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Publication numberUS944752 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1909
Filing dateFeb 6, 1909
Priority dateFeb 6, 1909
Publication numberUS 944752 A, US 944752A, US-A-944752, US944752 A, US944752A
InventorsJohn C Vogel
Original AssigneeJohn C Vogel
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Ground-joint connection.
US 944752 A
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Y J. G. VOGEL. GROUND JOINT CGNKECTION; urucumx mum rzB.e.19o9.

Patented Deb. 28, 1909.




$)....,75 Specification of Letters Patent. Pallllflll 1 00. 28, 1969.

Application filed February 6. 1909. Serial No. 476.372.

To (lit: whom i! may com-rm: I hook 8 which is adapted to be seated in one lhit known that LduHX (.,\'onr:i. a ritif of the openings 2 after the hand has been zen of the lTnitod States. re iding in tho city l passed around the support, as will be best and county of lhihnlvlphia. Stale of lcnn- 5 understood from Figs. 1 and 2.'in-ordcr 5o sylrania. have invented a new and nwful that the end of the band'will be connected thorinl-Joint (minor-lion, of which the iol- E with another suitable oortion of the band.- lowing is a pwrilication. At a suitable point in the bond 1, I form an My iurcniion rvlatos to a now and useful otl' ct .9. tho;- walls and 11 of which are ground joint connection a id consists of now prvfcraljily spaced apart and through said 65 1 and novel means for connecting the sumo to offset Ipass the bolt 3, having the nuts 7 a pipe, rod or other suitable su port or contherein as previousl and bv the proper ductor. operation of the nuts I, 'it willhe underst it further con. in directly attaching a that. the walls 10 and 11 are drawn toward conducting wire 1 ,1 the flexible hand of I each other or compressed, so that the band 10 15 the device. I 1 is tightened around the supportor con- It further consists of other novel details doctor 4 and firmly held in place, this being of construction, all as will be hereinafter perm tted by reason of the engagement of fully set forth; the book 8 with the other suitable portion Figure 1 represents a perspective view of of the band i. In this instance I may mount 75 a ground joint connection embodying my the conduct-in wire 8 between thenuts 7 invention. Fig. 2 represents a sectional view where it will e firmly held in place. As thereof. igs 3, 4 and 5 represent perspocshown in Figs. 3, 4 and 5, different means tirc views of portions of the flexihlc h nd mav be employed for the engagement of the E showing ditl'crent. means which may be em- -od of; the hand 1 with a suitable portion 30 ployed. for connecting the iaris. thereof. for example, in Fig. 3 one hook 8 is 5 Similar numerals of re :rcnce indicatei shown, while in Fig. 4, two hooks 8 are r corresponding parts in the figures. shown entering corresponding openings in Referring to the drawings: l have found the band 1 while in Fig. 5 a single hook is in practice. in the ground join: coma-Minn. adapted in outer elongated openings 12 in 35 for electrical conductors now in; H7). that. the hand] which openings 1% co respond owing to the arrangement oi tightening; to the: openings d. Fnuu this it will he means, it is apt to injure the pipe or uilnr iunlvrstorul that I provide means for engagesupport to which the connection is fastened. l aunt of one cud of the band with a suitable an-l is also dill'icull to firmly connect the prrtion thereof and-moans for comp essing 9o conni -tion with the ion or support. the band for tightening the hand around a My invention is zosigned to overcome suitable support. these defects and to provide a new and uov l If desired, I may in some instances em loy connecting means and in the drawings 'l v22 plate '13 which will normally abut the nt I have shown constructions for carrying out. up portionof the band and against which 96 l my invention, but it will be evident that. the th headof the bolt or screw 3 will contact arrangement of the parts may he varied and in or lcr to n'oridc a better bearing therefor. other instrumcntalities may he. on'iployed Having musdcscribcd my inventiomwhat. which will come within the scope of my in I claim as new and desire to secure by Letwntirn and I do not, therefore. desire to ho tors Potent. is:-- 100 i 5 limited in every instance to the exact forms 1. In a device of the character described, as herein shown and described, but desire to a flexible integral band. means adjacent one make such changes as may be necessary. end of said hand for enga "ement with a shit- I; 1 designates a flexible band having a pill able portion thereof, an means for comi rrdity of openings 3 therein. while the 11nd pres ing said band for tightening the same of the hand is provided with any suitable around a suitable support or corn uctor. means for engagement with a suitable por 2. In a device of the character described l tion of the hand in w der that the same can a flexible band, means adjacent one end 0 be tightened around the support or consaid band for engagementwith a suitable doctor 4; when the built. 3' is rought into portion tin-roof. an offset formed in said operation. and with the walls thereof spaced apart In the present. instance, i have shown a and means for drawing said walls together for compressing said band around a suitpassing through said oll'set for euinpressing able support r ductor. said band around a suitable support or 3. In a device of the character described, conductor. a flexible band, means adjacent one end of 5. In a device of the character described, 5 said band for engagement with a suitable a flexible band having a plurality of open- )ortion thereof, said band being bent to ings therein, means on said band for engagec orm an offset and a bolt passing through ment with one of said openings, an oflset .a any. i,

said offset for colnnressing the Same for formed in said band. and means passing tightening said band around a support or through said offset for compressing said 10 conductor. band around a suitable support.

4. In a device of the character described, JOHN C. VOGEL. a flexible band, a hook on said band for en- Witnesses: gagement with a suitable portion thereof, '11. CASER 'mnnnsnnt, an offset formed in said band and means 0.1). MCVAY.

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