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Publication numberUS945280 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1910
Filing dateApr 26, 1909
Priority dateApr 26, 1909
Publication numberUS 945280 A, US 945280A, US-A-945280, US945280 A, US945280A
InventorsJohn Henry Lindberg
Original AssigneeGrand Rapids Show Case Co
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Adjustable bracket.
US 945280 A
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945,280, Patented Jan. 4, 1910.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 4, 1910.

Be it known that I, JOHN HENRY Linn- BERG, a citizen of the Kingdom of Sweden, residing at Grand Rapids, in the county of Kent and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Brackets; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

which latter is preferably a glass plate, the

v9 on the segments 5. spaced apart in parallel planes, and the piv- My invention relates to improvements in adjustable brackets, and its object is to provide the same with means for vertically adjusting the bracket, and also for adjusting the same either horizontal or inclined, and

to provide the device with various new and useful features, hereinafter more fully described and particularly pointed out in the claims.

My device consists essentially of an arm pivotally and adjustably supported by segments, and said segments provided with hooks for detachably and adjustably engaging various openings in vertically disposed channel bars, the device being especially adapted for adjustably supporting a shelf,

show cases. A

Referring to the drawings, Figure l is a perspective of a device embodying my invention, as it appears when in use; Fig. 2 a side elevation of the same with the channel bar in vertical section; Fig. 3 an enlarged transverse section on the line 3 3 of Fifr. 2; and, Fig. 11 a detail of the pivoted end of the bracket arm. v V

Like numbers refer to like parts in all of the figures.

1 1 represent parallehchannel bars provided with a series of rectangular openings to receive the hooks The segments are device being intended mainly for use in oted end of the arm 2 inserted therebetween and pivoted at the upper corner between the upper corners of the segments on a pivot,

pin 8. The upper angle of the arm is provided with a semi-circular head l0 in the axis of which is the said pivot pin, and is inclined at its inner end as at 11 to ermit the f arm to swing downward until this inclined surface engages the face of the channel bar two vertically disposed i and the outer end provided with a stop 3 to hold the shelf 4 thereon.

Near the lower outer angle of the segments is inserted a removable transverse pin 6, screw threaded in one of the segments to retain the pin in place and insertible in any one of a series of openings 7 equidistant from Ythe axis of the pivot 8, whereby the arm 2 may be adjusted at intervals from horizontal to inclined at various different angles. The hooks 9 on the vertical side of the segments extend through the openings in the channel bars l and engage the lower wall of the openings therein, whereby the segments are securely, and rigidly supported by the bars and are adjustable vertically thereon at intervals.

From the foregoing description the operation of my device will be readily understood.

. That I claim is 1; An'adjustable bracket, comprising an arm having a series of openings equidistant from its pivot, segments at the respective sides of the arm, a pivot pin extending throughthe segments and arm, and a pin extending through the segments and adapted to be inserted in respective openings in the arm to adjust the arm about the pivot.

2. An adjustable bracket, comprising segments having hooks to adjustably support the segments, an arm pivoted at its upper angle between the upper angles of the seg ments and having a series of openings equidistant from the axis of the pivot, and a pin adjustable in said openings and engaging the segments. f y j 3. An adjustable bracket, comprising abar having a series of openings, segments spaced apart in parallel planes and having hooks to adjustably, engage said openings, an arm pivoted at its upper angle between the upper angles of the segments and' having a series of openingsy equidistant from the axis of the pivot, and a screw threaded pin extending throughthe segments and, arm and engaging a screw threaded opening in a segment, an

also adjustable in the openings of the arm.

4. An adustable bracket, comprising a channel bar having a series of rectangular` at its upper angle pivoted between the upper angles of the segments and' having its end inclined away from the channel bar and also having a series of openings concentric with the axis of said head, a pivot pin extending throu h the Segments and arm, and a pin extending through rthe segments near the outer angle thereof and. adjustable in the openings in the arm.

5. An adjustable bracket, comprising a vertically disposed channel bar having a series of rectangular openings at intervals, a pair of segments spaced apart in parallel planes and having'hooks to enter said openings and engage the lower walls of the saine,

. an arm having a semi-circular head pivoted between the upper angles' of said segment manso and an end inclined away from the channel bar, and also having a stop on its outer end and a series of openings equidistant from Q the axis of the head, a pivot pin extending t through the said head and segments, and a screw threaded adjusting pin extending through the segments and engaging a screw thread in one of the segments and also adj ustable in the openings in the arms. Y

In testimony whereof I aiiiX my signature in presence of two witnesses.


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Cooperative ClassificationA47B57/045