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Publication numberUS945461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1910
Filing dateMar 19, 1909
Priority dateMar 19, 1909
Publication numberUS 945461 A, US 945461A, US-A-945461, US945461 A, US945461A
InventorsRichard W Hubbard
Original AssigneeRichard W Hubbard
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US 945461 A
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Patented Ja11.4, 1910.




,To all whom it ma/y? conc'emrf i Be it -known man, a citizenof the United States', residing at Alshtabul'a, in thel county' of4 Ashtabula and vStarte of Ohio, ha-ve invented new and useful Improvements in 'Door-Checks, of which the following is" a specification.

My present'invention relates to checks for doors, windows andffthe like; and i-thas for one of its objectstolpro-vide'acheck constructed with a view of securely holding doors that should not be lockedaga'inst cas-l nal opening, .and yetadapted to permit openingof the doorswhen the same are subjected to pressure or pull. i I y 'Another' object ofthe invention is the provision of a check which is noiseless and not liable to give rise to jar when it goes into operation, and is, therefore, practically indestructible.

, Another Objectis vthe provision of a check which becanse'of its construction is adapted to lbe used to advantage in combination with sliding window sash to -adjustably hold the same, and in other applications; Otherobjects and advantageous features of theinvention will be fully understood from the followingy description and claim Awhen the same -are read in connection with the drawings, accompanying and forming part of this specification, in which:

' Figure l is a section taken'through a door anda door-casing equipped with improve ments. constituting the preferred embodiment of my invention. Fig. 2 is a perspective view illustrating the globular plunger and its casing removed from the door.

Similar letters designate lcorresponding parts in both figures of the drawings, re-` ferring to which:

A is a keeper or striking plate-fixed tothe inner side of the side stile of a door casing. The said keeper or striking plate is preferably of metal and is provided with a beveled edge a and a depression b, arranged back of lthe. said beveled edge.

B is the casing of my novel check. This casing comprises a cylindrical portion c, interiorly threaded at its rear end, as indicated by 6l, vand a face plate e having apertures for the passage of attaching screws. In ap lying the said .casing itwill be observed that all that is necessaryvis to bore a largeA "'c'ountersi'nk in the edge of the door for the receitm' of the face -plate e, and 'then a that I, RIoH'ARo AW. HUB- tion c, after which the casing 'may be.. fixed mthedoor and flush with the edge thereof u Specicationof Letters Patent. Patuted Jan, 4, 1910, Applicaties fueanareh 19, 1909. serial No. 484,446. l

smaller' Socket to receive the cylindrical por- 4 by passing' the screws through the aperturesv f and'into the door. B-y reference to Fig. l it will benoted that the forward end of the bore of the cas diameter, and it will also-be noted that in additlon to the 'casing B, my improve-ments lcomprise a globular plunger C movable in the 'casing inA the direction of the length thereof, a coiled spring I) backingthe "said 'ing B is slightly contracted Aor reduced in i 'plunger, and a disk E for regulating-the i In the practical use. of theembodiment'of I my invention described'in the foregoing, it will be observed that when the door is swung to'a closed position, theglobular plunger C' will strike the beveled edge` a' of thev keeper A and .giving rearwardly will ridevto and A assume a position in the depression b of the keeper. In this latter position the globular plunger will eifectually prevent casual opening of the door even when the same is subjected to considerable wind pressure. When,

however, the door is steadily or suddenly subjected to push or pull, it will'be seen that the globular plun er will leave the depression b in. keeper and tthe door may then be' freely opened. l v a The globular, spring-backed plunger C constitutes the chief feature of my present invention for it will be apparent that when said globular plunger l engages with the keeper at any point or in any position,`the pressing of lthe plunger against its spring causes the plunger to roll, with the res/ult that jar andnoise are eliminated and4 undue. wear of any particular part of the plunger is obviated. From this it follows that the rolling capacity .of the globular plunger coniio ` cases the globular, spring-backed plunger may be made to directly engage the vstile-of a door casing and serve by frictional con tact to retain the doorin'its closed position and against casual openin My improvements are aapted to be used to advantage in many applications otherI than those'described. For instance two of the checks may be arranged in the side Stiles of a window casing so that the globular plungers bear against opposite edges of a window sash and serve by frictiona'l contact to adjustably support or hold the sash in the position in which it is placed.

In addition to the practical advantages hereinbefore ascribed to my novel cheek,.it willbeobseryed that the same is simple and inexpensivein Construction'and is susceptibleef quick and easy installation.

. Having described my invention, what I i claim and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, is: I

. Ina check, the combination of a casing `having an apertured face plate at its forward .end and an4` interior thread in the rear end and alsohaving the forward end of its bore slightly contracted, a threaded disk adjust-ably arranged. in 'the rear end of the casing body, a globular .plunger arranged and Vmovable in the casing body,v andV a coiled' spring disposedin saidbody and .interposed betweenthe disk and the globular plunger. l f

.In testimony whereof Ihave hereunto set my hand inpresence of two subscribing wtnesses. Y



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