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Publication numberUS942466 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1909
Filing dateMar 28, 1908
Priority dateMar 28, 1908
Publication numberUS 942466 A, US 942466A, US-A-942466, US942466 A, US942466A
InventorsLouis Schnuerer
Original AssigneeLouis Schnuerer
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US 942466 A
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942,466, Patented Dec.7,1909.

kwa/manga "UNrran srnirns 'PATENT onirica.,



To all whom it may conce-rn.'

Be it known that I, LOUIS SCHNUERER, a

- lowing is a specification.

'or by lapping the sections,

In pipe culverts generally where ordinary pipe sections are used and they are connected together by a bell structure it is necessary to either dig out a small trench under the bell or else to permit the bell to rest on the solid earth and fill in around, this necessarily leaves a space or if not a space then loose earth directly beneath the culvert, whereby a great deal of settling is permitted to the culvert or a space is -left for the collection of water or for a stream to work through and cause damage. In other structures of culverts where corrugated pipe sections are used it is customary to either make the joints by riveting the sections together the former of which is very'diiicult in small culverts and the latter is practically impossible in castu iron corrugated culverts.

In the present case the applicant has endeavored to produce a cast iron culvert wherein the sections are connected in a man# ner suchthat the disadvantages above mentioned are all overcome.

This invention therefore relates to improvements in pipes used for culverts and the like and contemplates specifically certain connections `which used in conjunction with the peculiar form of pipe serve as a continuous culvert which is prevented from coming apart at the joints.

This invention may be further Abriefly summarized as consisting in the construction and combination of parts hereinafter set forth in the drawings, specification land claims.

Referring to the drawings the gure represents a culvert composed of a pipe constructed according to myinvention.

Any preferred form of pipe sections may be used in the carrying out of my invention so long as they have annular ribs or shoul- Specification of Letters Patent. l Application led March 28, 1908. Serial No. 423,860.

of which the fol-- Patented Dec. 7, i909.

to use as ushown in the drawings cast iron pipe 1 having annular curved corrugations 2 which form annular recesses 3 adapted to receive earth or other material which is packed about the pipe sections to prevent the same from moving endwise.' One end of each section is provided with a tapering sleeve portion 4 which is smaller at themouth than at the begin ning of the taper and iS'a-dapted to slide into and fit nicely in an outwardly tapering sleeve or bell 5 on the opposite end of the next pipe sections.

It will be seen that when the tapering sleeve t is moved into the tapering sleeve 5 anice lit will be made which will form a suitable connection between the pipe sections vand after they have been laid and earth or other substance has been compacted about them annular shoulders of earth, so to speak, will beformed in the recesses 3 of the pipe sections .and they will be prevented from moving endwise one with respect to the other, thus formin and the sections wil remain connected one with respect to the other without being displaced by any longitudinal movements.

The two sleeves forming the joint no greater in diameter than that of the outside of the'corrngations 2, whereby in the laying of the pipe the bottom of the ditch may be made flat and the co'rrugations may rest solidly upon the earth whlch has not been eX- cavated, thus preventing in a large measure ders, but I prefer solid undisturbed earth.

2. A pipe section for culverts having cor-- rugations throughout the same forming external shoulders, a bell on one end tapering l outward internally and a sleeve tapering tothe settling of or the formation of an open;y

a continuous culvert,

tions of the pipe sections may rest upon the Ward the other end and of less diameter than said bell.

. A pipe section for cuIverts corrugated throughout its length and provided at one end with a bell of no greater diameter than that of the pipe and having the opening therein tapering outward and a connecting sleeve on the opposite end of said pipe taper- In testimony whereof I atIiX iny signature in presenceof two Witnesses.




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