thereof and a mass of fibrous material disposed in the forward compartment.

2. A sand box for rifle target practice, comprising a box or casing and a partition dividing the same into compartments for the reception of sand and fibrous material respectively.

3. A sand box for rifle target practice7 comprising a box or easing forming a rcceptacle for sand and having an opening in its front wall, a cover for said opening and a mass of fibrous material interposed bctween the sand and the front wall.

4. A sand box for rifie target practice, comprising a box or casing and a removable partition dividing the box or casing into f compartments for sand and fibrous material respectively, said partition having an opening and a cover therefor.

5. A sand box for rifle target practice, comprising a box or casing forming a receptacle for sand and a mass of fibrous material interposed between the sand and the front of the box or casing, the box or casing having a lip projecting from its lower front end for the reception of such sand. as may work through the fibrous n'iaterial.

(S. A sand box for rifle target practice, comprising a box or casing forming a receptacle for sand, folding legs secured to the bottom of the box or casing and feet adapted to engage the lower ends of such folding legs and maintain them in extended position.

This specification signed and witnessed this 5th day of January, A. D., 1909.


Signed in the presence of- MARY K. S'rnvmvs, LnNA E. lhmnovrron.

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International ClassificationF41J13/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41J13/00
European ClassificationF41J13/00