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Publication numberUS944811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1909
Filing dateJul 3, 1908
Priority dateJul 3, 1908
Publication numberUS 944811 A, US 944811A, US-A-944811, US944811 A, US944811A
InventorsWilliam E Nageborn
Original AssigneeWilliam E Nageborn
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Internal-combustion engine.
US 944811 A
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944,81 1. .N Patented 1380.28, 1909.





' 944,81 1 Patented 1560.28, 1909.

2 summa-slumV 2.



Specification of Letters Patent Patented Dee. 28, 1909.-

Application filed July 3, 1908. Serial No. 441,765.

. gan, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Internal-Combustion Engines, and declare the 'following to be a full,

clear, and exact description of the same, such as `will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which forni a part of this speci'- fication.

My invention relates to internal combustion engines, and has for its object to provide an improved means for feeding the liquid fuel to the engine.

Inthe accompanying drawing z-Figure 1,

i is a sectional elevation of a two cycle engine, with an apparatus embodying my invention attached thereto. Fig. 2, is a plan view ,of

the apparatus embodying my invention. Fig. 3, is a sectional det-ail illustrating a part of the apparatus embodying my invention.

A is the cylinder; B the piston; C the crank case; D the connecting rod, and F the shaft of a two cycle gas engine. J' represents the intake pipe, which includes an inwardly opening nonreturn valve,

as in the usual construction.

Gr is a conduit leading from the crank case, and H is a conduit leading into the cylinder above the piston when the latter is at the lower end of its stroke.


I represents the usual exhaustport.

' 2 isa casino' adapted to be secured upon a faced-off surfpace at the sideof the engine, and when so secured to connect the conduits G and H asillusti'ated in Fig. 1.

4 is a raised valve seat extending from' the bottom of the casing 2 up adjacent or within the vertical passage in said casingbetween the conduits Gr and H.

5, 5, vrepresent two apertures, a number of which are formed through the valve seat 4.v -3 is a ball resting within the semi-spherical 'valve seat 4. v

13 is a rod extending through the upper end of the casing 2, its lower end coming adjacent to the ball 3. The distance the ball 3 may-rise from its seat may be regulated by adjusting the rod- 13 so that 'its lower end shall come agreateror less distance from theball3. v-

7 represents apassageextendmg downward from the center of the 'valve seat 4, and

communicating with a passage 6 through which the liquid fuel is fed.' There is afvalve seat in the passagel T and upon tlii'valve seat a ball valve 8 is adapted .to-rest.

9 is a-needle valve by which the area of the passage may be adjusted.

10 is a pipe adapted to feed liquid to the passage 6 to supply it to 'the engine.

21 is a three-way cock in the pipe 10.,

l1 is a reservoir adapted to be lilled, or partly filled, with liquid at 12. The interior of the reservoir 11 communicates by pipe 16 with the pipe 10.

14 is a reservoir.communicating by a pipe Vl5, extending from its side with the pipe 10.

The passage through the pipe 16 may be put into communication with the pipe 10 to feed' theiiuid from the reservoir ll to the engine,

or the pipe may be put into communica- 75 tion with the pipe' l1Q by turning theK threeway cock 21 to a diderent position.

18 :isa vsource of gasolene supply; this source communicates with the reservoir 14` by the pipe 17. In the bottom' of 'the'reser- 80 I voir 14 is a port 22 surrounded by'avalve seat, through which fluidmay flow from the source'of supply 18 and pipe 17. In the reservoir 14 is a-iioat 19 having a'guide stem 20 is a valveon the lower end of the valve seat 19a. IVhen the reservoirl`14'is filled to such a level that the liquid mayiiow out through the 22, and prevents the oil from "running into the reservoir 14. When the liquid is usedv so as -to lower the level, the valve 20v de.- scends and allows more li uid to flow inl the fluid to the engine.

if itis desired to use iiqaidl "immun reservoir 11, the'three-way cook 21 is turned to sucha vposition that the liquid is fed'loo through thepipe 10 to the engine. When it -isdesired to use liquid from the reservoir 14,

the cock '21 is turned to put the pipe o r pas` 'sage '15 into communication with the pipe 10,v

when a' rev'ular uniform feed of the fluid ).05

will take -p ace.

What- I claim is 1. In an apparatus of the kind described,. the :raised seat 4 adapted to admit liquid fuelv and `havingQan approximately semi-spherical face, and a ball resting in saidy face, said face being supipe 15, the valve 20 comes against the va ve seat surrounding the port Thus a uniform head of liquidis maintained 9 5 in. the reservoir-'20,. securing an even feedv of rovided with a ps issage plied with apertures 5, 5 extending through face, and means for limiting the upward 'l said seat. movement of said ball. 10 2. In an apparatus of the kind described, x, In testimony whereof, I sign this specifi-- the raised seat 4, provided with a passage cation in the presence' of two Witnesses.

adapted to admit liquid fuel and having an WILLIAM E. NAGEBORN. approximately semi-spherical face, a ball Witnesses: resting in said face, sald face being supplied g ALEGIA TOWNSEND,

with apertures 5, o extending through said i ELLIOTT J. STODDARD.

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