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Publication numberUS943821 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1909
Filing dateMay 15, 1909
Priority dateMay 15, 1909
Publication numberUS 943821 A, US 943821A, US-A-943821, US943821 A, US943821A
InventorsLouis Feldmann Jr
Original AssigneeMultiplex Display Fixture Company
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Panel for swinging display-racks.
US 943821 A
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Patented Dec. 21, 1909.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 21, 1909.

Application filed May 15, 1909. Serial No. 496,151.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LOUIS FELDMANN, Jr., a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of St. Louis, State of Missouri, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Panels for Swinging Display-Racks, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying draw- 1ng, forming a part hereof, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a swinging. d1splay rack showing my new panels for displaying Wall-paper and the like in positlOIl 1 2 is a view, partly in elevation and part y in section, of one of the anels, the wall-paper being removed; and Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view on the line 3-3, F ig. 2. e i This invention relates to a new anduseful 1m rovement in panels for swinging display me 5, and more particularly to panels upon which wall-paper and the likeis adapted to be displayed. Heretofore great difiiculty and trouble has been experienced in properly displayingwall-paper and the like on .panels of swinging or folding display racks,

the wall-paper soon separating from the panel or becoming creased or cracked, renermg the display thereof very unsightly and unattractive.

The object of my invention is, therefore, to (provide a panel for'displaying wall-paper an the like and upon which the paper will permanently stick smoothly and evenly, thus rendering the display thereof very attractive and sightly.

\Vith this object in view, my invention consists in the novel construction, arrangement, and combination of the several parts of my panel, all as hereinafter described and afterward pointed out in the claims.

As shown in the drawings, see Fig. 1, the panels are adapted to be pivotally mounted on supporting members 1 and 2 swingingly mounted on a rod 3-fixed in brackets 4 and 5, which brackets maybe attached to a wall or other suitable standard. Each of said panels comprises a preferably rectangular outer supporting-frame 6, which may be made pieferably of metallic tubing connected at the corners by knobs or elbows '7. This frame 6 is provided preferably with pintle 1portions 8, which are adapted to pivotally t in perforations in said members 1,

supporting-frame 6 is a preferably wooden frame comprising side and end rails 9 and cross connecting members 10; it is also preferable to provide corner-braces 11, for Ohvious pnr oses. This inner wooden frame is adapte to be covered with preferably cotton or other light fabric 12 adapted to take paste. This fabric 12 is made in the form of a bag, which is adapted to he slipped over said frame, covering both sides thereof, so as to present two surfaces upon which the wall-paper 13, as shown in Fig. 1, may bepasted and displayed, the edges of said bag at the open end thereof being preferably stitched together around said frame. After the bag 12 has been placed around said inner frame, this frame is mounted in the said supporting-frame 6 and is held preferably detachably in place by screws or other suitable securin means 14, which are insertedthrough per orations in the frame 6 and into the frame-members 9. The wall-pa er 13 may now be pasted on both sides 0 said frame, and I have found that, as the paper dries, the fabric 12 will shrink, whereby the same, together with the wallaper thereon, is drawn tightly over said frame, the said frame neither warping nor being affected in any way, and the wallpaper StlCklIl on said fabric permanently, smoothly, and evenly, so that the same may be attractively displayed to advantage. The bag 12, in practice, 1s made to just fit the said inner frame and to be drawn easily thereover, and as by this arrangement no tacks or other securm devices are depended upon to hold the said bag in place, there is nothing to cause the coverin to tear as the same shrinks with the walT-paper displayed thereon as before described.

My panel is com arativel light, is easily manufactured, and ullyper orms the object heretofore stated, and y detachably mounting the inner frame in the outer supportingframe 6, I am enabled to use with one outer supportmgframe 6 a number of inner frames having various kinds or styles of wall-paper displayed thereon without injuring or removing therefrom such walldescribed without departing from the nature and spirit of my invention.

-Having thus described my invention, What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:v

1. A panel for displaying wall-paper or i the like, the same comprising an outer frame, an inner frame adapted to be detachably mounted in said outer frame, a bag of fabric adapted to receive paste loosely fitting around said inner frame and adapted to be shrunk thereupon, and means adapted to 'detachably hold said inner frame in said outer frame; substantially as described.

2. A panel for displaying wall-paper or the like, the'same comprising an outer supporting-frame, an inner frame adapted to be removably mounted in said outer frame, a shrinkable fabric bag adapted to receive paste fitting around and covering both sides of said inner frame and upon which said wall-paper or the like is adapted to be displayed, said bag being adapted to be slipped I outer eaaeai over andloosely secured around said frame and to be shrunk tightly thereupon by said paste, and means adapted to removably hold tallic supporting-frame, of inner wooden frames adapted to be removably and interchangeably mounted in said supportingframe, each of said inner frames comprising a panel formed of side and end rails 9 and cross-connecting members 10 and a. shrink? able fabric bag 12 adapted to receive paste fitting around and covering both sides of said panel and upon which said wall-paper or the like is adapted to be pasted, said bag being adapted to be slipped over and loosely secured around said panel and to be shrunk tightly thereupon by said paste, and means adapted to removablfy; hold said inner frames in said supportingdescribed.

In testimony whereof, I have signed -my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


JOHN BOYLE, Swain) R, Evens.

ames substantially as

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