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Publication numberUS943720 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1909
Filing dateApr 16, 1909
Priority dateApr 16, 1909
Publication numberUS 943720 A, US 943720A, US-A-943720, US943720 A, US943720A
InventorsRollo M Vick
Original AssigneeRollo M Vick
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US 943720 A
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Patented Deo. 21, 1909.



Specicatipn of Letters Patent. Patented Dec. 21, 1909.

Application led April 16, 1909. Serial No. 490,388.

' To all whom timely concern:

Be it known that I, ROLLO. M. VICK, a citizen of the- United States, residing at Alliance, in the county of Stark and State of Uhio, have invented .a new and useful Guide.- Cai'd, of which the following is a specification.

Itis a fact well known to those experi-l' enced 'in the use of card indexes and other cardsystems that the guide cards, provided with name or index tabs,'ordinai'ily em? ploy'ed, become so worn and injured by constant use that their renewalis a matter of l necessity if it is desired to maintain the practical utility of the system. For the purpose of preventing the rapid wear of such guide cards the said cards have, in some -instances, been constructed of material especially adapted to withstand rough and con'- tinuous usage. Cards so constructed, however, are comparatively expensive, and it is desirable to provide some means for removably placing a name plate upon the same so that when itis desired to do away with any of the guide cards or to change the syse tem of indexing', it will not be necessary to I renew the entire guide card but only the dctachable name plate. In many instances the guide cards are fastened within the card drawers by ineansof card locking rods and the like and -in such instances it is espeorally desirable to have the guide cards so 'constructed that the name plate may be rciiewed or changed without the necessity of l removing the entire guide card from the drawer.

My invention relates to an improved guide lcard of the character indicated wherein the name plate may be detachably connected to the guide card in a substantial manner so that the said card may prove satisfactorily efficient in accomplishing the purpose in- `tended and at the same time may permit a change of the name plate without the necessity of destroying the entire guide card. @ne ofthe most desirable materials used in the 4manufacture of cards in accordance with my invention is-'sheet metal.

While I 4prefer-to construct the entire device," with the exception of the name plate, of sheet metal, I desire to be unlimited in theause of materials, as the constructionA hereinafter set forth is wellkadapted for other materials than sheet metal.

The object of my improvement is to proacter indicated vwhich will be convenient inv use and well adapted to withstand a great amount of wear.

These objects, together with other objects readily apparent to those skilled in the art, I attain by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawing in Which- Figure l is a perspective view of a guide card embodying my invented improvement. F ig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view of the guide card, showing the retaining frame removed from the plate-holding tab, and the name plate removed from said tab. Fig. 3 is a perspective View, from the rear, of the retaining frame. Fig. 4 is a vertical sectional view taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1. Fig. 5 is a sectional view illustrating the same parts as those in Fig.. 4 with the retaining frame partlylremoif'ed.` F ig. G is a sectional view taken on the line 6 6 of Fig. l.

Throughout the several views similar numerals of reference indicate similar parts.

The numeral 1 indicates the guide 'card proper. From one'r'edge of the card the inlegi-al inner frame 2 extends and an integral back, 3, is spaced back from the rear surface of the card and from the rear surface of the inner frame 2 a suilicient distance to permit -the name plate Ll to be snugly arranged between the back 3 and the inner frame. The inner frame 2 and the back 3 together consti tute what may be termed the plate-holding tab. In the practical manufacture of the device the plate-holding tab may be very readily formed by the use of an appropriate die in a press, such as is commonly employed for stamping similar constructions from sheet metal. It will be understood that the inner frame 2 lies in the same plane as the body of the card l, and that the back 3, is

connected to the card l, by the integral oif set portion 5.

The name plate 4f may be constructed of bristol beach Celluloid orother suitable material, and should be of a width suiiicient vtod extend from the offset portion 5 approximately to the upper edge of the inner frame 2and should be of suiiic-ient length to extend substantially to theouter edges of the sides of the said frame 2. f

The retaining frame isformed Ofasingle piece'of sheet metal and consists of a front frame 6, encompassing an opening, 7, of s`ivf- IUO Formed integrally with the front frame 6 A is the clamping-back 8, which is spaced from the trame in such manner as to permit the plate holding tab andname plate to lie between itand the said frame (5 and to engage the said i'irm manner. At the lower end of the clamping-back a locking llange, 9, is provided, which locking llange is adapted to slightly underliel and elastically engage the oft-set portion 5 for the purpose of holding the retaining frame properly in place upon the plate holding ta F or the purpose of strengthening the device and retaining the parts more firmly in their appropriate relative positions the integral auxiliary flanges 10 are provided at the ends of the retaining frame, Which auX- iliary flanges are folded retaining back 8, as best illustrated in Figsl 3 and 6.

In using the device the name plate 4 is providedwith the name or symbol desired and -the said plate is then located between -a name plate, lan integral plate-holding 55.

the limer .frame '2 and back. 3 as'. illustrated, for nistance, 1n Fig. 5. The retaining frame 1sl then arranged holding tab, as illustrated in Fig. 5, and

fthe said retaining frame slidably adjusted with reference to thesaid tab until the relative position illustrated in Fig. 4 is attained. The locking flange 9 elastically engaging the ofset portion 5 will then prevent the accidental removal of the retaining frame from the -plate`holding tab and the said retaining f-rame will also. reinforce the plate-holding tab in such way as to produce aconstruction well adapted to withstand the roughest usage to which guide cards of this description are liable to ybe subjected. If at any time it is desired vto. change the name plate, the retainingl frame may be removed from the plate-holding tab and a new name plate readily substituted. I

l. A guide card comprising a. card propelg extending from one of the edges oli-said card proper, said plate-holding tab provided with spaced portions adapted to receive said name plate between them, and a removable retaining frame adapted to be arranged upon said plate-holding tab and ,toengage the spaced portions thereof for the purpose of holding the saine against sepa-ration aiidinengagement with saidname plate.

2. AA guide card comprislng a card proper sides and top of saidlplate from said tab.

plate holding tab in a clamping or` back and over the adapted to overlie the frame portion of the J5 over the plate- `said tab andadapted to engage said r adapted to removably hold a plate and a retaining frame adapted to be removably. arranged upon said tab and to prevent the accidental removal of said naine separate naine f l guide card comprising a card proper, an intefrral late-holdin tab extending 'trom C g y i,

one edge of said card7 said :b consisting of a Jframe arranged in a plane with the ly of the card and an integral back spacedI il in 7 3 said frame and connected to the said. card proper by anintegral oliset portion taining frame provided with a and a retaining i bach, the adapted to overliethe frame portieri olthe plate-holding tab, the retaining back provided with a locking flange adapted to Aengage the said offset portion, whereby the said retaining frame is remova ly maintained in position upon and connected to the said plate-holding tab.

et.v A guide card provided with an integral plate-holding tab consisting of a frame arranged in a plane with the body of the card and an integral back spaced from said frame and connected to the body of the card by an offset portion, a retaining frame provided with a front frame portion and an integral retaining back, the front. frame portion plate-holdin tab,'and the said retaining back provi ed with an integral locking flange adapted to elastically engage the said offset portion,.whereby the said retaining frame may be removably arranged upon and connected to the said plate-holding tab.v

5. A guide card comprising a card proper provi-ded with an integral pl a te-holding tab, a name plate, anda retaining frame, the said plate-holding tab `provided with y means adapted to include and engage the said name plate, and the said retaining frame adapted to be removably arranged upon said plate-holding tab and when so 1 arranged toengage the spaced portions or' the said tab to hold the said portions in en` gagement with said name plate.

6. A guide card comprising a card proi providedr with a plate-holding tab, a rate, removable name plateye. ,l adaptedv'to be arranged al n`said holding tab, late holding means upon said tag and adapted to en said name plate, and separate means adapted to be. removably .errar upon said tab and to engage said plateiionl .ing means to maintain thevsame 'in ment with said naine plate.

7) In a device or" the ehara'cti l-thecombination of a guide card n vided with an integral tab entendi one of the edges of said card, a name o name plate engaging means arranged plate, and means adapted to engage name plate engaging means for the purpose of holding the same in engagement with said name plate.

8. In a device of the character described', a guide card provided With an integral tab extending beyond one of its edges and displaying a Word or symbol and a separate, removable overlying 'frame adapted to be arranged upon the said tab, the said frame being provided with portions adapted to reint'oi'ce the edges of said tab.

Sl. A guide card comprising a card proper, an integral tab extending from one edge of said card and adapted to display a Word or symbol arranged thereon, and a separate removable frame provided, With spaced portions adapted to include the said tab between l them -for the purpose of reinforcing said tab.

1U. A guide card comprising a card proper, an integral tabve-Xtending from one edge of said card and adapted to display a Word or symbol arranged thereon, and a removable frame provided vWith spaced portions adapted to include the said tab between them and with an aperture through which the said word or symbol ma)v be see."L

In testimony that I claim the above, I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence ot' two witnesses.

' ROLLO M. VICK. 'itnesses SYLvIA BORON, Timun H. Murana.

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